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Customer App Features


Customer App Features

Easy and secure login

This feature allows customers to log in to the app easily, quickly, and safely.

Native app

Shoppers use this feature to access better, customized services relevant to their needs.

Product categories

The eCommerce application lists business products according to categories, creating a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Product navigation

This feature enables customers to interact with your store easily. Irrespective of the many products sold at your store, visitors can view and shop all product categories seamlessly.

Multiple payment options

This feature allows businesses to map order payments with the bank account. Here, customers can link their debit cards, credit cards, and bank account details with the merchant’s payment gateway, allowing them to pay for goods and services with a few clicks.

Rating and

Businesses can gain from this feature by obtaining honest feedback and reviews on products and services offered. Due to competition, it is now better than ever, to know customers’ views about the business for improved services where necessary.

Real-time order tracking

Store owners seek to minimize inefficiencies in stock taking, reshelving, and sales. Therefore, investing in the eCommerce application enables customers to keep track of their orders using real-time information. Customers will also be notified whenever their order status changes and the estimated delivery time (ETA).

Augmented reality (AR) feature

Customers can view store products from the comfort of their homes. This functionality allows shoppers to visualize how products will look like before buying them. Customers seeking to purchase clothes, electronics, and other equipment can see how such items will look like in reality, hence, informing their purchase decisions.


This feature is integrated into the eCommerce mobile application to allow customers to add all products to be bought now or later.

Wish list/Add to favorites

Customers can select and add a list of all types of products they would want to buy in the near future to the wish list. Once prices drop in the future, shoppers can be notified in order to proceed to check out.

Ad section

This feature can be added to the eCommerce application to enable consumers to view targeted advertisements on new products or updates.


This functionality features an approach for drawing customers’ attention to impressive and attractive products and features.

Profile settings

The app can be customized by users to their preferences, leading to easy usage.


eCommerce app developers can integrate automated alerts to inform customers of their order status.

Coupons and promo codes

Businesses can use this feature to push product sales. Here, consumers can buy their favorite items at discounted rates.

Social media integration

Businesses are increasingly adopting social media tools to improve visibility, customer interaction, and brand awareness.

Filter option

This functionality enables shoppers to sort business products based on search parameters. For instance, customers can sort the frequently bought commodities, or they can filter items according to age, i.e., newest or oldest first.

Multilingual support

The eCommerce app supports different languages to ensure better communication and interaction with customers.