Why Schools in India needs a Website?

Student Module
Parent Module
Teacher Module
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School Management Software Development

As the entire nation is rapidly moving towards digitization still there are few industries which are hesitating to adapt themselves completely towards digitization and the academic industry is one among them. Even though the system is gradually changing towards digitization and innovative preaching the other side that is the management part still remains in the dark. There are only a few educational institutions who have adopted complete digitization into them. The prevailing trend of high expenditure towards the related software is one big reason behind this hesitation. As a software service provider, we find this as a huge gap and feel that it can be rectified, we take this as an opportunity to provide a school management software which acts as a one-stop solution for the entire administrative process. The software developed by us helps you to run your institute in a much better way by providing an opportunity for real growth.  This entire school management system is divided into two categories as server-based and mobile app-based, this classification purely depends upon the user.

Stats on Edu-Tech Industry

  • India’s Edu-tech industry is expected to reach a feet of USD 1.96 billion with 9.6 million users in its account
  • The next 500 million school going internet users will adopt native language based e-learning for their academics.
  • Indian Edu-Tech industry will witness 22.7 billion downloads of study materials in various formats by 2021 post the arrival of bite-sized learning.
  • At present the primary and secondary school students are the second major target (24%) for edu-tech software providers in India and this number would get further increased and reach no.1 position with a raise of 60%.
  • In India around 44% of education related search are coming from outside of top-six metros in India.

Since the academic industry is delivering numerous benefits to the students by embracing emerging technologies, it is high time for the budding aspirants and technologically stagnated players to adopt a full-fledged web designing and web app development services to register as a strong school management system in India.

Why Schools need a Website?

In this digitally influenced environment, online presence has become the basic need for any business to hold its nerve and maintain sustainability. The same implies for academic-industry which requires an effectual website to keep itself updated and attain progressive growth. We are the promising web design company who creates a dedicated website for your entire best school management software in India with a complete set of enriched functionalities.


Holding a commanding website with high-end functionalities under your kitty will definitely bring in a greater competitive edge for your school. We offer end-to-end web design services for your Best school management system in india where your vision, attitude and your approach towards educating students gets reflected in the website which eventually yields you the required competitive advantage.


Well, it has been a while since the academic industry got institutionalised which has now grown as one of the leading money making business through sculpting the future generation towards the glorified path. Investing in a website will certainly yield you assured ROI (Return Over Investment) and hence maximise your profit as well, and we are the best web design company in India in delivering profitable software for the school management system.


The parents will tend to prefer flexible options to establish communication with school management to attain further details before enrolling their child’s admission. Having an interactive contact form or an accurate live chatbot will certainly do the needful. Being the most experienced website design company in Chennai we offer engaging chatbot feature and convertible contact form for your website school management system in Tamilnadu.


A website is not just meant to be, a marketing tool instead, it also acts as a perfect place to share and register parent’s feebacks which even helps educational institutions like schools to improvise their service offerings and sense the setbacks in their new range of services which helps them to undergo immediate rectification. We are the renowned website designing company in Chennai, India who help you deliver enriched educative service to students that eventually uplifts your growth.


Virtual communication is the driving force behind the success of any website and industries opt out to have a website to establish and maintain this communication mode. A website will be the centralised hub for a school management system where every online marketing activities get connected here. Holding a website helps you reach a number of parents and eventually builds trust amongst them. We are an innovative web designing company in Chennai, India who brings a complete set of functionalities for your school management system to help you deliver end-to-end information regarding your services to parents.

Functionalities We Deliver

Being a prominent web designing company in India we offer a complete set of functionalities for the Best school management software in chennai to bring in high parent engagement and generate more admissions. We offer separate modules for the key stake players to carry out properly their functionalities in online.

Student Module

Student module is designed to solve the communication gap between the students and the school management. This helps the entire lot (Student and Management) to move one step forward and prevent unnecessary perception. We offer enriched services for school management system helps both students and staffs in sharing the message in a much quicker way, so that they no need to wait for a day.


Login Access
Separate User-id and Password is generated for every single user. As you login into any user account say like Gmail, even here the user will be provided with a dummy login details initially, using that login details the user can change their password whereas the login-id will remain the same.
Student Details
Complete student details will be displayed here inclusive of their personal and academic details. Students can cross check and also update their details here by logging into this dashboard.
Personal Details
  • Full Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Contact Details
  • Blood Group
Academic Details
  • Standard
  • Subjects
  • Class Teacher
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Transport (if used)
In the very beginning of every academic year students will be getting complete information regarding their entire syllabus for that year. This syllabus details include:
  • Subjects
  • Allotting portions according to the term
  • Details of teaching staffs according to the subjects
  • Other Courses



