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Trusted Mobile App Development Company in Chennai Offering Affordable Services for more than a decade

A business cannot run without mobile applications in the digitized world, as the potential customers are increasingly using mobile phones for shopping. iStudio Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies in chennai that provides services that include designing and developing native and hybrid mobile applications to suit your business model and current market trends. The convenience and connectivity of mobile apps encourage customers to shop more using their mobile devices these days. Being an award-winning mobile app development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies offers knowledge-based and expert solutions that fulfill your expectations of getting a customized mobile application on-time. We offer attractive designs that easily achieve the targets like high performance and lead conversion.
Our talented developers and designers have hands-on expertise in various sectors, marketing strategies, and up-to-date with the mobile-trends which makes us one of the best mobile app development companies in Chennai that has satisfied 100+ clients with responsive and robust mobile apps so far. We are specialists in developing and designing native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps that have the full potential to attract your customers and increase your sales revenue. Be it vastly used android mobile apps or sophisticated iOS mobile apps, our talented team is capable of using latest frameworks to develop them and enable you to stay one step ahead in the market.
We develop and design mobile apps for many SMBs and also large enterprises across various sectors. We have expertise in developing digital media, restaurants, cabs, remote schooling/tutoring apps healthcare; consultation and drugstore apps, game apps, and eCommerce apps, and the list is endless. We, at iStudio Technologies, the fast-growing mobile app development company in Chennai, have well experienced mobile app developers and designers developing world-class mobile apps with the implementation of AI app development, Machine Learning and IoT in the mobile app development based on your requirement. At the same time, we ensure that the mobile apps comply with the Android Play Store and Apple Store regulations, and it is ready to reach the potential audience once launched.
iStudio Technologies have decades of reputation among its clients for offering robust mobile applications at an affordable price with on-time delivery. We take extra care at every stage of mobile app development to give a final output that always exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Get customer-friendly UI/UX and top ranking with an affordable mobile app development company in chennai

iStudio technologies give end to end mobile applications services right from sharing our valuable industry-based expert inputs in planning, designing, and developing mobile apps to offering support in launching your mobile app in the app stores that enhance your brand value and sales.
Being one of the low price mobile app development companies in Chennai, we don’t compromise on quality at any cost. Get full-fledged, fast-track mobile apps on native, hybrid frameworks and cross-platform apps to enhance your reach to potential customer groups using various devices running on different OSs like Android, iOS, etc. Our skilled designers and developers create the best UI/UX mobile app designs for varied customers and increase their engagement on your mobile apps. They have a keen eye for all the nuances in the design part and also the best coding frameworks to give attractive as well as user-friendly mobile app interface.

Get affordable Android, iOS development services from us to deliver the best to your customers. We combine our field expertise and latest technology to give the best user experience for your customers by offering robust Flutter and React Native mobile app development services at a price that fits your budget. We, at iStudio Technologies get your inputs and preferences while creating a mobile app development plan. Our experienced designers and developers are up-to-date in coding languages and worked on the latest frameworks. They understand your business needs, market trends, and your customer pulse to decide on the best attributes to include in your app so that you can achieve your targets in a short period once you launch your mobile app in the stores. Being one of the quality Mobile app development companies in Chennai, we have successfully gained loyal customers across various sectors and have proved our expertise with uptrend growth in their business.
Mobile applications are the best way to improve connectivity with customers and enhance customer relationships. They increase your brand value and reach by enabling social media connectivity in your mobile app. As we offer mobile app solutions that work on every possible platform and device, you can get maximum, engaging audience for your ideas/products/services on a robust mobile app that will not disappoint you and your customers in any of the aspects. As being one of the award-winning mobile app development companies in Chennai, iStudio Technologies offers the best mobile apps that are tailor-made for your business and your requirements that will fit in the current market trend and increase customer engagement.

Reach out to us for a low-cost mobile app development for your business today

Spawning agile mobile apps by infusing
futuristic technologies

Top & Innovative Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Top & Innovative Mobile Application Development Company in Chennai

The outbreak of coronavirus has brought in some serious changes, not only in the daily public life; instead, it has also drastically transformed the way businesses operate. Digitization and online collaboration will become more normal and abundant; where it creates a platform that a business that doesn’t hold a website is sensed to be extinct. The traditional approach of direct client meeting or sensing a product or service in person will vanish, hence the reliability over the website will keep increasing and hence it is strongly recommended that possessing a website is a smart move.
Why do you need a mobile app- Mobile-First strategy

Why do you need a mobile app?
- ( Mobile - First strategy )

It is not only the easy access that adds extra points to mobile-first strategy but also it brings new ideas and prospects to the eventual website development. A mobile-first strategy is highly recommended for all the new businesses as it creates a dynamic and quick impression on the customers and is a more responsive platform. Following the mobile-first strategy for your business can help you reach a massive customer base at a budding stage which will be greatly beneficial in gaining leads for your upcoming physical store or eCommerce website.

