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Haskell web development is a modern programming language which is a standard and not-so-strict. This is a purely functional language which offers the users with many features like higher-order functions, polymorphic typing, and lazy evaluations. The language has an innovative system. It supports overloading of the systematic format with the module system. The language has been specially designed to take care of a wide array of applications starting from numerical to symbolic. Also, this language has syntax which is expressive and an extensive variety of built-in data types comprising of conventional integers. There are several interpreters and compilers for this programming language which is available for free. This is a popular programming language which is being used by several organizations. iStudio has experienced Haskell developers and we provide our services to new, as well as well-established company. We are one of the top Haskell web development companies in Chennai. We make sure that our clients get the best service to ensure their success. Today more than 500 companies are using Haskell.


This telecom giant has already gained a lot of advantage by using Haskell for the development of their company for quite some time now. The company makes use of the language in the network security division.


The consortium of a group is included but is not limited to Alcatel-Lucent. This company has been using Haskell web development for a long time now. It uses the programming language for prototyping the radio system’s narrow band software.

Quantitative Analytics Group

This programming language is also being used by Barclays Capital Quantitative Analytics. It uses this for the development of domain specific functional language which is known as FPF.


Haskell website development is used in Microsoft, too. Here, it is the product serialization system. As a matter of fact, Microsoft has also served as the sponsor for the development of this programming language.

Bae System

The technological giant BAE has been making a collection of interpreters, EDSL’s, compilers, and simulators which are completely based on the Haskell programming language. We believe in making the compiler your ally.


Like Facebook, Google too uses Haskell development for the internal project. It does this to support the infrastructure of IT. Another primary application of this programming language in Google is that it is the open source project in Ganet.

ABN AMRO Amsterdam

ABN AMRO is an international bank that has its headquarters in Amsterdam. This bank uses the programming language for all the programming activities which are needed for the measuring the counterparty risk on the portfolio of financial derivatives.


Even though, it is not used on a large basis, this social networking site uses this programming language for all the internal tools. One such development tool is known as lex-pass that is utilized for the manipulation of PHP code base programming in Haskell.

Haskell Services Offered by iStudio

Our experts put in effort to cater to the requirements of your business. We research on the various aspects of your business in order to offer the adequate solutions to your business. Our professionals have the expertise and knowledge on this programming language. We make use of the latest tool and technology for developing a website for your business. We work on new, as well as preexisting website. Our experts make sure that you get high quality solutions for your business. We, at iStudio, work on both desktop and mobile-based apps.We are the best Haskell development company based in Chennai. We have an experienced and talented team of professionals who are working hard to provide the best solutions to the clients. We have providing Haskell solutions to clients over nine years. We have worked with some well-known organizations in the past.


Since we are one of the leading web development company in Chennai, we offer Happstack services to our clients. This is an abbreviation used for Haskell Application Stack. This is actually an application server for web pages which is written in Haskell programming language.

Snap Framework

This is a simple web development framework that is based in unix. Snap is actually written using Haskell functional programming language. We, at iStudio, use it to develop and thereby fulfill the requirements of various websites. Snap comprises of a testing suite which has a high coverage code level.

Yesod Web Framework

Our team of professionals also has enough knowledge about the Yesod based framework of Haskell web development. This is used for the productive development of models that are based on REST and high-quality online apps. These have an HTTP methods which are used for the transition identification.

Haskell as an MVC Framework

The Haskell framework can also be used for model viewing controller or MVC. This is an architectural software pattern which is used for the implementation of the user interface or the software pattern. The framework functions by dividing the application into three different parts which are connected to each other

The Advantages of
Haskell Programming Language

If you are looking for a Haskell web development company in Chennai then you should seek the help of iStudio. Haskell is the functional programming paradigm which is increasing the interest of the developers from time to time. Well-known programming language such as C# and Java is using these functional features. The original language such as Haskell, Scala, and Erlang are using these benefits from the very beginning.


Developing applications in Haskell programming language is a beneficial deal, especially if the maintenance code base


The Haskell programming language has a database of packages which is referred to as the Hackage. It has around 9000 packages.


Even though it is not useful for if you are a non-developer, testing features of this programming language is useful for development


A great method of efficacious layering in codes which are otherwise pure is Monad transformer.


The IO manager and runtime in Haskell can handle numerous threads at a particular time which makes it convenient to parallel it


On the basis of the server architecture of the client, a standard web app is developed in the same manner. .

why istudio

Our expert provides top quality Haskell web development solutions. We take your digital objectives into account to offer the best possible solutions for your business. Our experts have pre-eminent skill in developing custom websites. We have immense expertise in the field of web development, web designing, and web hosting. Our work will showcase ultimate craftsmanship. If you want successful and innovative solutions for your business, you have come to the right place.

We know that creativity will only foster in a conductive environment. This is the reason we have invested money to construct a comfortable infrastructure. We have the best Haskell website development facilities. Thus, the developers will be able to work in a collaborative environment. We have the latest technologies to help the clients. To make sure that we offer the best quality web programming and designing, our experts conduct a survey of the target audience. We also do a research on the competitors. We work according to the result that we obtain. Our professionals follow this process during the entire process of development. We finally deliver a product without any for the prevention of any future problems.









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Gathering Requirements

We talk to the client and based on this conversation, we try to learn about the goals and aims of your business or organization.


During the phase of discovery, we concentrate on the on-page optimization of the web page and also the hierarchical sitemap.


We experiment with color, usability, font, and brand. In order to develop a creative direction, numerous mood boards are presented.


We program the website with the use of the Haskell programming language. We include the content of the website and test its performance.


We make a blueprint of the website and provide it to client for approval. Once it has been approved, we start with the process of launching the website.

Hosting and Support

After the website has gone lobe, we make it a point to partner with the client for providing assistance and

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