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Revamp your business sales through an all-round,
custom-made e-commerce app

Improve your customers’ experience through a personalized, enriched e-commerce application suitable for small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises.

E-Commerce Mobile App Development

Businesses need mobile apps to improve their visibility and to gain competitive advantages. Any entrepreneur not using an eCommerce app is, therefore, losing out on customer attraction, retention, and loyalty. An e-Commerce mobile app development will not only boost your company’s expansion strategy but will also improve customer engagement. As you seek to launch an eCommerce app, you need to perform adequate market research, planning, development, and testing, among other activities, to ensure that your business stands out amid the competition. It is also advisable that you hire the services of experts in the field of eCommerce app development.

Being the best mobile app service provider in India, iStudio has invested in advanced technologies to design top-notch eCommerce applications for online businesses. The eCommerce development solutions will enhance your customer’s engagement through custom-made and interactive designs. We have years of experience developing eCommerce apps for startups and small businesses, as well as for medium- and large-scale organizations. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services that not only highlight the best in our prestigious clients, but also present our quality skills and capabilities in mobile app development.

Categories of
E - Commerce Applications

eCommerce mobile applications are designed to suit different types of industries. Our eCommerce mobile app developers have experience providing seamless mobile solutions to many industries and businesses. We are available to develop an eCommerce app for any of the below kinds of businesses:



Businesses that need to venture into e-commerce can do so using our user-friendly and advanced eCommerce applications.

Traditional business entities

Traditional business entities

We support brick-and-mortar stores looking to venture into e-commerce. Our outstanding team of eCommerce developers is on stand by to catapult your traditional business setting into a one-stop online shop.

Joint ventures

Joint ventures

Partnerships and joint ventures can upscale their businesses using a custom
eCommerce mobile app



We develop eCommerce applications to support business activities between two or more companies, such as distribution relationships between retailers.



Our eCommerce app developers will design an application suitable, enabling your business to sell products, such as electronics and beauty products directly to customers.



For businesses focusing on marketing and selling their products to governments, we have got you covered. The eCommerce mobile application will your core business functions, such as licensing and planning services.



Our state-of-the-art app development tools will support customer-to-customer interactions and activities, such as in-app chats and social media plugins.



The eCommerce app development team will create a platform where customers can interact with the business directly, such as live chat tools and product review-platforms.



This feature enables customers to perform tasks, such as tax filing and scheduling of appointments with the land registrars.

Users of
Our E-Commerce Mobile Apps

The eCommerce mobile applications are developed for the following types of businesses:
Suppliers of Electronics

Suppliers of Electronics

Business operating multiple stores can use this application to manage sales of electronic products, such as home appliances, laptops, computers, and others.

Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Owners of grocery stores can use a Custom eCommerce Mobile App as a shopping platform. Here, businesses can take online orders and deliver different types of groceries at the customer’s doorsteps.


Shopping Mall

Shopping mall owners can use the eCommerce application to design a complete, user-friendly solution for shoppers.

Suppliers of Sports Equipment

Suppliers of Sports Equipment

Businesses running gym and sports equipment can enroll the services of eCommerce app developers to sell a range of products online, across different cities and states in the country.

Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store

Business people running jewelry outlets can advantage of the eCommerce application to sell diverse types of jewelry to customers.

Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Manufacturers

Businesses running furniture stores in different locations can use eCommerce development solutions to run and manage all storefronts from a single online space.


Healthcare Providers

A businessman seeking to integrate operations in multiple healthcare facilities can use this app to achieve a unified solution.

The Features of
Our E-Commerce Mobile Applications

iStudio’s dedicated team of eCommerce mobile app developers can design apps capable of meeting the diverse needs of users. Our team of experts builds perfect eCommerce mobile applications as solutions for startups, retailers, wholesalers, and other types of entrepreneurs. These apps come with the following features:

Customer App

Easy and secure login

Native app

Product categories

Smooth product navigation

Real-time order tracking

Multiple payment options

Augmented reality (AR) feature

Rating and reviews

Shopping Cart

Wish list/Add to favorites

Ad section


Profile settings


Coupons and promo codes

Social media integration

Filter option

Multilingual support

Admin App Features

Live panel

The eCommerce mobile application comes with a dashboard allowing the admin to interact easily with the app.

