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Ambient Intelligence

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Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

We are the best mobile app development company in Chennai, India, who have vast experience in creating mobile applications ranging from native apps to hybrid mobile apps. The mobile app services we have delivered falls under a wide range of categories like enterprise apps, utility apps and service-oriented apps. We have happy clients who have rendered our app development services for their ecommerce mobile application, location-based app and wearable app that brings in productive changes and enhancement amongst customer’s life.

Spawning agile mobile apps by infusing
futuristic technologies

Native App Development

Native App

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App

Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

Progressive Web

Serverless Computing

Serverless App

React Native App Development

React Native App


(CI & CD)

Native Mobile App
Development Company in Chennai

We are the leading native mobile app development company in Chennai, India having 6+ years of experience in providing the most agile app development services to a diversified range of industrial clients by using cutting-edge technological frameworks. Our mobile app developers have great exposure in creating a custom mobile app for your business by gathering all the basic requirements and framing a perfect sceptical schema that accurately suits your app development vision.

Android App
Development Company

If you are looking out for a mobile app service to cover a vast range of target audience then, availing our stipulated Android App Development Services is the best way, to get mobilized your products/services. Being a promising Android App Development Company in Chennai, India, we deploy high-end technology framework and delivers a highly-secured customized mobile application that elevates your business standards.

We are having experienced native Android java developers developing various applications like Location based, IoT Applications, ecommerce mobile app, third party API integrations, Extensions mobile app for SAP, Salesforce with industry standards. We use latest and stable frameworks for Dependency Injection, Mobile App architecture, Data Binding, crash monitoring etc.,

Android App Development Company

Business Benefits of Android

  • Being an open-source platform, Android allows accessing its software development kit for developers.
  • Creating a custom mobile app will be an effortless process for developers when it comes to using Android.
  • Android dominates the smartphone market with 80% of the user base, and its presence will take your business to multiple platforms of the economy.
  • We deliver well-crafted android applications that are secured.
  • Android App plays a pivotal role in expanding your target market by adopting our app development services, you can now get mutated with different economies.

Frameworks for
Android Mobile App Development

  • Android Studio
  • Android Jetpack
  • Architecture Library- Reactivex
  • Mobile database- Realm
  • Backend- Retrofit
  • Navigation library- Cicerone
  • Dependency injection framework- Dagger2 and Koin
  • Image loaders- Picaso, Fresco and Glide
  • Social media integration- Facebook Sdk and Twitter SDK
  • Google Tools- Crashlytics
IOS App Development Company in Chennai

Development Company in Chennai

IOS applications are tailor-made to reach top clients who lookout for some standard values and quality in your service/product.

We deliver quality iOS App Development Services in Chennai, India helps organizations to build a valuable customer base. We are renowned experts in creating iOS applications that are completely personalized and are capable of meeting all the industrial demand as well. Being a speculative iOS App Development company, we make sure to keep updated with technological trends to deliver the best mobile apps that can surpass the preset industrial standards.

Why Business Needs
iOS App

  • The primary reason for selecting the iOS app is to ensure high-end security, getting integrated your business data with the iOS app will ensure multi-level security.
  • Accessibility will not be a concern with the iOS app, and it forecast accessibility as the primary element.
  • The entire purchase cycle for your customer gets highly lubricated with the help of iOS app.
  • iOS ensures the organization gets continuously get connected with their respective clients to deliver the required application flawless at the estimated time.
  • iOS as an operating system is well-known for its brand, and the adopter also attains the same status with iOS app development in terms of brand awareness.

Hybrid App
Development Services

The adoption of mobility services and digital transformation happened radically post the introduction of hybrid apps into the mobile app development market.

Several small-sized enterprises and SMBs focused on building their hybrid mobile applications to create a strong impact in their industry and to catchup the mindset of their target audience.

We are the leading Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, India provides a seamless app development service according to your business needs.


Why your business needs
hybrid app

  • If you want your users to keep engaged with the mobile application, then you must have an impressive user interface in your mobile app. Hybrid mobile app services we deliver provides enhanced user experience.
  • The development time taken by the hybrid app is comparatively lesser to native mobile apps like Android and iOS, which means they are in time to market.
  • Hybrid apps are easy to maintain, and it also lessens up the burden of creating a new version for an update for developers and installing the same from the customer side.
  • The amount incurred in creating an efficient hybrid mobile app is very minimal irrespective of its multi-platform feature where it maintains a single code to run the app on multiple platforms.
  • Today's user is looking out for multiple functionalities in an app to get satisfied with their desire of accessing the entire perks, and providing offline support is found to be highly essential and important here.

