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One of the huge industries today that is seeing big surge in the growth is the health care sector. Biggest improvisations and advancements are coming in various ways in the health care industry. This is the foremost industry that has adapted well to use the technology of internet of things faster than many other industries in the market today. With that said, if you are not yet, updated to this trend, then you may be obsolete soon to be left behind by your competitors to rank higher.

Integration of IoT features towards using the medical devices better, can improvise the quality of care and attention services rendered to the patients in the health care centres. Expected amount of money to revolve around in this industry is up to the order of I Trillion USD by around 2025, just for the usage of IoT solutions alone. That is the immense scope for anyone to update to these changes now quickly.

There will be patients with chronic ailments and there will be patients who must be monitored round the clock for best attention. IoT opens up the possibility to do these essential things to precision. Istudio’s open-source features set translating into verifiable dependability, scalability, and absolute ownership of your Istudio-powered solutions, is a specialty.

What you can do with IOT


Remote crop monitoring


Remote equipment monitoring


Livestock tracking and geofencing


Predictive analytics and livestock


Climate monitoring and forecasting


Stats on livestock feeding and produce


Smart logistics and warehousing


Sensor-based field and resource mapping

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