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To make things simple, data science is a technique implemented by companies and organizations using various analytical tools and technologies to handle, interpret, analyse, and utilise a huge amount of scattered data that helps them to make smart business decisions and avoid loss. We provide the best data science services that help to handle the huge amount of complicated data in a smart way for any company and attain maximum profit in their business. Being the reputed data science company in Chennai, India we work for the betterment of our clients’ business operability.

Data Science Services

We are the one of the leading data analytics consulting companies in Chennai, India involved in providing end-end data science services.

Data Preparation

Data Ingestion

Statistical Modelling

Algorithm Development

Insight Generation

Data Preparation

Gathering multiple data from various spots and combining them to attain an actionable insight is a hectic situation that every company faces today, self-served data preparation services we deliver help enterprises to focus on their core business and perform timely decision-making approach.

Data Preparation service we deliver performs the seamless operation of collecting, cleaning, analysing and combining data into a combined data set that helps in better decision making for companies.

We are the one of the leading data analytics consulting companies in Chennai, India involved in providing end-end data science services.

Why Organizations need Data Preparation Services?

  • With the rise of customer demand every day, enterprises need to provide niche-based and value-added services when they arrive in the market, with the presence of vague or disproportionate data it is merely impossible to deliver services at global standards hence enterprises need the help of data science to form an informative data set first using data preparation and then reach out the customers efficiently.
  • Under working or overworking of IT teams or IT employees can be efficiently managed by implementing a self-serve data preparation technique into your business.
  • The business of enterprises and their related data strategy must move hand in hand to attain eternal success, to achieve this in a limited time enterprises needs the help of AI and machine learning, where they can automate several stereotypical tasks and enhance overall productivity, but the automation of regular tasks need the support of flawless and insightful data availability hence it can only be achieved through data preparation.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion service offered by iStudio Technologies helps the data analysts and data analysis process to keep getting fed with structured and valuable data that turns out to be a much better decision-making situation:

Depending upon the nature of source and destination of data transmitters, our data ingestion process includes:

Continues or asynchronous, and at the same time, it would also concentrate on real-time or batched processing.

Being a futuristic data science company in India, we strive to deliver advanced solutions to our client to give them the required competitive edge in the industry.

Why Organizations need Data Ingestion Services?

  • Not to withhold the data analysis process and paving the way for immediate or real-time insight attaining with continuous data importing and transferring activities.
  • To derive real-time data from logs and clickstreams to provide enhanced microservices and event processing supports.
  • Helping your organization to make quick and accurate decision by instantly capturing the data and transferring it to the cloud storages like Amazon Redshifts or Microsoft Azure.

Statistical Modelling

Our statistical data modelling consulting services involves the process of analysing a dataset using statistical (mathematical) methods of recorded data sets.

Attaining clarity on acquired data and converting it into information that helps to make strategic decisions, create a product from scratch and predict future market trends as well. Our statistical data modelling service goes one mile ahead by tackling a particular character in the entire data set ensuring accuracy.

Being a vibrant data analytics company in Chennai, India, our statistical modelling helps you to make successful business strategies.

Why Organizations need Statistical Data Modelling Services?

  • Statistical data modelling service helps organizations to forecast future market trends and its relative customer behaviour.
  • A predictive approach towards the market and futuristic consumers gives you an added perk over your competitors.
  • Managers can’t be always right especially when it comes to making investment plans, being a efficacious supporting tool of its kind, statistical data modelling will look into the significance of the plans made by managers.
  • Decision making is crucial for any organization, making it right would save you with millions, statistical data modelling helps you to save millions in this case.
  • Finding out the bottle neck cases of your product or service and fixing them up would help you to enhance your sales, by implementing statistical data modelling things become easy in fixing the issues and eventually turning out huge sales.

Algorithm Development

Without the presence of algorithm development, data models cannot analyse and extract the required information from the raw data to its fullest, and henceforth the strategic decision-making process becomes complicated.