Time Table
Regular update regarding class time table is provided here, and user will receive proper notification reminder whenever the time table is updated. The user can view the same according to their convenience.
Academic calendar will be displayed here to bring in clarity regarding term days and holidays. Moreover student’s attendance information will also be displayed here by continuous updation.
Regular updates regarding tests and examinations will be provided under this section with reminder notification. Even the test and examination results can be viewed here.
Report Card
User can view their academic progress and performance by entering their unique ID generated. Progress report will be displayed at the end every term exams.
Details regarding transportation is displayed here, where the user can opt for the facility by giving relevant details. Once the student has given details regarding their residential area and request for transportation, they will be receiving information available bus facilities provided by school management.
Apart from regular academic activities extra projects will be given to students in order to enhance their skills. Entire details regarding project will be given by respective teacher in the corresponding class and student will receive the same.
Interaction Point
Apart from basic details if the user have any queries or information to share, then they can use this interaction point to share their views.
Sports And Events
Informational notification will be updated to the respective user based upon their participation in sports and other events.
Daily assignments for each and every subject will be displayed in this section. Like other sections this one also consist of reminder alerts for both the users.
Extra/Special Class
Reminder and updation regarding extra/special classes will be displayed in this section, this highly helps the students to prepare accordingly.
Inter and Intra school seminar details will be provided in this section according to the academic calendar. Students can register themselves according to the relevant subjects in this section. Apart from this respective staffs will also guide the student regarding seminar.
Library Corner
The student will be getting all the required details regarding the books available in the library, they will be getting a more customized details according to their subjects and syllabus used in their studies. By using their unique Student ID and library account number they can take, return and renew the books under this system.
Board Exam Preparation
End-end details regarding board exam preparation like syllabus, model papers, test papers, class timings were provided in this section.
Competitive Exam
Details regarding coaching for various competitive exams will be provided here. Students can opt for related exams with the proper guidance of respective faculties.



Parent Module

This module helps to create a proper communication between parents and school management in order to carry out the entire process in a hassle free way. We deliver quality web designing services where we provide intractable school management system in Chennai, Tamilnadu which brings in high beneficiary for all the stakeholders.


Login Access
Parents can access into their login account once they get registered into the school management system, after successfully providing required details parents will be given a temporary login ID and password to enter initially and create their own Login credentials. Post the creation of authenticated login details, Login ID will be shared with school management.
Student Activities
This section holds all the information related to student activities in the school. The parents can keep track over their children anywhere, at anytime just by giving the proper student ID. Any kind of updates will be sent as a reminder to the parents immediately.
Academic Info
This sub-section consist of all the academic information of a particular student like:
  • Subjects
  • Staff details
  • Time Table
  • Test and Exam dates
  • Result Info
  • Extra/Special class (if any)
Exclusive details regarding transportation is provided here, which includes
  • Pick up and drop point
  • Transportation charges
  • Bus details ( specific ID for bus)
  • Timings
Attendance Info
Parents will be receiving attendance details of their children every month regularly.
  • Yearly
  • Half-yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
Sports And Events Info
Proper updation regarding any sports or events will be displayed under this section. This also includes sending notification to specific parent of participating child.
  • Credit/ Debit card
  • Net-banking
  • RTGS
  • Mobile payment
Fee Payment
This is the important functionalities which gives end-to-end details regarding fee payment. Under this section parents can find both term options and payment options, which helps them to pay the fee in a hassle free and flexible way.
This section details about the books taken and used by the respective student from school library. Reminder notification will be sent to parents as well when it is sent to student.
Disciplinary Info
Any kind of in-disciplinary activities done by student like violating school rules, misbehavior will be immediately updated in this section and the reminder will be sent to the parent.
Transfer Certificate
Here parents can get all the relevant information regarding transfer certificate, this section is highly customized in order to update details at any point of time to join or to discontinue.
Transfer Message Center
This corner highly helps parents to interact with teaching staffs and school management as well. Here parents can clarify all their queries related to their child’s academic activities.



Teacher Module

This module is exclusively designed for all kind of teaching staffs includes Physical trainers, Music teachers and other teaching professionals. This module provides complete information to the teachers in order to carry out their day to day work without any interruption. We deliver exquisite web design services to accelerate your online school management software in Chennai.


Login Access
Each and every staff will be given a separate user-id and they can generate their own login using that id and password of their own. After ensuring that the specific user belongs to the institution the respective staff will be given full access to view and edit few sections.
Subjects Details
Subjects handled by every teaching staff members is displayed here and staff members can access into their account to get clarity regarding the subjects to be taken
Staffs will be given separate section to use library books, even they will be getting automated reminders and notifications regarding the books used by them according to their requirement.
Complete syllabus for the entire academic year will be displayed in this section. Some teachers may handle more than one class or batch, so this section is highly mandatory to provide clarity to them.
Message Center
This is a open-end section where staffs can register their queries on any topic or they can also mention about the issues faced by them anywhere at any point of time.
Exam Cell
Teaching staff has direct access to the exam cell where they can get clarified with examination schedules, this section is not only used for getting updated details regarding exams, but also used to update details about test conducted and assignments as well as project works given. Teachers can edit the syllabus included by the administrator for the exams if necessary.
This is a highly optional section totally depends upon the preference of the user. Based upon the selection of transportation facility staff will be provided with relevant details like:
  • Bus details
  • Timing
  • Pick up Point
Staff Details
As a staff member here the user can add, edit and delete their personal information like:
  • Name
  • Personal Address
  • Educational Qualification
  • Subjects handled
And at the same time they can also view details of other staffs working in the institute.
Student Info
This section carries out complete information regarding student details handle by the teaching staff. Once the teaching staff enters into this section using their login ID then they can access entire information about the students they handled, this includes:
  • Student Name
  • Class
  • Subject
  • Student ID
  • Performance
  • Remarks



