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iStudio Technologies has been a trusted name in the iOS app development industry for around a decade. We are a Chennai based company offering our expert services to national as well as international clients. We provide comprehensive iOS app solutions and the quality of our service can be confirmed by hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world. There are several iOS apps created by our expert developers available on the App Store which is being by people globally. iStudio Technologies is one of the best IOS app development company in Chennai.
We make sure that the apps developed by us pass through all the requirements and thresholds as specified by the app store. Our team of expert developers will work with the deduction on your app and make sure that the deadlines are met without fail. As our experts have been working on various different kinds of apps for several years, they are capable of developing all types of applications, be it interactive games or attractive online stores. We make sure that the requirements and expectations of the client are met without fail. The performance of iOS apps developed by us is considered to be highly efficient and unmatched to the work of other developers in the market.
As the top iOS App Developers in Chennai, we are familiar with the fact that the app development for the iOS platform is no easy business, as the guidelines set up by Apple are tough to follow with along with the vast variety of technicalities involved in the process.

Technologies of
IOS App Development

Being one of the top iOS app developers, we are aware of the fact that application development is no easy feat. It requires dedication, as well as industry experience and knowledge to create engaging and efficient apps. Our dedicated work and our satisfied customer makes us the top IOS app development company in Chennai

Cocoa Touch and Cocoa 2D Framework


Chat Apps


Multimedia Apps


Multimedia Apps

Domains For IOS Development

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality or AR apps are slightly different from the regular ones. In these, computer generated imagery and elements such as graphics, videos, sounds and GPS data are used to give the user a feel of the real world environment.

Enterprise Application

We also develop applications for companies and enterprises. These allow the simplification of some of their tasks and are used all over the world. Best IOS app development company in Chennai.

Geo-Location Applications

Geo location apps are beneficial both for you and the users. It makes life easier for the users by allowing them to search for their own location or that of anything else that they find.

Wearable App Development

Nowadays, electronic gadgets are not just something that users carry in their pockets but also wear on their wrists etc. One example is the popular Apple Watch. We develop applications that run on such wearable iOS devices.




Audio/Video Streaming Applications

At iStudio Technologies, our developers create applications that offer features like live streaming of audio or video like web series or podcasts. These applications streaming of previously recorded data along with live streaming.

Third Party Web Services

These apps are based on third party web services which provide their APIs. Our expert developers are also used to working with applications that rely on the third party for input data.

Bluetooth Applications

Development solutions for Applications based on the Bluetooth tool of the Apple devices are provided by us, as we are always keen to develop the ideas of customers

iBeacon Applications

Development solutions for Apples’ version of the beacon concept that is based upon the Bluetooth service of the device are also provided by iStudio Technologies, as you can bring up any innovative idea

Features of an
Interactive IOS App

If you want to increase your user base and make sure that the rate of returning customers increases, it is important to find out what the users are thinking. Allowing the users to give feedback about the app will help you and our developers to recognize which features have to be removed, added or enhanced. iStudio is serving as the leading IOS app development company in Chennai.
Nowadays, everything is being connected to social media and iOS apps are no different. We make sure that your apps have capabilities of social networking which helps users to share directly from the app.
Lastly, we at iStudio understand that not all Apple devices are the same and thus different versions have to be created for different devices. A large segment of the users will be lost if the app is optimized for just one device.

Framework Used in IOS App

This is an open source software network which means that it can be used by anyone free of cost. Cocos2d is used in creating apps, games and various other interactive GUI based platforms. It helps in developing cross platform apps as well. These platforms are written once but they can recognize the platform being used on and make changes to the interface based on it. In our company we care our project with fully dedication which makes us the leading IOS app development companies in Chennai

Due to several benefits of working with cocos2d, it is popular as a sophisticated framework used in application development. Some of the major benefits of this framework for iOS app development are that both iOS and cocos2d are written in objective-C. This framework is also easy to use and doesn’t pose problems related to backward compatibility. For memory handling problems, it makes use of the GL swap buffer and offers enough flexibility for the integration of 3rd party libraries.

