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Structure of ICO Whitepaper
Advantage of an ICO Whitepaper
Things to do in Whitepaper
Promoting your ICO Whitepaper
Detecting the odd one out

Structure Of Ico White Paper

First of all, there is no such standard format that needs to be followed in order to frame your ICO white paper. All you have to mention is the need of bringing in the blockchain technology and the benefits the investors will get as a result of this project. These two points need to be crystal clear in your white paper, apart from these there certain guidelines which needs to be followed as a basic one. iStudio Technologies is an expert to do Whitepaper and we are Best ICO Whitepaper Development & Best Marketing Agencies in India.


It includes the details regarding the reason behind creating the white paper i.e. explaining the business concept, need for blockchain implementation, and benefits for investors. Moreover, it also includes the details regarding legality terms and conditions like ICO token distribution, ICO token usage, and ICO token value.


Here you need to discuss in detail regarding the implementation of your blockchain project ideation in real world application, the actual need for it, and the way your project can possibly solve the existing problem and cater the benefits to the particular industry.

Industry analysis

This is one of the common approaches handled by any kind of business startup irrespective of its industry. Here you will be analyzing about the current blockchain market, competitors in it, their financial situation, and striking future trends. This will equip your idea and results in framing a better whitepaper.

Risk Factors

Thinking about the other side is highly necessary in order to take an informed decision in your whitepaper proposal. This is more of like conducting SWOT and PESTEL analysis about you to know where exactly do you stand. What need to be done for betterment? This analysis must be done in the blockchain concept and ICO promotion perspective.


This most important crucial part of the whitepaper structure which acts as a game changer either way. Here you literally need to explain the working scenario of your project step by step in order to convert your listeners into potential investors.

Token Distribution

Token distribution must withhold complete information regarding price, sales details, distribution approaches, unsold numbers, fees, and costs of an ICO token.


You must really be having a team to carry out your process that will be performing several responsibilities. Giving details about them shows your transparency nature towards your investors.

Token Usage

It is your primary duty as a blockchain startup to narrate the usability of your token and its role in promoting the project and developing the same.

Advantage Of Having An Ico White Paper

Before discussing about the white paper advantages, you must be clear that this is highly mandatory and needs to be submitted at any cost.

First and foremost advantage is a well framed whitepaper will give you standardization among the ICO community.

If your whitepaper gets shared it will help in creating market buzz.

Potential investors value a blockchain project if it has a well-made whitepaper for its ICO event.

It gives problem solving information and increases the inflow of investment.

Get To Know About ICOs

  • You need to do some extra work through depicting your concept through graphics, charts, and tables in order to increase the visibility.
  • Maintain a standard layout design for your website, which needs to be highly professional. Using short and crisp content will give a clear picture to the reader.
  • Include jargons wherever necessary, and at the same time make sure the reader gets the whole idea of your project. Your English needs to be simple and effective.
  • Don’t write a whitepaper in a sales pitching format, by just focusing on your uniqueness and advantage. Instead, give more focus on problem solutions delivered by you.

Promoting Your ICO Whitepaper

Social Media

First and foremost advantage is a well framed whitepaper will give you standardization among the ICO community.

Utilizing bounty programs to its core is one of the smartest moves in promoting your ICO.
Promoting your concept and ICO through blogging is the most standardized, and at the same time it yields fruitful result.
Listing Sites
registering yourself in the ICO listing websites like CoinRating will legalize you, and also sends a strong message to the community that you are involved in some serious business and promoting your ICO.

Detecting The Odd One Out

As an investor one must know that ICO is not totally safe at every point of time, they are also responsible to find the fraud whitepapers narrating the idea of lame blockchain startups. So, how can these are detected? There are few simple tricks to identify them like:
  • Verify thoroughly that the proposed project really needs to be done through blockchain or it can be done through alternate ways.
  • Check properly that the tokens are distributed in a right way, and the entire token distribution process is of advantage to development team and finally the token implementation method is logical?
  • Make sure the team has relevant and enough experience to carry forward the process, if not it’s time to step back.
  • Irrelevant, incomplete, and broken information about the business and its related ICO promoting activities will say that it is a scam for sure.

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