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Data Analytics Company in Chennai

Data Analytics Company in Chennai, India

Being an acrobatic data analytical team, we deliver actionable and result -oriented insights by carrying out deep-rooted data scrutinization that helps clients to implement better strategic planning and obtain a gainful result in the path of organizational success. We are efficacious data analytical company in Chennai who help our clients to face the existing market challenge and deliver better service and enhanced product to the end user.

Diversified Industry-oriented
Services we Cater


Efficient workforce management and better talent acquisition are now made possible with our profound best data analytics company in India for HR management.

Sales / Marketing

Sales targets and marketing strategies are highly achievable by embracing our exceptional data analytics service provider in Chennai.


Best Data Analytics Company in Chennai

We are the leading data analytics company in Chennai who streamlines banking operations by affluently managing their credit policies


Derive your target customer’s ever-changing purchase interest by adopting our enhanced data analytical solutions which provide you with deep insights.


The chaos and disproportionality in managing product stocks get eliminated by choosing our top-quality data analytical services


The mystery of product positioning is now gets resolved, since we as an elegant data analytics service provider in chennai offers the best retail analytical solutions.

Supply Chain

We break down all the hidden complexities that persist in the huge supply chain network by providing awful data analytical solutions.


We are the Top data analytics service providers in Chennai who bring real digital transformation in the healthcare industry through analytics.

HR Data Analytics

We are profound best data analytics service provider company in India who use our working process to help our talent acquisition and workforce management clients to act smarter in their day to day professional life. We look into the data that represents the entire HR team and derive solutions with our enriched expertise that helps the human resource crew to handle complex issues and also to create future-focused plans.

Benefits we deliver:

  • Take sound decision using data
  • Create business case for HR interventions
  • Test the effectiveness of HR interventions
  • Test the effectiveness of HR interventions
Data analytic services provider in chennnai

What We Do In HR Data Analytics

  • Current churn analysis
  • Churn cause analysis
  • Onboarding experience analysis
  • Indirect Survey data analysis
  • Interview data analysis
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Maintaining employee profiles by age, year of experience, salary, gender etc.
  • Improve and monitor productivity trends.
  • Payroll management and forecasting of the associates.
  • Analyze industry competition.
  • Future candidate screening.
  • Hiring prospective associates.
  • Enhance recruitment process.
  • Reduce unnecessary operational costs.
  • Feedback analysis
  • Any other Specific HR problem that can addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.
Data Analytics Company for Sales Analytics

Sales Data Analytics

Driving potential sales is a challenging task in this highly competitive business environment a well-measured client behaviour and market conditions would do a certain amount of healing but, yields zero results. Salesforces needs the assistance of high-end technology like data analytics to drive high client flow, and we are the best in delivering it, our eccentric data analytics solutions for Salesforces will provide detailed customer insights to pitch your niche accordingly.

Perks we deliver:

  • Efficient tracking of sales campaigns
  • Predict customer behaviour
  • Carry out Email campaigns
  • Creates customer segmentation
  • Promotes product development

What We Do In Sales Data Analytics

  • End to end marketing analytics service
  • Forecasting from marketers perspective
  • Salesforce optimization
  • Marketing returns of investment and optimization
  • Media deep dives
  • Mind measure models
  • Cross media attribute and optimization
  • Promotions deep dive
  • Sales data automation
  • Social media brand trackers
  • upsell, cross sell and churn models
  • Any other Specific marketer’s problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.

Banking Data Analytics

Data Analytics has brought in the expected organizational success, high performance, efficient risk management and profound decision making for the banking sector in the recent past. We are affluent data analytics company in Chennai that enrich banks productivity and hence helps to deliver great customer service. Our end-to-end banking analytics service ensures high-end security in safeguarding customer’s digital assets in banks.

Benefits we deliver to banks:

  • Result-driven marketing
  • Risk management
  • Credit policy
  • Banking Operations
  • Manage regulatory norms
data analytics company for banking analytics

What We Do In Banking Data Analytics

  • Effective customer profiling
  • Customer metadata management
  • Proper understanding of customer needs
  • Track customer transaction history and understand patterns
  • Detect the customer changing trends
  • Defaulter Predictions
  • False and risk alarms
  • Approval & Risk Scorecards
  • Collection & Recovery Analytics
  • Fraud Detection & Management
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation for retention, attrition
  • Any other Specific Banker’s problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.
data analytic company for customer analytics

Customer Data Analytics

To obtain a thorough understanding of the customer’s interest and to know their exact purchase behaviour industries utilises data analytics in their process module to derive actionable insights on their target customer segment. We are an best analytics service provider company in India who help our clients in obtaining the exact factors that induce their end customers to acquire the services or products.

