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Global Leaders Viewpoint on HR Analytics

“Some of our 3,00,000 employess out of 4,50,000 have taken advantage of data analytics in the last couple of years by growing expertise on leading-edge technical areas which helped us to hire at higher scale”
Ellyn Shook
Chief leadership and HR officer, Accenture, Dublin.
“Data Analytics makes us more human, because our own data analytics shows there is a lot of liberal art majors who make great investers, which is very counterintuitive”
Mathew Brietfelder
Managing Director, Chief Talent Officer, Black Rock.
“Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has made us good predictors of success in hiring and it is going to help us become smarter and smarter in hiring”
Joanne Smith
Executive vice president and CHRO, Delta Air Lines
“HR analytics help me do what i’m doing, Help my employees do what we are doing. But have a consumer mindset to do it”
Jayne Parker
Senior Executive Vice President and CHRO, Disney

Global HR Analytics Initiators

Indian Firms using HR Analytics

Benefits of using
Data Analytics in HR


Enhance HR decision making

Implementing Data Analytics into HR management will help the concerned department to get a better understanding of their workforce by providing deep-rooted insights that help in taking profound decisions on their human resources and other influencing factors.


Improves Hiring Process Quality

Finding and selecting the most suitable talent has always been a challenging task for the HR professionals for years and implementing data analytics would certainly heal up this complexity.


Assists in Employee Retention

Majority of companies are struggling to find the core reason behind their employee turnover rate which is getting increased every year, implementation of data analytics would bring this problem to a conclusion by deriving the core reason behind their turnover and also suggesting remedies to fix it.


Adds Strategic partner Value

Rather than being just a recruiting and staff handling department, HR can elevate their role as a strategic partner for an organization by accurately framing various policies related to HR management by predicting the forthcoming external factors that influence organizational growth either way.

How to use Data Analytics in HR Management

Being a proactive technique, the role of data analytics is pivotal in upstreaming the HR management process, which caters 360-degree kind of benefits to the entire team as well as for the organization. Our profound HR analytics services will enhance the productivity of your talents and highly contribute towards the business upliftment.

Filtered Talent Hiring

One thing that the HR professionals and the team are collectively doing wrong is the hiring of fresh talents a huge gap always lies between the company's requirement and the talent's skill set which was not in a proper way due to the existing stereotypical approach of HR system. We provide eccentric HR analytical solutions that help organizations to filter out the exact candidates who fit into their technical requirement. Now the HR managers can focus only on the characteristic aspects of the resource to make their final decision on hiring.

Training and Evaluation

Hiring the right candidate is just a half job done, and it is highly essential to train them in the right way to convert them into valuable assets. Most of the organizations believe that the cost incurred to train a fresh talent is more than the revenue generated by them within the stipulated time. We are the best HR analytics service provider in Chennai, India who deliver value to organizations through our impactful HR analytics solutions that quickly analyze the learning curve of individual fresh talent and suggests preferrable training method sculpt their efficacy.

Employee Performance

According to Glassdoor research, even a small improvement in employee's performance would impact up to a maximum of USD 2.5k each year.
The sheer potential of data analytics for HR exhibits in sensing and evaluating the performance of individuals, where it analyses whether an employee fulfills all the requirement in regards to the performance required by an organization. We deliver specialized HR analytics solutions in Chennai, India for diversified corporates that predominantly stores all the performance sensing factors for an employee, and evaluate the same in the basis of accuracy, timing and uniqueness.

Employee Retention

Employee turnover is still found to be the greatest mystery that any organization finds it difficult to approach and resolve. Since the reason for employee turnover might get multiplied for numerous reasons, it is highly hard to list down them all and make a blunt assumption with employee's exit. We are an impeccable data analytics service providing company in Chennai, India who cater precised solutions for your HR team that carry out a scrutinized study on your employee's activities and detect the exact reason that drives them towards the decision of exit.

Financial Compensation

Financial compensation is found to be the key in the minds of employees to decide regarding acquiring or retaining a job position. We are the leading data analytics company in Chennai, India, who create a convincing financial model according to your HR practices that helps you to satisfy the existing and to acquire fresh talents if necessary.

Marketing Team

The HR team of any organization finds issues with handling the marketing team as they are not able to assess their activities and performance properly to fix the right level of compensation. Having a well-framed data analytics solutions for HR would certainly heal up the issue since our efficient HR analytics solutions evaluate the individual and the team effort of every marketing campaigns by validating its reach and the ROI it generates in return.

Future Planning

Any organization which aims at prospective growth would certainly create futuristic plans for their expansion, and the role of the HR department is crucial here. Implementing a proficient technique like data analytics would certainly transform the way HR management works and also assists in accurate planning. We are the top HR analytics company in Chennai, India, who deliver futuristic solutions to organizations to create better plans for their future.

Avoid Injuries

Health issues are the major concerns that organizations face when their valuable human resource falls sick, avoiding this situation is mandatory, to save the productivity pace of organization. By implementing our acrobatic data analytics solutions, organizations can easily track the exact time when their employees get sick and take essential remedies this approach will also get suited for manufacturing units, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

FAQ on HR Analytics

HR analytics involves the process of deploying two core methods:

i) Data mining and

ii) Business Analytics over scattered available of unstructured data related to HR management.

This deployment aims at the enhanced operation of the HR team by providing deep-rooted actionable insights through processing the entire data set available. Data analytics deployment on HR functionalities purely aimed at deriving valuable insights and acquire reliable and useful data.

Initially, by deploying data mining process, valuable HR-related data were derived and stored to get processed.

Then, the stored data will be processed using business analytics, were the core process of deriving actionable insights on collecting valuable data framed which helps the HR team and organization to make the best decision.

An HR team would have tons and tons of data sets which needs to be filtered and fine-tuned ranging from demographic profile to allotted salary package and training records. It is essential to implement techniques like data analytics to carry out these complicated processes.

a) Transform Talent-Hiring Process

Majority of the organizations are still hanging with the traditional decision-making approach, which is highly dependent on a single person’s perspective this approach holds several setbacks, and it would certainly go against the organization’s principle of hiring. Human-based talent-hiring would end-up with a selection of the wrong candidate who would be a liability to the organization. By implementing data analytics method in the hiring process, organizations can now acquire the best and suitable talents for the vacant position.

b) Eliminating Organizational Injustice

Organizational Injustice is the most common and unethical practice prevails in every organization, which highly involves the interference of an HR manager. The injustice practice will be completely biased based on gender, category and other factors that an HR manager would consider according to their favour. By implementing data analytics into the organization’s HR system, the unfair practices would certainly get eliminated and result in better employee handling in terms of providing appraisal, incentives, increments and promotions.

Contribute towards Individual and Organization’s Growth

Deployment of HR analytics found to be highly useful by contributing to an individual employee as well as the company’s growth. HR analytics is highly accurate in terms of pinpointing the lagging areas where an employee needs improvement in their performance and also helps companies in a similar aspect. Moreover, it also plays a pivotal role in predicting the future of the organization by closely analyzing industrial trends.

  • Evaluate Resignation Rate
  • The right time for hiring process
  • Evaluating accurate employee turnover rate for every department
  • Revenue generated per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Determining exact performance appraisal rate
  • Addressing the business objective which needs to get solved
  • Find the exact data set that would determine the business objective of organization
  • Implement ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) method to retrieve data
  • Implement the extracted data into business operations
  • Carry out continuous monitoring and processing of data