Businesses that propose to develop a desktop version first and move on to mobile apps, often end up facing a lot of difficulties including messed up interface, stuffing of irrelevant data and improper CTA placements. But you can avoid this by going with mobile-first strategy as it is simple, flexible and enables the possibility for further developments. According to a worldwide survey, about 83% of customers prefer to use a mobile phone for their online product search and shopping. Hence, the mobile-first strategy is important for your business to gain more customers and sales.

Benefits of the mobile-first strategy

  • Makes your website responsive and gives multi-platform access
  • Makes the informational content to the point, simple, handy and intelligible
  • Creates the best impression of your business among potential customers with efficient performance, complementing the enhanced processing power of mobile phones
  • Enhances the user experience and in turn, increases customer engagement
  • Makes your business online instantly to reach customers as the mobile app is quick and easy to develop and use

Native mobile app development

Want to showcase your business only on specific platforms and devices? We carry out native mobile app development service for more than a decade. Our expert developers have uncanny skills and resources in designing and developing native iOS and Android mobile apps. Make your native mobile apps available on Apple and Google Play stores available for huge customer groups. Our expert developers are efficient in programming languages like Java, Kotlin to develop Android based native mobile apps as well as Objective-C and Swift languages for iOS compatible native app development.

Business Suitability of native mobile apps

Native mobile apps are suitable for businesses that don’t need plugins to access in-built features like the camera and microphone. If your requirement is a more optimized and efficiently performing model, you can go for a native mobile app as it gives a competitive edge to your business. Native apps are also most suitable for (MVP) unique product/service business with limited features to test how it performs in the customer market. This leaves the option for developing the app further after checking with the customer feedback about the app.
Native mobile app development company

Benefits of native mobile apps

  • Alive on the mobile once downloaded and present as an icon on the screen increases the usability of the app
  • Without any addons, the app itself can use the features like GPS, Camera, contacts, etc
  • Able to interact with customers even when they are offline
  • Alerts the customer about the developments in the app through Push notifications
  • The UI is customizable on different platforms that give enhanced user experience
  • Easy availability to the customer as it can be redistributed on app stores
  • Easy to meet app store compliance's
  • Secure and reliable
Hybrid mobile app development company

Hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid apps are a combination of web apps and native apps. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used to build hybrid apps. These are simple and portable and they can run on different operating systems like iOS and Android. Hybrid apps have an in-built web browser which uses web view features on a mobile platform.

At iStudio we have skilled developers with many years of expertise to work on hybrid frameworks like Ionic and Apache Cardova to develop hybrid mobile apps and relevant Cardova plugins based on our customer requirements and their business profile. It takes only a lesser time to develop hybrid apps compared to native mobile apps. Hence, they have been a favourite among small, medium and enterprise businesses in recent years.

Business Suitability for hybrid apps

There are a variety of hybrid apps in the market and they cover a whole spectrum of business needs and compatibility. Hybrid apps developed with a single framework and are capable of performing on different OS platforms like Android and iOS. It is widely preferred for its cross-platform viability. Small and medium businesses and enterprises with a minimum budget can opt for the hybrid app as it is enough to work on multiple platforms.

Also, Hybrid is the go-for-app if you prefer features like PWA and Native app on a single platform. We use advanced and robust frameworks such as iQuery mobile, PhoneGap, in the development of hybrid mobile apps which enables an attractive user interface and faster performance at low cost. Our developers focus on customer preferences as well as UI/UX design trends in mobile app development for giving futuristic and flawless output.

Benefits of Hybrid mobile apps

  • Less expensive and less time consuming
  • No need to develop different apps for iOS and Android as it can work on multiple platforms
  • Easy Maintenance as there is only a single app for the business
  • Uses certain features available on the device
  • Easy compliance with the app store regulation, hence, easy distribution
  • Browser embedded for web view
  • Gives a native app-like experience while developing on React Native and Flutter frameworks

Cross-platform mobile app development

These apps can be used on multiple platforms as the name suggests. iStudio offers a unique cross-platform mobile app development solution. We have years of expertise and resources to develop cross-platform mobile apps for corporates to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept in the work environment. It is easy and cost-effective for the companies to make employees bring their own device for work to assess the data through a single app which can perform on multiple Operating Systems like iOS and Android.