Benefits in Acquiring our Customer Analytics services:

  • Target customers across all channels
  • Assess and understand customer relationship with your brand
  • Engage with customers at the right moment in the right channel
  • Predict customer churn rate and assits in extending their lifetime
  • Analyses online purchase behaviour and helps to increase sales

What We Do In Customer Data Analytics

  • Segmentation & Profiling
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Churn & Retention
  • Customer Life Time Value
  • Target group analysis
  • Segmentation & Targeting

Inventory Management

To maintain a perfect equilibrium between the total number of available stocks, and the persisting demand it is mandatory to follow an accurate inventory management system which is highly challenging in today’s scenario. We provide best data analytics services in Chennai that help manufacturers to carry out better inventory management and provide timely service to clients.

Benefits we deliver in Inventory management:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory carrying cost
  • Inventory turnover
  • Cash to cash cycle time

What We Do In Inventory Management

  • Demand, Supply & Inventory Planning
  • Demand, Supply & Inventory forecasting
  • Merchandising
  • Product & Portfolio Value Assessment
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • Any other Specific producer’s problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.

Retail Management

Retail is one of the most competitive industry in the business world with frequent shifts in market trends, however, few retailers are still surviving and meeting customer requirements with the timely transformation to technology-oriented solutions data analytics. This branch of data science enhances retail sales by carrying out a detailed study on three crucial parameters customer mindset, market conditions, and competitor’s strategies. Being a renowned data analytic company in Chennai where we used to cater high influencing solutions to the retail industry by deploying future focused tools.

Perks we Provide:

  • Improved Customer experience
  • Better Strategic Decisions
  • Improved Operational Performance
  • Cost reduction
  • Demand prediction
  • Demand prediction

What We Do In Retail Management

  • Pricing all verticals
  • What-if Analysis on different verticals
  • Recommendation system
  • Forecasting Trends & revenue
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Strategic decisions
  • Location Analytics
  • Planning & Optimizing Distribution
  • Mixed Modelling
  • End to end Retail analytics service
  • Any other Specific retailers’ problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.

Supply Chain Data Analytics

The supply chain is an oceanic industry which involves several subdomains like transportation, warehousing, and inventory management which requires special attention for each segment to get processed in an accurate way. Manual monitoring and tracking won’t be sufficient enough to handle the entire scenario and hence data analytics comes to rescue here. We are best data analytics company in India who takes complete care of supply chain operations and helps to deliver a product in time.

Benefits of Data Analytics:

  • Better planning and scheduling
  • Better planning and scheduling
  • Order optimization
  • Supply chain Execution
  • Replenishment planning

What We Do In Supply Chain Data Analytics

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Demand Analysis
  • Vehicle Route Optimization
  • Freight Service Optimization
  • Budget Optimization
  • Carrier Performance Analytics
  • Any other Specific manager’s problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Deployment of data analytics into the healthcare industry caters multiple benefits for the related stakeholders (management, professionals and patients) by delivering accurate insights that suit their requirements. Data analytics when implemented in hospital on the whole by highly influencing on patient record maintenance, cost management, diagnosis, and overall hospital management. We provide the best data analytical support to the healthcare industry in Chennai, India by implementing a prolific visualization tool to derive potential insights to take actionable decisions that benefits every stakeholder.

Benefits in Acquiring our data analytical services:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Precised treatment methods
  • Cost reduction in operating a patient
  • Minimized error in patient treatment

What We Do In Healthcare Data Analytics

  • Customer Segmentation, Value, Record Analysis
  • Personalized Marketing and Website Optimization
  • Energy consumption analysis and optimization
  • Resource analysis and optimization
  • Room Analysis (empty room doesn’t pay)
  • Doctor’s, availability, Variance of billability analysis
  • Forecast patient diagnosis based on previous records
  • Maintain patient metadata details
  • In-time service reports generations
  • Promote quality performance
  • Treatment Pattern analysis
  • Hospital performance analysis, drivers and performance measures and their effectiveness.
  • Any other Specific Management problem or issue that can be addressed and validated with data and patterns as evidence.