It has been a very positive part of iStudio Technologies that, no one has given any pathetic feedback about the web Development of ours. We are having the best skilled person in this segment and it has really worked in favour of us. iStudio has been making the things to fall on the right track and that has really resulted in a very positive manner. We are the top web development company over India. There are many customers with varying demands and we have been able to satisfy their needs in a very positive manner. Our specialty in the Development includes PHP, C#, Ruby, JavaScript and other latest languages has made us to grow well in a very positive manner. From WordPress to JavaScript world, our skilled team is able to deliver the best in a very positive manner. iStudio Technologies has always kept the focus on the need of the customers and that has really made us to perform in a very favorable

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The world of technology has found a drastic change in the past couple of decades. With the inclusion of the information technology, many things have started moving on a faster speed and this is making many things to fall in the suitable direction from where the companies are making themselves to grow in a positive way.


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As a foremost PHP web Development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is a trusted hand when it comes to PHP scripting and deployment, our team of experts have the know-how to developing a state of the art content management system (CMS) using the PHP language. We will work with your team to generate PHP scripts that will aid the functionality of your site and ease its usability and maintenance.

  • iStudio Technologies does it better that is why we remain the most trusted PHP web design company in Chennai having 8 years of experience in this field.
  • ● We have developed numerous PHP scripted sites using only a handful of template files.
  • ● Our understanding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has helped us to successfully merge with PHP to create the flexible website that is not only easy to design, maintain, but also to update.
  • ● We hope that, for your next PHP enabled web Development and CMS customization, you will stop by at our web Development company in Chennai for that professional touch that will further promote the image of your organization.
  • ● Our team of PHP experts will love to give you that professional solution that will wow your audience.


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One of the features that set our team of developers apart from the rest is that our team of script writers at our C# with .Net Development Company is well versed in the programming language. Their exposure to these object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft combined with their understanding of the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic has helped them to create web applications that work perfectly with Microsoft’s .Net platform. With the sole aim of facilitating the exchange of information and services over the Web, and enable them to build highly portable applications. C# simplifies programming through its use of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) which allow access to a programming object or method without requiring the programmer to write additional code for each step. This we have taken a good advantage of at our C# Development company in Chennai. Our programmers can now build on existing code, rather than repeatedly duplicating it, C# has helped to hasten the process and makes it less expensive to get new products and services to market.

.Net comes with a list of advantage which make it more reliable

Large User Base


Language Independent

Windows Environment

Server Side Technology

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Progressive web apps are making some positive impression in the market because of the various advantages that are associated with the same. It takes the advantage of the newly driven technologies to enhance the experiences on the mobile sites and native applications, especially for the users. These progressive web applications are considered as one of the preferable technologies to get the things done in a smart way. With the help of the same, you would be able to provide the apt and best solution to the users at a much better level. These apps are fast, reliable and engaging and hence makes sure, your customers stay longer with you.

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Haskell is a standard, not-so-strict, modern programming language that is purely functional. It avails the user of many features such as lazy evaluations, higher-order functions, and polymorphic typing. The language also features a system of the innovative type, supporting overloading of the systematic format along with a module system. The language is specifically designed for handling a vast array of applications ranging from symbolic to numerical. At this end, this language has a syntax that is expressive and a rich and varied variety of in-built data types, including conventional integers, Boolean types and floating point, as well as rational and arbitrary precision integers. istudio is best web development company over Chennai and provides an excellent Haskell web development service.

The Haskell programming language can also be used upon the MVC, an abbreviation for Model-View-Controller. The model-view-controller is an architectural software pattern that is used for implementation of UI (User Interfaces) on a computer. The framework works by dividing a given application into 3 parts that are connected to each other, in order to separate inner representation of info from the methods that information is accepted from or presented to the user. Although the architecture was initially used for computer GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), it has now become very popular for designing of web applications.

Advantages Of Haskell

  • ● Parallelism and Speed
  • ● Re-Factorization
  • ● Library
  • ● Testing
  • ● Monad Transformers
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