Product management

All product categories appearing on the app are managed by the admin using this platform.

Employee management

This feature enables the admin to schedule employee tasks and duties.

Product addition

This feature enables the admin to add or remove items listed on the online store.

Order history

The eCommerce application will keep historical records of all order processes, which can be retrieved at any time.


The admin team can retrieve product- and customer-related reports to keep track of business performance.

Manage advertisements

Here, admin can schedule and manage banners and ads to appear on the app.

Store management

This eCommerce development solution will allow the admin to oversee the management of all storefronts selling their goods in the app.

Product listing management

Products available for sale on the eCommerce store can be managed using this functionality, such as updating their prices.

Order tracking

The admin can trace each process of the ordering process to ensure customers receive their goods on time.

Customer data storage

The app will capture and save all customer-related data, which the admin can use for promotional purposes.

Product offers

Trends in customer behavior can be used to create promotions and offers tailored towards user tastes and preferences.

Advanced Features

The eCommerce mobile app developers will integrate additional features to improve user experience and business performance.
These features include:

Seller platform

This functionality will enable sellers to submit their product lists on the app, as well as manage sales.

Multiple vendor integrations

The eCommmerce application will have an inclusive platform where various vendors can interact and exchange products and information.

Payment wallets

This feature will allow the admin to integrate multiple wallets into the eCommerce app, including online and mobile wallets.

Integrated AI

The developers can integrate artificial intelligence functions into the application, leading to improved user experience.

Customer support & live chat

the eCommerce app development team will incorporate a customer service portal where users can send queries and view responses from store owners.

Personalized user platform

Every user of the custom eCommerce mobile app will have a customized dashboard, enabling them to see products and ads targeted towards their needs.

One-click tool

This feature allows shoppers to select items to add to the cart with ease, as well as proceed to check out.

Daily offers

The eCommerce app can present daily deals to customers, leading to increased sales.


This feature allows for the addition of future items that customers wish to buy, as well as the ability to send future updates.

Store pickup

Customers can use this feature to request to pick up products from brick-and-mortar stores directly.

Line of credit

Shoppers can use this functionality to buy items on flexible credit terms or installments.

GPS tracker

This feature can enable shoppers to cancel rides in the event of emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Due to the extensive use of smartphones, many shoppers are now using eCommerce mobile applications to connect with stores. To capture new customers, as well as to retain existing ones, businesses need a strong online presence where shoppers can view and buy products with ease.

The app is pocket-friendly. The features and benefits far outway the proposed price tag. The cost will, however, vary according to business needs, but the exact pricing can always be discussed with the project development team.

Yes, an NDA is a mandatory requirement in all contractual agreements between iStudio and its clients. The agreement protects the idea in the eCommerce app and assures the client that all their data will be protected and handled with care.

The delivery time for the product will depend on the technologies and features to be incorporated into the app. The more features required, the longer the delivery time, and vice versa. However, the basic functions can take approximately 3 to 6 weeks according to the number of resources assigned to the project.

iStudio has experienced, and skilled app developers on stand by to work on new and upcoming projects. Yes, the company will dedicate the necessary resources to your project to ensure adherence to the scope, time, and financial requirements. The team will be assigned depending on the complexity and needs of the project.

iStudio has developed more than 20 mobile app solutions and has a team of more than 20 app developers. This team has a proven track record of designing, testing, and launching apps on time while offering total technical support to business owners. The unit uses standard and advanced technologies to ensure only the best quality output. Additionally, the communication and feedback mechanism between the developers and the clients is seamless.

No. You can upload as many products and develop as many categories as possible, depending on the app’s server and hosting.

Yes. Since we have the best team of designers, the app will present your brand image while ensuring a seamless experience for your users. The navigation panels will ease the ability of your business to lead consumers to your desired goals.

We can integrate industry-standard payment methods, including debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, and bank transfers. These options can be added using various payment gateways, including PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, and Skrill. An eWallet platform can also be integrated according to your preferences.

Copyrights for the eCommerce app and code will belong to you. Once launched, iStudio will not claim any part or right to the product.