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Effectual Flutter App Development Services

  • Cross platform app development
  • Plugin development
  • Theme-based app development
  • Location-based services
  • Socket-based app development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Desktop application
  • Flutter web development

Flutter App Development Company in India

Being the early adapter of Flutter, our mobile app developers are well-versed with the Dart language and hence they can create a highly competitive and futuristic mobile application based on Flutter framework. Our Flutter app developers make the best use of the available tools and widgets that helps them in creating business oriented and industry specific mobile apps for our renowned clients.

We can able to create native like mobile applications that operates well in Android and IOS platform hence fulfilling the criteria of cross-platform development as well. Our end-end flutter app development services also comprises of the designing part, where our mobile app designers create completely tailor-made designs that satisfies the desired requirement of our client base.

About Flutter Framework

An exclusive framework for mobile app developed by Google based on DART language. Now the flutter app developers can easily create impressive and productive mobile applications by making good use of the widgets and tools provided by the mobile app SDK of Google. One can develop both an IOS and Android App using the Flutter Framework and its benefits further extends to creating cross-platform application.

Being a Dart programmed object oriented language; Flutter is highly fast and operates on single code base technique that keeps it ahead of other development frameworks used for mobile and web app development. Flutter holds a highly rich and impressive UI tool kit with exceptional widgets that gives an extraordinary look and feel on mobile applications and moreover it provides native like experience while accessing. Added up to it, the flutter allows the mobile app designers to create customized designs that would certainly facilitate the need of the client. Being a leading Flutter Development Company in India, we create lucrative applications that deliver sheer business profit to our clients.


Flutter App Development Services

Cross platform app development

As depicted before, flutter is the first and safest bet for any application developer to create a seamless cross platform app, which would provide the required native feel and work across various operating platforms. We are the best Flutter App Development Company in India, who creates futuristic and profitable application using flutter framework.

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Plugin development

Most of the receivers or the end clients won’t sense the sheer importance of a plugin specifically when it comes to building a futuristic mobile app. To make things simple and clear, a plugin development over the app creation process eases down the approach of creating either hybrid or cross-platform app. Our flutter app developers exhibit sheer excellence in creating plug-ins that helps in building a speculative hybrid or cross-platform app.

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Theme-based app development

One would say that globalization is the new localization where cross border business approach has become normal these days, especially after the advent of information technology where globalized business deals have become casual. Creating an app and taking it to the digital world involves reach of global market at a certain point and at that phase the theme based development approach helps to project the app in different languages according to the geography it adapts. Our flutter app programmers at iStudio Technologies are well-versed in handling the framework, and hence they can create best theme-based apps.

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Location-based services

Flutter can be a great helping hand for the mobile app developers and app development companies in creating location-based mobile applications, where this framework withholds a purchasable in-store API which allows enabling transaction between a vendor and their customer or a supplier. We provide end-end flutter app development services that meet the desired requirements to be present in the location-based applications to fulfill the requirement criteria of any businesses.

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Socket-based app development

The process of using web sockets is highly flexible when it comes to mobile app development in flutter’s history, this particular Dart based framework make things easy and speculative in creating particular applications like chat app and gaming app. We are the renowned flutter development company in India, who creates highly engaging gaming applications using flutter framework.

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Hybrid App Development

It is well-known that hybrid app holds the advantage of bringing in both the IOS and Android app users together, where it gets deployed easily in both the platforms, but flutter has something special here, where it provides more code development practices and extensive code libraries that helps to develop a proactive hybrid app compared with other frameworks. We are the best flutter app development company in India, who makes the complete use of the framework to create superlative hybrid applications.

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Desktop application

The implementation of flutter doesn’t get restricted with the mobile app, and it helps the adapters by extending its wing to even the desktop, here the flutter framework can be way utilized to create a better desktop application with minimal code base. We are highly experienced Flutter Development Company in India, who are capable enough to create desktop applications using flutter.

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Flutter web development

We provide splendid flutter based web development services that help the adapter to run their website or even a web application to run in various operating systems like MacOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. Being the effectual flutter app development company in India, we at iStudio Technologies deliver high-end websites and web applications using the flutter framework.

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Flutter Development Process



Similar to other development process flutter too initiate its development with the ideation phase where our flutter app development team collaborate with the client side and improvise the idea from the scratch and develop it into a highly structured one to have better clarity.



The most vital and the essential part of creating a flutter app where it involves the concerned flutter app developers who deploy the best coding practices in creating an interactive web or mobile app by giving life to the whole concept going on-board in the web.



Post finalizing with the idea of the concept, we move on to the skeleton framing phase where our designers and developers team up together in creating a perfect blueprint of the application which is to be developed.


Visual effects

Post finalizing with the idea of the concept, we move on to the skeleton framing phase where our designers and developeDesigning is an integral and unavoidable part of any web presence let it be a website or web app or even a mobile app, everything requires its own creative ideation that helps to present the concept in a more impressive way.


Cross Verify

Testing is again an important part of the development cycle, and it is nothing exceptional when it comes to flutter app development. Our testing team performs a deep rooted cross verification approach to figure out any bugs persist in the app developed.


App launching

This will be the final stage of flutter app development process, where we as a renowned flutter app development company will assist our clients to venture themselves firmly in the app market and reach out to their targeted user masses. Being the reliable flutter development company in India, we at iStudio Technologies provides complete support to our clients in creating their customized application.


Bug fixing

No application would turn out to be 100% perfect and there would exists a one or more bugs in it to get fixed, and hence letting the process of bug fixing to happen. The practice of bug fixing converts the app completely perfect one to market itself high in the app industry.

Technology Stack



Unit Testing

UX Designing



PM Tools


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