Why Mobile App is the first bet for today’s
Business World?

According to today’s scenario, enterprises and organizations are finding ways to attain complete digital transformation to elevate their business standards. Having a mobile app getting integrated with your business will help you in covering a huge set of target audience base effortlessly and adopting a mobile app development service from an experienced and promising player is crucial, we help you in attaining the complete digital transformation with your speculative mobile app development services.
  • Sales pushing is now made easy with the mobile app.
  • The mobile app helps to expand your market potential irrespective of the boundaries.
  • Your end-targeted customers can approach you easily provided if you adopt a promising mobile app development service.
  • Frequent updation of information, in your mobile app, will increase the chances of visibility in Google's eyes, and it will, in turn, project your business as a thought leader.
  • Mobile apps provide the perk of accessing its information in offline that increases the probability of availing your services amongst the target audience.
Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Getting transformed to complete digitization is crucial to surviving in today’s business world, and adopting custom mobile app development service is vital for businesses to mark their rigid presence in the industry.

Being the best mobile app development company in Chennai, India, we firmly believe that enterprises must consider having a proactive mobile app, and it needs to be completely custom-made.

Here is why your enterprise must have a
custom-mobile app

  • Having a custom mobile app reduces your burden by decreasing your dependency over the app provider and also ease up the maintenance process.
  • Unlike stereotypical mobile apps, custom-made mobile applications get easily integrated with your existing software or process application.
  • Having custom mobile app solutions will increase the overall mobility rate of your business by inducing your customers to spend more time online with you.
  • 1 in 3 digital firms face data theft and having a custom-made mobile application certainly heal out this issue by tightening your privacy over business data.
  • High-end personalization is what you can expect from custom-mobile app services, that helps your customers get notified with new arrivals and product updates.
  • Working with a custom mobile app and its environment makes your employees more productive by placing them in different challenging situations.

Mobile App Development

The revolution made by the mobile app industry in the business world is unimaginable, and it has drastically changed from B2C to B2B sector since its inception. Today, the mobile app is not an option for business organizations, instead, they are a mandated element, that drives assured results.

We at iStudio Technologies are highly aware of the business benefits delivered by mobile apps for enterprises and hence provide the best Enterprise Mobile App Development services that make them count their spending on applications.

Enterprise Mobile-App-Development

Why Enterprise mobile app is

  • Enterprises having dedicated mobile apps found to generate 150% more ROI when compared to competitors without a mobile app.
  • Working with mobile app enhances employees productivity where they can perform their task from everywhere and accomplish it on-time.
  • Implementing mobile app into the business process will streamline your entire workflow, and hence it optimises the overall process.
  • Enterprise mobile apps turn into a valuable asset when it comes to providing information regarding workplace safety standards and other guidelines for employees.
  • Enterprise mobile apps give your employees to access the available amount of surplus data of clients so that your employees can analyze those data and provide valuable solutions to clients.

IoT App
Development Service Provider

Our enthralled IoT app development service brings in the required connection between people, process and production to deliver the desired result irrespective of the complexity faced in its development.

The connectivity between people, process, and product create an environment that elevates the standards of the end product via uplift in productivity.
Being a promising IoT App Development Company in Chennai, India, we aim at reducing the existing gap between human and machines, that would eventually boost up the business process.

Why organizations need
IoT Mobile App

  • One of the striking advantages of IoT mobile app is its efficiency to monitor business operations in real-time, real-time monitoring is a boon for today's industry which helps the concerned organization to address and sort out error on the spot.
  • IoT mobile app delivers complete customization and thus helps you attain the respective niche amongst your competitors.
  • IoT mobile applications guarantee firm security to your data and safeguard from any breaching activity.
  • IoT apps are the live examples of a huge bank of data they collect an enormous amount of data regarding your target customers activity and stores in your repository which later helps in framing effective and executable business models.
  • Obtaining detailed insights on a provided scenario is a tedious task, but IoT applications goes a step ahead and deliver insights real-time. Obtaining real-time insights helps the management to take an accurate and quick decision over product.

Wearable App
Development Company

Wearable devices are the next big transformation in the field of mobility solutions after smartphones. Wearable devices and technologies are the real-sensation in today’s technological world, and it will soon disrupt both domestic and commercial world heavily.