This is a UI framework used in building software programs that run on iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This is written in objective-C by Apple Inc. Some key frameworks that Cocoa Touch provides are EventKit UI Framework, Foundation Kit Framework, iAd Framework, UIKit Framework, Notification Centre Framework, Twitter Framework, Message UI Framework, MapKit Framework, and Address Book Framework. Cocoa Touch has a distinct set of graphical control elements. iOS SDK has contains all the tools required for the development of Cocoa Touch applications.

The importance of these frameworks can be understood by the fact that it is practically impossible to run any given app on an iPhone without Cocoa. Owing to this, frameworks like Cocoa can be referred to as the bridge between the device (iPhone) and objective-C, the programming language. We are top IOS app development services in Chennai

IOS App Development

An integrated development environment or IDE, Xcode comprises of a suite of tools used in software development for iOS and several other operating systems. Xcode is central to the development process of iOS apps. In fact, it is one of the most used environments in developing iOS applications for all its devices. It supports source codes for programming languages such as Objective-C, Java, Ruby, Python, C, and C++. It is integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to its very core. Xcode can directly communicate with the Apple’s developer website. This makes it easier for the user to enable services such as Game Center effortlessly. Once the application has been developed and is ready, it is Xcode that bundles and submits it to the Apple App Store. Top IOS app development agency in Chennai always follow the standard method of coding and UI design

Language Used in
IOS App Devlopment

Every application developed for various platforms are required to be written in the specific languages that have been standardized for apps to be used across those platforms. iStudio Technologies provide best IOS app development services in India will build application with mutilanguage. There are two major programming languages supported by Apple for iOS apps:

Objective C

This is a primary programming language which is used when writing software for iOS. Objective-C is actually a subset of programming language C. This has benefits like dynamic runtime and object-oriented features. Before Swift, this was the main programming language used by Apple. When a developer is building apps for iOS, working with objects is likely to take up a significant amount of time and this is a reason why Objective-C is an ideal option here. We are best IOS app development company in India build application with latest tools.


Developed by Apple Inc., Swift is a multi-paradigm, general purpose programming language. It has been designed specifically to work with frameworks by Apple such as Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift is safe, fast, and modern in built and contains a number of beneficial features such as generics, closures which make it much simpler to use. Along with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Swift has brought about many changes in the iOS app development world.


for IOS Development

The world of applications is changing and evolving with the passage of time and the Apple operating system is no stranger to this. It has always tried to be one step ahead of its competitors and has strived to enhance the experience of its users through improvements and frequent updates.

iOS 6

This was the 6th major release in the Apple mobile operating systems. It also brought about the removal of YouTube and Google Maps which used to be default apple in the handset. Leading IOS app development companies in Chennai will develop app with fully custamized.

iOS 7

This upgrade was introduced to the world in June 2013 at the WorldWide Developers Campaign. iOS 7 brought about some major changes in the user interface which was applauded for improving the touch and feel of using Apple devices.

iOS 8

Almost a year after the introduction of iOS 7, the new iOS 8 was made available to the users. This has been hailed as one of the biggest changes that Apple operating system has seen since the inception. iOS 8 ended support for iPhone 4.


iStudio Technologies is leading IOS app development in Chennai have experts of the developers in our team. One of the many reasons why several clients around the world prefer our services to others is that our developers take a unique approach to every iOS app development project. Unlike others, while constructing the first phase plan, we take into account the unique requirements of the client, their vision for the app and the customer base they are trying to target. The iStudio developers working who will be working on your project have had years of experience in the field and are capable of creating highly interactive and engaging apps.

We understand that the customer base for iOS apps is generally concentrated in developed countries and of a rather higher class. The customers that the app is directed at is taken into consideration while creating them. All these reasons make us one of the highly revered app development companies in Chennai. We cater to clients from all over the over and have received positive feedback from 500+ clients.
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