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Retail Billing Software in Chennai, India

Inventory Management

Handle your inventories seamlessly and efficiently like never before by making the complete use of our retail pos software that maintains a perfect equilibrium between your on-stock and of-stock inventories of your physical store. The retail point of sale system we develop cut-down the unnecessary chaos happens in managing the inventories and ensures profitability in running your retail business.

Inventory Tracking

Tracking your inventory is now made possible and more efficient than the stereotypical way by using our retail POS software, where you can track the concerned inventory load similar to the way of tracking an ordered food using the mobile app.


The wholesaler might certainly miss out on some product categories or send the inventory with reduced numbers due to human error, and it then demands a reordering situation. Reordering is a stressful process but not in terms of a retail POS software presence, which would certainly ease down the usual pressure and delay.


Inventory Dashboard

A dedicated dashboard framed by our POS software for retail stores to maintain a detailed list of their existing inventories, inventories on hold, wholesalers & distributors list adhered with their pricing and billing details.

Inventory Analytics

A productive and highly efficient analytical tool, that delivers in-depth insights on your stocks and SKUs to make profound and profitable purchase decisions by the retailers to bring in a win-win situation.

Customer Management

Customers, Consumers, and Clients are the key driving force of any business, dedicated strategies, and a huge amount gets invested in earning these people and retaining them with loyalty. Retail is one exponentially competitive sector that demands 200% dedication in business operability from its players to achieve success, by implementing our POS software retailers can now acquire and expand their customers without any complexities.

Customer Management Modules

  • Track Customer Spending
  • Reward Points
  • Promote Online
  • SMS Campaigns

Track Customer Spending

Selling the required product to customers is merely not enough to approach in running your retail store successfully for a long time hence, it requires a study on them, and it can get attained using our retail POS software service.

Promote Online

Promotions are the most efficient approach in driving more customers to the retail stores, our proficient retail POS software embeds the best Email builder tool that generates customized and timely promotional messages to reach out and stimulate customers to buy from your store.

Reward Points

Every customer is unique irrespective of a similar kind of product you sale unique treatment make customers happy and induce them for repetitive purchase, and it is achievable by providing reward points, our point of sale for retails helps in creating customized reward points that entertain the customers.

SMS Campaigns

Nothing gets avail at a cheap and efficient form than SMS and its allied marketing activities, being a promising retail POS software service provider we help retailers to reach out maximum customers with our integrated SMS promotional campaign tool.

Stock and Store Handling

Positioning and Placement are the two crucial elements that decide the success ratio of your retail store every day. A detailed and highly skillful idea about your target customer base required to place the right product at the position to drive the sales, our advanced retail POS system takes care of the position by providing thoughtful ideas in product placement according to their category.

Special Order

Making sales happen anytime is the primary motto of implementing our retail POS software, the software we have deployed keeps a note on the out of the stock product and still make it sale to the concerned buyer by extending the special order program with a certain discount.

Work Order Management

The necessity to approach an external vendor or a third-party technician every time manually gets ended here with the work order management system integrated into the POS software we deliver, which notifies the issue of a particular infrastructural asset to the concerned enrolled technician.

Retail Layaways

Bringing in the complete integrity of our POS software service into your retail store operability is the ultimate success; we are highly aware of retail layaway concepts and hence have programmed our software accordingly to get accustomed with its usability.

Secured Payment

Online money transaction is a compelling activity in this digitized era, where organizations and other enterprise businesses need to adapt it with the advent in the payment process. By integrating our retail POS software, now the bricks and motor stores can achieve the perfect digitization landmark, where the assurance of security is the base for any technology adoption, and it gets witnessed in our secured payment integration.

Swiping Cards

Our point of sale software ensures secured payment happening in every walk of the retail business operability, payment options like credit card and debit card and other payment gateway integrations get enabled with easy processing and stringent security.


Refunding the paid bill for certain damaged products is still a chaotic process in retails, simplifying the complexity is the USP of our retail POS service, and it gets achieved with evidence in swift refunding for customers.

EMV Compatibility

Today's retailers would certainly possess the knowledge of EMV (EuroPay Master and Visa card) which a technology implemented in teller machines that used to read debit/credit or any other payment cards. The retail POS software service we deliver gets well synchronized with the EMV to not just process secure payment but also generate high clarity and accurate bill.

PCI Compliance

We are living in the age of data, and every data holds value, especially when it comes to financial-related information. Hence we mandatorily impose the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards in our terms to educate and provide a clear idea to our retail clients and the end customers regarding the importance of data security and also operate our software according to the defined terms.


Scalability found to be essential in measuring the efforts implemented to convert the physical retail store into a digitized one. Especially when it comes to sales and marketing efforts, they need a review system that exactly performs the role of devil’s advocate in sorting out the pros and cons and projecting them to the concerned store owner. The scalability function in our retail POS software involves the same act in navigating the store owner to the right path of business development.

Product Transferability

Manage the process of moving your retail products easily and quickly by making the best use of our POS system that notifies the need for product concerning the branch.

Multi-Store Report

Avail now the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales report of your multiple stores in a single desktop where our retail POS system merges all the sales and analytical reports of your branches and presents it in the desired sorting order.

Centralized Purchase

Place and receive orders to your wholesalers and also with your customers for any of your branches using our centralized purchase management system. The concerned user needs to provide the product/item name and its allied details to place a purchase from the end customer side or retailer side.

