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Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Our company istudio Technologies in Chennai have successfully completed more than 7+ years serving our clients. We have worked on several projects and consummated all our targets with flying colors. By now we have well-established a benchmark of developing more than 350+ apps across the world. We mainly focus on the needs of our clients and their satisfaction, we achieve this by accomplishing our commitment making it sure that we follow up to date technologies and provide quality assurance to them. Our company is blessed with world class developers and designer who have the caliber to sail across thunder and storms in the global market. We are the best Mobile app development company in Chennai with a set of expert’s team in mobile app development.

Android App Development

. We have an experienced and skilled team of developers who have vast industry knowledge and an unmatched passion …

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Hybrid Mobile Application

If you are looking for the best of both worlds for your mobile app, turn your attention to hybrid applications. ..

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IOS App Development

Our developers are completely aware that the user base for iPad and iPhone users are rather of higher class…

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Ionic Framework

This is a software development kit or SDK which can be used by anyone free of cost (open-source). In simple terms, ionic framework …

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As a leading Web Development Company in Chennai, Our Company is in reliable hand once it comes to Mobile App Development, we have trained expert well known their work in Mobile Application Development in Chennai. We will work with your team to generate Mobile App that will assist the functionality of your website and ease its usability and repairs. Our pixel perfect result and our on time delivery of all the projects make us one of the best mobile app development companies in Chennai



Super features

We believe that every mobile app development project must be started only after a careful consideration of the platform that it is meant for. Due to many such special considerations and factors that our developers take into account before delving into a project, app development by iStudio stands out in the market and has a distinctly appealing quality.We make sure that all suggestions are directives by the client are kept in mind and the client is as involved with the development as they want to be. We take care of the entire app development procedure, starting right from drawing up the idea to testing the final product for quality and fixing bugs. with our dedicated team of the mobile app development we are standing in the on of the top mobile app development companies in Chennai.


Pixel Perfect

An important reason for the popularity of iStudio is that we don’t cut corners and take care of every detail right down to the pixel.


Icon Library

An important reason for the popularity of iStudio is that we don’t cut corners and take care of every detail right down to the pixel.



We make sure that our apps are simple but appealing and when customization is needed, no issues are faced.


color variation

Color shades and combinations play an important role in enhancing user experience. We make sure that they color variations used are appealing to users.


Bootstrap Grid

We use the bootstrap grid in app development which makes the development process better and the use of the app easier.


Modern Design

We are aware of all the new trends and modern designs in mobile application development industry that will make your app highly engaging.

why istudio

We are an efficient and hard-working hybrid app development company based in Chennai. We will help you to develop your hybrid app by taking your digital objective into consideration. We develop apps for mobile, as well as desktop. Our precise industry knowledge and focus helps in developing cutting-edge apps. We know app development is a work of art and thereafter develop interactive and engaging apps.

A hybrid app is the appropriate combination of distant components, approaches, and technologies. Our experience and expertise in mobile app development by our tech savvy development team. With the help of your Hybrid app development service, you will be able to leverage the well-known mobile platforms. Our experts will help you to make most of technology to guide your business through the path of success. Through expertise and innovation, we can assure that the apps that will be delivered are suited to your requirements.









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ANDROID APP Development

iStudio Technologies dozens of successfully developed and functioning apps in its portfolio and our past clients are witness to our competence as an app development service. Today, there are more than 1.4 billion devices in the world that are android. With passing time, this is growing in number. we are the best mobile app development agency in Chennai with 9+ years of experience.

  • It is the collective industry experience and skill of our android app developers that’s sets our service apart from other app development services.
  • Our developers have vast technical knowledge and understanding of apps and how they work. We take into account, the demands of the clients, and the specific requirements of the project and consider what app users are looking for.
  • iStudio Technologies is the best choice for you if you are looking for a refined and polished android app that speaks to the user and enhances their experience.

IOS  APP Development

iOS, or as it was formerly known as, iPhone OS is a mobile operating system which was developed to be used by Apple Inc. devices exclusively. Apple devices such as iPad, iPad, and iPod Touch are used all over the world but their dominance can be seen mainly in developed nations of the world. Hence, keeping the audience in mind, iOS apps are created to be quite different from those that are made for Android devices. We develop all most all kind of mobile app which makes us the leading mobile app development agency in Chennai.

We have worked with clients from both India and abroad for around a decade. It is our experience that makes our developers experts in their fields.iStudio makes sure that the vision of the clients and what they want to achieve through the app is a major force driving us forward.

We make sure that the clients are kept up to date with every step forward.Our apps are interactive, easy to use, and free from occasional crashes and bugs, engaging. We make sure the apps have recall value which makes the customers come back to your business.

HYBRID APP Development

In recent times, you might have heard about hybrid mobile apps which are becoming increasingly popular. One thing that you must understand is that at first glance, there is no difference between a hybrid app and any regular mobile app. It is similarly downloaded on your mobile device from the app store. There are made from combining web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Being the best mobile app development agency in Chennai we we develop app for all kind of business and motive.
However, there is one key difference between hybrid apps and the others. Hybrid applications are hosted in a native application which uses the WorldView of the mobile platform. This WorldView can be described as chrome-less browser window which is configured to full screen in typical situations. Hybrid mobile have been known to show elements of native UI when required. In fact, a hybrid app does function any differently from its native counterpart. What matters to the user is that the app functions without any issues and this is what our developers take care of.


WHY HYBRID Mobile Application

These mobile applications have great prospects. If your current objective is to just get an app available and think about upgrades and improvements later, hybrid apps are the perfect choice. You can get your products in front of the customers quickly.App updates sometimes interfere with the experience of the user. Even if the changes are small, you might have to upload an entirely new version. However, with hybrid apps any number of small improvements and tweaks can be done easily and without interrupting user experience. Our mobile app development experts in Chennai gives you the best mobile app development service in Chennai

As hybrid apps use JavaScript and HTML5, they can work on devices operating on any given platform irrespective of whether it is Android or iOS. This is possible as hybrid apps detect the platform and automatically change their interface respectively. Depending on the device etc. We are the best mobile app development company in Chennai.

Ionic Framework

This was created in 2003 by Ben Sperry, Max Lynch, and Adam Bradley from Drifty Co. An open source SDK, Ionic framework provides services and tools which in the development of hybrid apps. It offers web technologies like HTML5, CSS and Sass with which apps are built and then distributed via native app stores.
Ionic can be thought of as that front end UI framework which handles the complete look and feel of the app which makes it invigorating. It comes with a native style mobile UI layouts and elements which native SDKs on Android or iOS have. The popularity of ionic framework is proof that the tech industry has high hopes for the future of HTML5 in mobile apps. We provide you the best mobile app development service in Chennai.

Easy for Developers

Easy to Share Knowledge

Futuristic in Nature

Flexible Framework

Angular JS

In mobile app development, Angular JS is one of the trendiest frameworks available. iStudio Technologies creates highly efficient Angular UIs that help greatly in the development of mobile apps based on HTML5. This gives it some of the features of Bootstrap 3, thus enhancing user experience greatly. This also makes it easier for the app developers to choose the specific areas on which they are required to work. iStudio is one of the top web development company in Chennai.

  • It provides some amazing components that are not otherwise found in Bootstrap. For example, scrollable areas, sidebars, overlays and areas that slides in and out. These improve the look of the application and improve the user’s interest.
  • The combination of Angular JS and Bootstrap 3 is beneficial for the developers, helping to work with some of the best technologies. Additionally, the native look and feel of the components is retained through the framework’s default controls.

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