By developing cross-platform apps for the internal purpose, the organization can reduce cost as well as improve performance. This significantly reduces the complexity of app users to access common office data. Our expert developers will guide you through what kind mobile app will suit your business model. They are also well-versed in coding with the help of best cross-platform app developing tools such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Business suitability of Cross-platform mobile apps

If you want to get a native app feel and the app to work on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc, your inevitable choice is cross-platform mobile apps. A business organization that wants to create apps for internal purposes can be hugely benefited with cross-platform mobile apps as it greatly reduces the cost of developing different apps.

Also small, medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises can go for cross-platform mobile apps to make them available to customers using various devices operating on different OS.

Benefits of Cross-platform mobile apps

  • Developed with a single programming language but works on multiple platforms
  • Possible to develop cross-platform and cross framework apps with the new advancements in the frameworks
  • Gives native interface experience to the users
  • Enable reach to a larger segment of target customers
  • Depending on the requirements developers can add mobile functions plugins to the app
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • Easy integration with cloud platform

Our Portfolio

Wish Box
(Multi-vendor Food Order
Ecommerce Mobile App)

An end-to-end lucrative on-demand food order ecommerce app that brings in balanced benefit to all three stakeholders (restaurant owners, platform holder, end-user) while availing its entire functionalities. The ecommerce app has brought in multi-cuisine and multi-style of restaurants and food corners in it to meet the diversified needs of foodies. An easy to use interface that comes out with multi-social media login and also avails different payment options like debit, credit and online transactions as well.

(Automotive mobile App)

A complete mobile app solution that extracts detailed information regarding client’s movable assets’ health, working capability, and other details that make them carry out a calculative approach in maintenance and other wear and tear process. Embedding cloud and connectivity solutions are the centric USP of this app that helps the vehicle to be transparent with its functionality and workability to the one who owns and also auto all the basic operabilities like wiping that eliminates the manual need.

Facility Management
(Enterprise Mobile App)

Fixing the routine and tiresome process complexities of managing and maintaining the entire facility system of herculean infrastructure spaces like IT parks, Malls, Airports and other industries with our seamless facility management system mobile app. This is one kind of dedicated app that handles, controls and rectifies facility-related issues for any asset in and around the ambience of your infrastructure.

(Healthcare mobile App)

A complete mobile app solution that extracts detailed information regarding client’s movable assets’ health, working capability, and other details that make them carry out a calculative approach in maintenance and other wear and tear process. Embedding cloud and connectivity solutions are the centric USP of this app that helps the vehicle to be transparent with its functionality and workability to the one who owns and also auto all the basic operabilities like wiping that eliminates the manual need.

(Small Medium Enterprise Mobile App)

Time to treat your clientele/customer base like a god and handle their fiery queries in a complete relaxed mode by availing our CRM app that acts as a sheer repository of holding even their tiny details that helps organizations to provide improved service. Joining hands with us will take you a step ahead in knowing your clients better and derive deep insights on their thought process of service requirements. This CRM app goes a step further and delivers accurate prediction on your sales of services.

Practice Management System- Healthcare

It’s time to convert your clinical management process into the digital platform by implementing our practice management system mobile app, it eases down the routine and stereotypical clinical activities that incur the productive time of a medical expert and helps them to provide better treatment to their patients. Ranging from billing system to patient we at iStudio Technologies have automated here with stringent security.

Mobile App development
trends in 2021

As an award-winning mobile app development companies in Chennai, we help our clients to develop future-ready mobile apps. Being a research-driven technology firm, we are actively involved in the in-depth research of emerging mobile app technologies, and we also have our POC in certain mobile app technologies. Our team is having good experience in converting an Idea into the concept, a concept into a success full mobile app. We are having experts in Native Android app development, iOS app development, Hybrid mobile app development and cross-platform app development. We are experts in multiple industry verticals which will help clients to develop their mobile app faster.

Are you looking out
for future-ready mobile app?

We are experts in delivering futuristic mobile app development. Let's discuss your dream project.

We can develop mobile applications based on the following emerging
mobile app technologies for all industry verticles.