Our enriched algorithm development service helps enterprises to give a strong bet on their data analytics team to go for accurate predictions. Being the best data science company in India, we have a strong technical team who exhibit their expertise in developing profound algorithm.

Why Organizations need Data Science driven Algorithm Development?

  • Renders a great helping hand for executives and business managers in forecasting their sales turnover and set achieveable targets.
  • SKUs handling is a tedious task for any industry and its mismanagement would even leads to heavy loss, algorithm development technique helps to overcome this issue by implementing the custom made approach for efficient SKU handling.
  • By implementing our customised algorithm development technique companies can now predict their future impact of product pricing in market.
  • Implementation of these data science driven algorithm helps in efficient assortment handling especially in terms of retail stores.

Insight Generation

Before knowing about insight generation, let’s have a glance on insights first, understanding a concept or data in a better way using analytical tools is called insight or gaining insight.

Similarly, the generation of these insights involves collecting, organizing, retaining and analyzing various models, hence to generate insight, we need analytical models first which gets generated from data. Data is the primary source here where its refined form of insight generation helps in better decision making.

This is how we generate great insights?

  • Planning the analysis
  • Doing the analysis
  • Insight communication

Impact of Data Science in Various

Banking & Finance






Banking and Finance

We provide enriched data science services that help banking and financial bodies to attain deep insight into their customer needs and provide personalised services.
Our data science technique implementation helps in:

  • Frame better cross-selling strategies
  • Detect application frauds
  • Detect bad debt scorecards
  • Create better collection and recovery strategy

Data science company helps to frame better financial strategies


Helping the mammoth telecom sector to operate in a better way and deliver well-structured, and customer-oriented service with the help of our efficacious data modelling and analytical methods derived from data science solutions.

  • Helps to create better churn model
  • Framing cross-sell strategies
  • Helps to frame recovery strategies

Best data science company helps to setup a planned connective infrastructure


Data science and analytics is a big technological boon for the manufacturing industry, and we provide seamless data science services that help them with defectless production, better supply chain and inventory

  • Clarity in demand forecasting
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Creating profitable manufacturing strategies
  • Well-streamlined process

Adopting our data science service helps you to maintain perfect equilibrium between supply and production.


Availing a personalised purchase for every customer is a dream for any ecommerce player, we at iStudio Technologies make it happen with our data modelling and analytical development solutions and improves the bond between online stores and e-purchasers.

  • Personalised customer service
  • Exclusive strategic planning
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Maximization of revenue

100% customization is assured with our data science service for online stores.


Implementation of data science and it's allied services would bring in a remarkable change in the arena of healthcare that it truly deserves, adopting the best data science service provider is essential to carry out any research regarding healthcare successfully.

  • Sales and market forecasting
  • Customer targeting, segmenting and positioning
  • Creating productive dashboard and reporting system
  • Call planning

Data science company helping healthcare industry to provide enhanced treatment.


Data science-driven actionable insights help travel and hospitality industry to know better about their customers and develop their key metrics to
serve better.

  • Effective customer acquisition
  • Better clustering and segmentation of customers
  • Cross-selling enabled
  • Focus on yield management

Much more empathization of customers with advanced data science services.

Data Science Technology Stack

We hold the most commanding base of technology stack for big data analytics to provide high eccentric solutions to
our diversified industrial clients.

Data Layer

Data Processing Layer

Data Ingestion Layer

Data Visualisation Layer

Operation and Scheduling Layer

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS)

Hadoop MapReduce

Apache Pig

Apache Hive

Apache Hbase


Apache Storm

Apache Solr

Apache Spark

Apache Spark

Apache Flume

Apache Sqoop

Facebook Scribe

Apache Chukwa

Apache Kafka

Netflix Suro

Apache Samza

cloudera morphline

Apache Nifi

Apache Manifoldcf



D3 js


Apache Superset


Apache Oozle

Apache Zookeeper