We are the top Wearable App Development Company in Chennai, India provides enriched solutions based on wearable devices and technologies.


Industrial Impact of Wearable

  • The wearable technology will be highly helpful to the healthcare industry in terms of patient's health tracking wearing these devices would assist the medical expert to record their patient's health status virtually.
  • The manufacturing industry also gets benefitted with wearable technology since it improves workers safety and provides better assistance in handling complicated machines.
  • Asset tracking was always a complicated task, and wearable technology would certainly isolate this situation and helps logistic players to keep a check on their SKUs.
  • The education sector is found to be at the top of the list in getting disrupted with wearable technology, and hence it is found to improve the learning process into the next level.

Mobile-App First Strategy

Mobile-App First Strategy Embrace Mobility Enahnce Productivity

The number of mobile device users is 3X more than those who use desktop and laptop for both commercial and domestic use.
In today’s scenario, mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables are high on top, and the applications created revolves around them either it may be for the domestic audience or industrial people.
Further advancement in mobility is arising strongly in terms of foldable devices, and tech firms are creating application-based services and solutions aiming foldable.
Adopting a mobile app first strategy would certainly deliver several benefits to your business through automation. We are the innovative Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, India who provides automation enable mobility solutions that help organizations to streamline, inspect, and suggest valuable terms to enhance productivity.


Scenario for example

Say a company uses CRM software to handle their customers but still they lag in fulfilling all their client needs due to unstructured organizational procedures. Proper implementation of an automated mobile app would certainly heal out this issue and helps the organization to move on with their process without getting affected by lame reasons like:
  • Non-availability of concerned staff
  • Improper verification
  • Ir-regulated process monitoring
By adopting our efficacious mobility solutions in Chennai, India you can carryout the entire business process of your organization without any hurdles.

Perks we deliver in our mobile app
first strategy

  • End-to-end mobility solutions
  • Obtain real-time key metrics
  • Paves way to immediate action
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Low cost expense

Industry Verticals We Serve

1. Online shopping mobile app
2. Multivendor marketplace mobile app
3. Dropshipper mobile app
4. Social ecommerce mobile app
5. Affiliate marketing mobile app
6. Nearby Offer/coupon mobile app
7. Online food ordering mobile app
8. Online grocery shopping mobile app
9. Ecommerce analytics mobile app
10. Augmented realty ecommerce app

1. Preventive Maintenance App
2. CMMS App
3. CAPA Mobile App
4. 5S Auditing App
5. Parts delivery tracking app
6. Team management app
7. Marketing and sales mobile app
8. Warehouse management and inspection mobile app
9. Smart factor mobile app
10. Data visualisation and analytics mobile app

1. Car booking mobile app
2. Truck Booking mobile app
3. Food delivery mobile app
4. Children/ family safety mobile app
5. Lost phone tracking mobile app
6. Location based Augumented realty app
7. Location based offers app
8. GIS mobile app
9. Geo Location based apps
10. Location data Analytics app
1. Personal Health App
2. Patient Record management App
3. Hospital management App
4. Pharmacy App
5. Health Social Network App
6. Health Prediction App
7. Wearable Devices App
8. Fitness App
9. AI/ML Healthcare App
10. Smart Hospital App
1. Agriculture IoT App
2. Health care IoT App
3. Automotive IoT App
4. Smartcity IoT App
5. Energy IoT App
6. Consumer Electronics IoT App
7. Aerospace IoT App
8. Defence IoT App
9. Smart Things IoT App
10. IoT Analytics & Visualisation app
1. College/University Management App
2. E-Learning/ Online Education App
3. E-learning Marketplace App
4. Educational Augment Reality App
5. Educational Virtual Reality App
6. Educational Social Network App
7. Online Exams App
8. Student Collabration mobile app
9. Job portal mobile app
10. AI/ML education mobile app


We are an efficient and hard-working hybrid app development company based in Chennai. We will help you to develop your hybrid app by taking your digital objective into consideration. We develop apps for mobile, as well as desktop. Our precise industry knowledge and focus helps in developing cutting-edge apps. We know app development is a work of art and thereafter develop interactive and engaging apps. A hybrid app is the appropriate combination of distant components, approaches, and technologies. Our experience and expertise in mobile app development by our tech savvy development team. With the help of your Hybrid app development service, you will be able to leverage the well-known mobile platforms. Our experts will help you to make most of technology to guide your business through the path of success. Through expertise and innovation, we can assure that the apps that will be delivered are suited to your requirements.
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