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Buy, sell, or rent everything, anywhere from one platform.

A classified application for buying and selling new and used commodities at your fingertips.
Classified app

About the Classified App Development Service

The classified mobile app software is a platform where buyers and sellers post ads to market their products. The role of the classified application is, therefore, to link between buyers and sellers. Businesses can use this app to purchase and sell all product categories and services around them. The aim of our classified app development services is to create on-demand solutions to market, display, and deliver the desired commodities to customers at the comfort of their homes.
As the best mobile app development company in Chennai, IStudio has a team of highly-qualified developers with more than 11 years of experience creating classified applications. Our services will enable any type of business to have an online presence where they can showcase their products to reach the target market with little effort. We will propel your business to the next level by developing a wide range of classified mobile app services, such as food and grocery delivery. Sell anything from clothes, books, and electronics on our custom-made classifieds app and experience a breakthrough in your brand recognition in the online space.

Types of Our Classified Apps

Real estate classified app

Health classified app

Home and kitchen classified app

Automobile and Mobile classified app

Electronics and appliances classified app

Jobs classified app

Services classified app

Sports and recreational classified app

Pets classified app

Electronics and appliances classified app

Target Industries for Our Classified Mobile App

We have mastered the art of developing feature-rich and industry-standard classified applications suitable for businesses in all sectors. Our classified app developers have crafted custom-made classified mobile applications for every type of user. We deliver perfection and excellence to the following business categories:


Entrepreneurs are constantly in search of processes and mechanisms to improve business operations. We support their mission by developing the best classified applications.

Multi-vendor unions

This category of users has partnerships with multiple businesses that use them to send their products to end-users. We craft all-round features in the classified application to suit the needs of these entities.

Large scale entities

Our classified app development services can serve the needs of all enterprises, irrespective of their size. We can meet the app design and specifications and business requirements of any large player in the classified online space.

Features of Our Classified Application

Our classified mobile app developers and analysts perform adequate research to understand your business needs, which they use to determine the scope of developing an advanced classified application. We work and rework on our application development services to ensure they feature the best aspect of your online marketing strategy. You should, therefore, expect to benefit from the following unique features of our classified app:

Customer panel

This platform allows users to log in to the classified app platform using their email address or social media credentials.
The classified app builders will install this tool to allow customers to view the seller location. App users can also use this feature to find the desired product or seller near them.
Sort and filter
Users can search for listed products by their category, such as ‘newest first’ or ‘frequently bought’ items.
Cart and wish list
Allows users to add products to buy now and in the future, respectively.
Ratings and reviews
The classified app development team can incorporate this feature to allow users to rate and review products bought on factors, such as quality or safety.
Post queries
This feature will enable customers to write and send questions around product features, prices, and location, among others.
Product images
Customers can view multiple photos of products on the classified application for better-informed decision-making.
This is an automated feature, which informs customers about their product search results.
Related products
The category app builders will integrate this feature to allow users to see frequently-searched items.
Social media plugins
Allows users to share products on sale widely through their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp.
Sort and filter
The classified app builders will incorporate this feature to facilitate quick of products on sale.
Order status
The classified app users can view the status of orders placed for delivery of goods, such as electronics, furniture, and groceries.
Historical records
This feature allows classified app users to view the historical account of all orders placed in the past and their details.
Multilingual support
To cater to the needs of foreign language speakers, the classified app developers will incorporate this element for inclusive support.

Web Admin Dashboard

User management
This feature allows the admin to oversee the use of user accounts and to ensure the safety of user activities.
Product management
To ensure all products are listed accurately and promptly, the classified mobile apps development team will train the admins on the management of the platform.
Request management
The admin can manage requests on the classified application by, for instance, adding new users from the referral program.
Supervisory rights
Allow admins to supervise transactions, especially of a high threshold, to prevent fraud.
Manage service providers
Work hand-in-hand with sellers and vendors to ensure transparency of operations and activities on the classified applied.
Price management and Payment integration
The admin can oversee the price tag for all products listed on the app to regulate against exploitation. The admin can view successful and failed payments, as well as suspicious transactions for fraud checks.
Reviews and feedback
The classified app developers will incorporate this feature to allow the admin to approve or disapprove reviews and to view ratings posted.
Order tracking
The online doctor appointment app development team will issue rights to admins to enable them to create sub-admins whenever necessary. This functionality will ease the assigning and delegation of less-crucial roles to support staff.
Gallery management
This feature allows the admin to review the quality and authenticity of images posted.
Profile management
The admin will request users for their identification details or business registration certificates to ensure authenticity.

Advanced features

Seller panel

This application enables sellers to post and manage their sales easily.

Sponsored ads

Paid advertisements can improve customer engagement, visibility, and sales.

Pay per lead

Classified app builders will integrate this feature to allow sellers to promote sales by rewarding buyers for referrals.


Sellers can run ads to promote their products, services, and brand on the application.

Password recovery

This feature can enable app users to retrieve their login username and password easily.

Affiliate program

Sellers can partner with affiliates for specific product categories, leading to improved sales.

Store pickup and Location-based listing

Customers can pick products from the seller’s premises directly. Sellers can list items on the app, depending on their location.

Credit facility

The classified app development team will incorporate this feature to allow buyers to pay for goods in installments.

Social media integration

Allow users to log in to their accounts on the app using their social media account credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The classified app development cost will depend on many factors, such as the design of the app, features to be integrated into it, and your business requirements. Please contact us to analyze these needs and recommend a pocket-friendly price.
There is no specific duration for developing the application, but it will depend on factors, such as the design of the app, features to be integrated, testing, etc. The development process can take between 1 to 2 months for basic requirements, and about 4 to 6 months for more advanced features. Feel free to contact our sales representatives and developers to give you an estimated TAT.
We will draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which will bind the development process, the developers, and analysts for your classified application.
We will create your app using the latest designs and incorporate the best features to appeal naturally to customers. Our dedicated and customer-friendly developers will work with you to ensure the application has all the features and panels, as well as test it for stability. We will also keep updating and upgrading your app with every new operating system to ensure it stands out. You can generate money from the classified app in many ways, including charging advertisers for posting ads, or you can integrate google ads and make revenue from app visits by users.
iStudio is the best classified app development company across India. They have more than 11 years of experience and have handled more than 900 projects at quick and reliable turn-around time. The development team is made up of skilled, experienced, and talented personnel whose goal will be to improve your customer engagement through ads, business sales, and market reach. The developers will incorporate cutting-edge technologies to deliver a feature-rich application to suit all your product listing needs.