  • Emergence of Beacons and NFC based mobile apps
  • Mesh networking apps as mainstream
  • AI/ML & DL based smart mobile applications
  • Agent based mobile apps
  • EMM & APM
  • 5G wireless services
  • Wearable devices app development
  • Instant Android Apps
  • Mobile apps with IoT integration
  • AR, VR, MR adaptation
mobile app developers
  • Demand of Mobile Commerce
  • Rise of P2P mobile apps
  • Security for Mobile apps
  • Location aware mobile apps with self hosted content
  • Personalized Apps
  • Digital Health mobile Apps
  • Intelligent Connected mobile apps
  • Business automation chat bots mobile app
  • Rise of Edge Computing & Fog computing based mobile apps

Emergence of Beacons
and NFC based mobile apps

Bluetooth beacon paves a world of opportunities for the entire mobile app industry like Location-based, Automated transactions, Hyperlocal tracking, smart objects and many more. Bluetooth is always an unsung hero of a mobile phone. Bluetooth offers diversified and productive usage such as localized data, automated nano data transfer, Personalized infrastructure, and Personalized data.

By implementing sensors like temperature sensor, motion sensor, accelerometer or pressure sensor, we can build smart things. We are providing, Bluetooth beacon-based smart objects mobile app development. Soon Bluetooth beacon will be the mainstream, companies like Williot, DiscoveryIoT are developing battery-less, self-energy harvesting Bluetooth beacons, which will help to create new breeds of mobile apps which is unimaginable.

  • Think about this when you are going to coffee a day, and the coffee maker finds out your favourite coffee by your Bluetooth beacon-based mobile app.
  • Personalized services is highly possible and it's a multi trillion dollar developing market.
  • payment gateways, physical workflow analysis, product tracking, indoor proximity marketing are the developing verticals with lots of scope for beacon based mobile app development.
Mesh networking apps as mainstream

Mesh networking
apps as mainstream

Giants like Facebook and other companies failed in many attempts to provide internet to last mile peoples. Still there are 4 billion peoples those who are not having internet connection. Even 96% of the global population is using 2G network. We are helping companies to build mesh network based applications to take their applications to people those who are having very slow internet connection or those who are not have internet connection. We have experts in developing a mobile app based on mesh network using Bluetooth, WIFI-Direct and WIFI Halo. By using the mesh network, the applications can work in offline mode. WIFI Direct, WIFI Halo mesh network-based apps can be used without any urban canyon effect. Our Mobile app development company in Chennai, India, will provide you with mesh network-based mobile applications using Right Mesh, Hype SDK and other popular protocols. Mesh networking based application is mandatory for a smart city.
  • IEvery light poles, smart drainage systems, and electric meters are integrated using mesh network in a smart city.
  • Mesh network enhances localized services to the next level, by the multi-hop network it helps the user to know about the nearest saloon or to send a message without an internet connection.
  • We can develop a mesh network based mobile application using native development for android & iOS.
  • We have good experience in developing ad-hoc networking application without any planning, without any central router, without any central controller and the entire mesh network can self organize by itself.

AI/ML & DL based
smart mobile applications

By 2025 70% of the mobile apps will be developed using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Neural Networks. Latest smartphones are having minimum 8GB RAM, High-end processor and dedicated AI processors with graphics memory which will push AI-based mobile app development to a new level.

We are experts in developing AI/ML-based mobile apps, machine Vision Mobile App, Natural language Processing, and prediction-based mobile apps. We use tensorflow and TensorFlow lite for AI/Ml Android app development.

AI-ML & DL based smart mobile applications
  • Our AI-based mobile app development provides comprehensive development services which support different ML learning methodologies Like Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement learning & Genetic Learning.
  • Using Machine learning, you can provide precession personalized services to your consumers.
  • We can build a custom model to train as per the project requirements.
  • We can develop Machine learning methods based on Decision trees, Support vector machines, Regression, Navie Byes classification, Hidden Markov models, Random forest, recurrent neural networks, LSTM and convolutional neural networks.
  • The future is AI/ML-based mobile apps we are providing AI/ML/DL based mobile app development consulting, architecture design and development.

Why Mobile App is the first bet for today’s
Business World?

According to today’s scenario, enterprises and organizations are finding ways to attain complete digital transformation to elevate their business standards. Having a mobile app getting integrated with your business will help you in covering a huge set of target audience base effortlessly and adopting a mobile app development service from an experienced and promising player is crucial, we help you in attaining the complete digital transformation with your speculative mobile app development services.
  • Sales pushing is now made easy with the mobile app.
  • The mobile app helps to expand your market potential irrespective of the boundaries.
  • Your end-targeted customers can approach you easily provided if you adopt a promising mobile app development service.
  • Frequent updation of information, in your mobile app, will increase the chances of visibility in Google's eyes, and it will, in turn, project your business as a thought leader.
  • Mobile apps provide the perk of accessing its information in offline that increases the probability of availing your services amongst the target audience.

