Infectious diseases transcription services

Top infectious diseases transcription service to hospitals, clinics, and physicians Secure (HIPAA and HL-7 Compliant) and affordable infectious diseases documentation transcription service and latest technology solutions for business continuity and revenue growth
We offer a flexible Infectious diseases transcription service for specialists seeking to outsource their backend data entry and streamline their transcription operations. Treating infectious diseases involves the internal organs and blood and urine studies of the patients. Hence, converting patient care dictations into transcription documents needs medical knowledge and the capability of producing accurate output. Being a leading infectious diseases transcription service company in Chennai, We provide fast and flawless scribes to hospitals, clinics, and physicians.

Customized transcription services for infectious diseases to optimize the quality of your practice

Infectious disease transcription processes need a lot of effort and time for the in- house transcriptionists as they need medical terminology expertise and at least a year of experience in the field which cost more for the hospitals and physicians. Hence, they delegate their transcribing work to credible and efficient service providers. iStudio Technologies have many years of experience and clients all over the world who are unanimously depending on our excellent medical transcription services of different specialties. We are HIPAA compliant and offer HL-7 standard VPN set up to deliver infectious disease documentation service at rapid turnaround time (TAT).

Superior quality infectious disease transcription services at an affordable price

Our expert professionals ensure quality; TAT, confidentiality, and affordable pricing those physicians are looking for. At iStudio Technologies, we know that accuracy is of utmost importance just how you would like an uninterrupted workflow of transcription services. As a top infectious disease transcription service company in Chennai, we practice flexibility and finesse to render a client- friendly medical transcription service at a competitive price in the market.
Accuracy level over 99%
Quick turnaround times (TAT)
On-demand emergency reports (STAT)
Multiple rounds of quality checks
Savings up to 40% compared to in-house transcription
EMR/EHR integration
HIPAA and HL-7 Compliant
Multiple file transfer
Flexible plans
Most accurate transcription services from the award-winning transcription service company

Why outsource infectious diseases transcription services to iStudio Technologies?

These days patients are swarming into the hospitals to get treated for various types of infectious diseases and physicians do elaborate diagnoses to ward off Covid 19 doubts or any other life-threatening disease. So the patients are prescribed to take several lab tests to diagnose the cause for the symptoms. Hence, the clinics treating patients with infectious diseases generate a spiraling amount of data every day and find it difficult to manage all of them. Moreover, physicians need to work overtime to do the backend data entry to record the data in the hospital information system (HIS) which is a long and tiring process. But you can skip all this headache plus streamline the transcription processes to get a clear view into the documents and can get the scribes when you need them. Being one of the best infectious disease transcription service companies in Chennai, we offer cost-effective transcription solutions that help you have a hassle-free transcription process.
Our specialization in the infectious disease specialty
Lyme disease
Common Cold
And more
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