Internet / Data Transfer via Plants/trees

Data Connectivity through Flora

Organic data

The Future of Data & Data Communication

Humans are exploring and utilising technologies in a very fast way. Post the arrival of smart devices like smartphones, wearables the approach towards technology has drastically changed. Humans are trying to connect with everything in their daily life. Technologies like IoT, AI, machine learning, deep learning, and edge computing has completely changed our lifestyle and increasing the communication between humans and machines by successfully generating meaningful data and generating executable activities in an autonomous way. The irony is we carried out all these communications in Analog format, and now we are in the digital era. All the data are stored and transferred in digital media.

In my perspective, these data storage and data communication is still a primitive technology. Still, we need 4G, 5G, 6G and it will go on. We need to develop infrastructure and devices to support this bandwidth. Just think about our human brain, How it stores such a large amount of data? How it stores those data securely. How the data stored in our DNA?

The Next Revolution Technology

Revolting Internet Connection Through Greens

Storing, Accessing and transferring the data organically into a living system is call organic data. Humans and animals store data organically. The giants like Google& facebook tried to provide internet to all people using Baloons in sky and Solar planes that revolves around earth in Low orbit. Still, these initiatives went into a failure model, in the end, now we are focusing on providing internet connection by using plants, and trees to deliver an internet connection to the last end.

Project EVA

Execution of Shrub-based Data Connectivity

Codenamed Project EVA, the future of data technology we are in the next move to understand our nature from the basics by understanding the basics of nature, Human races can be more potent. Our first move is to focus on transferring data between plants, and we are working to make it possible by implementing a machine learning algorithm. This Project EVA will become the highly demanded technology in future for countries like India and Africa.

Internet via plants/Trees

Decoding the way Herbic-data Connection Works

We are working on a prototype to transfer the data via plants & trees So that internet can be available to people all over the world. A good internet connection brings proper education, infrastructure, and medical facility to all parts of the village and we are in our initial stage of transferring data to remote villages using plants/trees.

How internet/data can be transfered using plants?

Plants and Trees are having established an underground network which is created by a fungus known as Mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of mass branching which concerns the roots of trees and plants. Mycelium may spread up to an acre. These fungus network helps plants and trees to transfer the necessary nutrients and information between the plants. There is a big chemical network which is actively working underground.