Accountant Module

Maintenance of accounts is highly important for any kind of organization or academic institution. Almost every industry has shifted towards automatic software in account handling still few industries like academics is hanging in the mid-air, this will be the right time to change your accountancy face in a digitized manner. Handling entire account details using a software will definitely reduce the workload and also cut down the error happening. Top-notch web design company who delivers advanced Top school management system in India incorporating a complete set of functionalities.


Personal Details
  • Account maintenance on fee payment includes payment history for every student, invoice generation, sending reminder alert to parents regarding fee payment, providing information to admin regarding fee details.
  • Account maintenance on salary includes salary paid to individual staffs, increment details and exam based conveyances.
  • Account maintenance on furniture and other expenditures helps admin officials to keep track on available furniture, class room accessories, expense over furniture and class accessories and also to make an estimate on future demand.
  • Complete auditing report helps to create clear details regarding existing resources and demand over resources in future.

Librarian Module

Using this module librarian can access the software with the help of their authenticated login access, this module is highly customized which makes the work of librarian error free.


Under this functionalities librarian will be performing his routine task with the help of the software. This makes the job much easier, smoother and controls the mistakes. Librarian is responsible to give proper updates regarding books like:
  • Available quantity
  • Newly purchased books
  • Sorting books under right section
  • Matching the books taken with respective student/teacher ID
  • Raising complaint to admin regarding stolen books
  • Updating management regarding books requirement
  • Updating the price of each and every books frequently according to edition
  • Conducting end-end auditing



Admin Module


Students Hub
This functionality holds complete information regarding each and every student studying in the institute, the user can update the information from anywhere and anytime. Top website design company in Chennai, India having great experience in creating productive school management system.
Basic Detail
This section includes basic details of a student like name, class, section, parents name, address, blood group, bus group (if it is used)
This section includes complete details regarding admission done for a particular academic year. The information over the same is updated each year by the administrative officer, this information includes:
  • Advertisements done for admission
  • Expenditure for admission
  • Total number of admission done
  • Admission under every class
This section handles complete arrangement activities carried out in various activities, were admin can customize each and every arrangements separately.
  • Class room arrangements
  • Sports and event arrangements
  • Tour arrangements
  • Seminar arrangements
Fee Payment
This section helps the admin to fix the proper fee structure for every class separately. Moreover the school management can also customize their fee payment structure into various categories like:
  • Basic fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Book fee
Apart From This Extra Fees Were Charged For:
  • Transportation
  • Sports
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Customization can also be made in terms of payment mode and payment time
Payment Mode
  • Card payment
  • Net banking
  • Mobile payment
  • RTGS
  • Cash
Payment Time:
  • Annual
  • Half-yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
Master attendance book will be maintained by the admin who feeds, cross checks and display the same in to every user like student, teacher and parents as well.
Projects And Seminars
These are the academic related projects and seminars which will be displayed by the admin in the server frequently for the entire academic year time to time.
This section contains complete information regarding students academic performance and its related details. Some of the notable functions are:
This section includes complete details like subjects for each and every classes, allocation of exam dates and segregating portion according to terms.
Staff Hub
This hub withholds complete information of both teaching and non-teaching staffs. This hub also uploads entire activities need to be carried out by every single staffs. This includes class allocation, subjects handled and other responsibilities. Each staff can login into their account and access the required information like student details, syllabus, books distributed, library information, Exam cell details and notice board.
Disciplinary Hub
This hub is exclusively framed to keep separate track over students in terms of disciplinary activities. Staffs and students have the option to upload their message through their login and send message to the admin regarding any in-disciplinary activities inside the campus. We provide quality web design service in Chennai, India by delivering exclusive school management system for your business.
Complete accommodation details were provided here like number of rooms available, furniture present in the room, current student strength in hostel, pantry service details, laundry service details, hostel fee details.
Software And Audit Reports
This section comprises of all the details regarding the software used in the academic institution. Admin can implement, utilize and update required software under this section under admin module through server application. At the same time admin can also manage the financial transactions using exclusive audit reporting tools.
Sku’s Hub
This is one of the most important hub in terms of admin point of view, where the admin need to upload details regarding each and every stocks of different departments and continuously updating it’s numbers. This hub contains details of prevailing as well as required stocks for various units like:
  • Academic Accessories
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Transport
Complete details regarding transportation vehicles is provided in this section. This includes their total numbers, purpose of usage, working condition and also future requirements. User can customize these options according to their need.