Customer Shared Data

Don't miss out on a valuable customer where now our POS software for retails extended the feature of customer information shared database that plays a pivotal role if the customer gets shifted to a new location where your retail has its branch.

Analytical Report

A definite and non-replaceable support system for the scalability feature, that carries out an in-depth analysis of every single operation takes place within the retail store and connects it with the sales and business generation to attain and generate a detailed report to be viewed by the concerned person with high clarity that helps them in making sound business decisions.

Revenue Report

Any retail store needs to have a clear idea of the generated revenue to make necessary changes in its retail marketing strategy. We play the role of the extended supportive system by providing exceptional POS services for retail stores that help them to know the wear and tear of their store revenue.

Employee Performance

A highly scrutinized retail POS system to track all your employees' activity and performance to measure their potential regarding their assigned work, this detailed report helps to evaluate and rectify their mistakes without any delay.

Order Report

A complete and detailed report on placed and received orders from customers and also self-generated by the concerned admin of different store branches, the order report generated by our retail POS system helps the concerned business owner to make sound purchase decisions.


We are open to creating a custom-made analytical report for our retail clients that might help them in improvising their business; our retail POS software implementation requires a thorough study of the retail business system that helps us to create the required customized analytical report.

Cloud Integration

Monitor, operate and do your retail business from anywhere using our cloud-integrated point of sale system, the retail POS we provide embeds cloud solution in it that completely breaks down the stereotypical management process by its out-of-box execution. We exhibit profoundness in our service by helping you and your retail staffs to get easily accustomed to our cloud-based POS service.

Sales History

Avail the complete sales and purchase history of your store that gets saved in your completely secure cloud database, that holds massive storage capacity, and it gets synchronized with analytical functionality to do better customer targeting during the retail promotion.

Demography based Marketing

Get your entire customer base segregated according to their demographic profile and store it in the cloud system of the POS retail software that simplifies your research and highly assists with targeting and positioning activities of your marketing strategy.

IPad POS System

Get your entire customer base segregated according to their demographic profile and store it in the cloud system of the POS retail software that simplifies your research and highly assists with targeting and positioning activities of your marketing strategy.


Maintaining sheer accuracy and exceptional clarity with the amount generated from sales is what you can expect from our retail POS system. We provide the best retail POS software that holds the perfect record on incurred sales and the spending on stocks, with a neat and well-made tally report which is completely system generated and updated in the database.


Avail system generated bills spontaneously post making the purchase that holds detailed information on the product, charged amount and the taxes incurred, our retail POS software holds the perfect record for every product that withholds their selling amount to generate the billing receipt without delay.

Account Dashboard

An exclusive dashboard that maintains complete accounts of the retail store(s) operates under your business, every detail stored in the accounting software gets displayed in the dashboard according to the section it belongs like purchase account, sales account, and infrastructure account, etc. it helps the retailer in making corrective spending decisions.

Analytical Report

The POS accounting software for retail carries out an in-depth analysis with the purchase, spending and revenue generated and calculates the final turnover, profit incurred and its margin if attained, it also calculates the taxes incurred with the amount paid for the respective ones hence helping the retailer by avoiding last-minute rush ups to close their account at the end of the financial year or to avoid an unnecessary error with accounts handling.


A dedicated section, to integrate third-party software, and other allied tools, that pave the way to friction-free operability of your retail store. Apart from monitoring and improving your retail store sales, one needs to maintain the additional operations of customer management, billing and accounting, employee management, promotions, licensing, and other promotional activities that require the assistance of dedicated software for swift improvement.

Email Marketing Tool

The retail POS software services we provide come up with various allied integration facilities to enhance the store sales, we embed highly customized and super-efficient email marketing tool that generates target specific emails to grasp and convert customers.

SMS Marketing Tool

SMS are still a highly applicable approach to convert customers and it has never disappointed the retail sector in the past, with an increase in competition and the advent of ecommerce has made retail outlets to struggle for sales, hence we have come up with a lucrative retail point of sale software that holds a well-integrated SMS marketing tool that generates not just massive but précised promotional content.

Loyalty Tool

A unique and bold approach from iStudio Technologies, in implementing a dedicated integrative tool for loyalty with the retail POS system helping the retail owners in creating specific royalty programs to retain their customers.



The stage where your traditional retail operability gets completely transformed to digitization, integrating ecommerce facility into our POS system projects our uniqueness and the forecasting mindset that helps in connecting with the customers easily. The process of transforming your retail stores online increases your competence and adapts to the prevailing situation of reaching out to customers.

Mobile App

Appification is the new era of digitization, and customers expect their entire shopping experience to happen within their handy smartphone device that induces different industry players to adapt to the conditions of delivering their service that gets accustomed to smartphone mobiles. We transform your entire retail store into a single and perfect mobile app solution by combining the retail POS software as well, which helps the retailer to handle their business with their mobility and also creates scope to acquire more customers.


Our hardware design and development team works coordinately with the retail POS software development crew to come up with the complete solution that a proper retail store requires to get transformed and safe and efficient way to the digitization platform. We develop certain dedicated and highly mandatory devices like iPad kit, Desktop kit, and printer to carry out the retail sales operations in a speculative way.

Technical Support

Our POS software service doesn't get completed until we deliver the required timely technical support for our retail clients. We intend to carry out a complete journey with all our diversified retail clients in implementing, executing, monitoring, updating, and fixing issues at times of our retail software that would certainly be part and parcel of their business enhancement.