IoT App
Development Service Provider

Our enthralled IoT app development service brings in the required connection between people, process and production to deliver the desired result irrespective of the complexity faced in its development.

The connectivity between people, process, and product create an environment that elevates the standards of the end product via uplift in productivity.
Being a promising IoT App Development Company in Chennai, India, we aim at reducing the existing gap between human and machines, that would eventually boost up the business process.

Why organizations need
IoT Mobile App

  • One of the striking advantages of IoT mobile app is its efficiency to monitor business operations in real-time, real-time monitoring is a boon for today's industry which helps the concerned organization to address and sort out error on the spot.
  • IoT mobile app delivers complete customization and thus helps you attain the respective niche amongst your competitors.
  • IoT mobile applications guarantee firm security to your data and safeguard from any breaching activity.
  • IoT apps are the live examples of a huge bank of data they collect an enormous amount of data regarding your target customers activity and stores in your repository which later helps in framing effective and executable business models.
  • Obtaining detailed insights on a provided scenario is a tedious task, but IoT applications goes a step ahead and deliver insights real-time. Obtaining real-time insights helps the management to take an accurate and quick decision over product.

Wearable App
Development Company

Wearable devices are the next big transformation in the field of mobility solutions after smartphones. Wearable devices and technologies are the real-sensation in today’s technological world, and it will soon disrupt both domestic and commercial world heavily.

We are the top Wearable App Development Company in Chennai, India provides enriched solutions based on wearable devices and technologies.

Wearable App Development Company

Industrial Impact of Wearable

  • The wearable technology will be highly helpful to the healthcare industry in terms of patient's health tracking wearing these devices would assist the medical expert to record their patient's health status virtually.
  • The manufacturing industry also gets benefitted with wearable technology since it improves workers safety and provides better assistance in handling complicated machines.
  • Asset tracking was always a complicated task, and wearable technology would certainly isolate this situation and helps logistic players to keep a check on their SKUs.
  • The education sector is found to be at the top of the list in getting disrupted with wearable technology, and hence it is found to improve the learning process into the next level.

Industry Verticals We Serve

1. Online shopping mobile app
2. Multivendor marketplace mobile app
3. Dropshipper mobile app
4. Social ecommerce mobile app
5. Affiliate marketing mobile app
6. Nearby Offer/coupon mobile app
7. Online food ordering mobile app
8. Online grocery shopping mobile app
9. Ecommerce analytics mobile app
10. Augmented realty ecommerce app

1. Preventive Maintenance App
2. CMMS App
3. CAPA Mobile App
4. 5S Auditing App
5. Parts delivery tracking app
6. Team management app
7. Marketing and sales mobile app
8. Warehouse management and inspection mobile app
9. Smart factor mobile app
10. Data visualisation and analytics mobile app

1. Car booking mobile app
2. Truck Booking mobile app
3. Food delivery mobile app
4. Children/ family safety mobile app
5. Lost phone tracking mobile app
6. Location based Augumented realty app
7. Location based offers app
8. GIS mobile app
9. Geo Location based apps
10. Location data Analytics app
1. Personal Health App
2. Patient Record management App
3. Hospital management App
4. Pharmacy App
5. Health Social Network App
6. Health Prediction App
7. Wearable Devices App
8. Fitness App
9. AI/ML Healthcare App
10. Smart Hospital App
1. Agriculture IoT App
2. Health care IoT App
3. Automotive IoT App
4. Smartcity IoT App
5. Energy IoT App
6. Consumer Electronics IoT App
7. Aerospace IoT App
8. Defence IoT App
9. Smart Things IoT App
10. IoT Analytics & Visualisation app
1. College/University Management App
2. E-Learning/ Online Education App
3. E-learning Marketplace App
4. Educational Augment Reality App
5. Educational Virtual Reality App
6. Educational Social Network App
7. Online Exams App
8. Student Collabration mobile app
9. Job portal mobile app
10. AI/ML education mobile app


We are an efficient and hard-working hybrid app development company based in Chennai. We will help you to develop your hybrid app by taking your digital objective into consideration. We develop apps for mobile, as well as desktop. Our precise industry knowledge and focus helps in developing cutting-edge apps. We know app development is a work of art and thereafter develop interactive and engaging apps. A hybrid app is the appropriate combination of distant components, approaches, and technologies. Our experience and expertise in mobile app development by our tech savvy development team. With the help of your Hybrid app development service, you will be able to leverage the well-known mobile platforms. Our experts will help you to make most of technology to guide your business through the path of success. Through expertise and innovation, we can assure that the apps that will be delivered are suited to your requirements.
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