Grocery E-Commerce
Mobile App Development

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Automate grocery delivery, order management, tracking, and many
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Grocery ECommerce Mobile App development

Grocery E-Commerce
Mobile App Development Service

The rise in the use of smart devices created a boom in the eCommerce sector. Now there are apps available for almost every type of business, including online grocery shopping. This product category is expected to grow exponentially over upcoming years, making it a must-have for grocery businesses. As the best mobile app development company in India, we provide you with a comprehensive, custom-made grocery delivery app. With the expertise of our capable analysts and developers, we will study your target market to integrate the most critical features, such as real-time order tracking and management.

IStudio has gained international reputation of a leading developer of grocery e-commerce mobile apps. We serve clients from India, Europe, Australia, and the US, with users seeking to tap into the trending demand for online groceries by millennials and urban households. Our grocery delivery application ensures that your business reaches the target market, including customers seeking to buy variety and interesting grocery items online.

Target Markets for
Our Grocery ECommerce Mobile App

Our grocery delivery app will serve multiple markets to simplify complex supply chains. Our grocery app developers can develop complex projects to cater to the needs of all your business requires. The target outlets include:
Single stores

Single stores

The grocery delivery application will enable single grocery outlets to offer quality and reliable services to shoppers. The app allows these stores to digitize their sales platforms, leading to higher sales.

Grocery markets

Grocery markets

We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver the best grocery mobile app, enabling your business to market and sell all types of groceries online.

Grocery ECommerce Mobile App features
Grocery chains

Grocery chains

We support the aggregator model, allowing one business to tie up with other grocery stores in multiple cities and states while managing demand and growth seamlessly.

Direct-to-customer services

Direct-to-customer services

Our grocery delivery app development team will work with farmers to enhance the delivery of farm products directly to end-users through the app.

Features of our
Solution-Oriented Grocery eCommerce Mobile App

Grocery delivery applications make life easy for users. iStudio’s UI/UX designers will incorporate the best features in the app to impress and please the business owner. Here the custom-made features and solutions to expect from this grocery eCommerce mobile application:

Customer App

Geo IP location

Native apps

Easy onboarding

Quick search

Push notification

Order history

Add to cart

Schedule delivery

Social media plugin


Order tracking

Feedback and rating

Proof of delivery

Area-specific selection


Multiple modes of payment

Product filter

Multilingual support

Driver App Features

Multiple deliveries

The online grocery app developers will incorporate this feature to allow drivers to manage and deliver numerous orders.

Delivery route

Drivers can use the app to view the delivery route for ordered groceries.

Push notifications

Alerts are sent whenever new orders arrive.

Accept or reject orders

Drivers have an option to accept or reject new orders depending on their schedule or location.

Real-time tracking

Customers and admin can trace the driver’s whereabouts and route using the grocery delivery application.

Vendor Dashboard Features

Easy login and registration

This feature allows vendors to sign up, log in, and serve shoppers through the app.

Information management

The grocery app developers will incorporate this function into the app, allowing vendors to view all the data on their screen for informed decision-making.


Vendors can add and remove products for sale to end-users.

Manage menu

This feature allows vendors to add and edit details for items on sale or to change quantities and prices.

Order notifications

Vendors within the same location as the customer will receive a real-time alert every an order is placed.

Order management

The grocery delivery application will enable vendors to see and manage all incoming, in-progress, scheduled, and delivered orders.

Track payments

Vendors can view all pending and successful payments for better account management and settlement.

Payment and receipt management

Once grocery items are paid for, vendors can request business owners to provide receipts for issuance to customers.

Customer details

The online grocery app developers will incorporate this feature to allow vendors to access customer details, such as names, contacts, and addresses, for successful delivery.

Customer replies

Vendors can use this functionality to respond to customers directly, create good relationships, and learn from experience.

Help and support

The customer support team will partner with vendors through this platform, leading to a quick resolution of queries and complaints while keeping customers happy.

Admin Dashboard Features

The online grocery app developers will create a panel, where administrators of the grocery app will have rights to manage the appearance and usage of the platform. The elements of this interface include:

Order management

Sub-admin rights

Store management

Product management

Historical record keeping

Content management

Customer management

Product list management

Offers and discount management

Reports and analytics

Real-time data analysis

Multiple users

Payment management



Advanced features

In addition to the basic functionalities of the grocery eCommerce mobile app, there are more advanced features which when integrated with the app can improve the business performance and user experience. These features include:

Seller interface

The grocery app developers can incorporate functions for the sellers to manage their stock sales. This platform would enable sellers and the app administrators to interact seamlessly to manage stock takes, product listings, and payments.

Real-time order management

This feature will enable store operators and managers to receive and deliver grocery orders as demanded by customers.

Multiple order placement

The app will come with advanced capabilities to take multiple orders from one user at the same time. Therefore, orders can be placed from numerous stores at the same time.


To ease the shopping experience, the app developers can incorporate a mobile or online e-wallet method of payment. This feature will enable shoppers to pay for goods on the go, using funds in their e-wallets.

In-app chat tool

This feature allows the grocery mobile app users to interact with one another when logged in to the app.

Devoted interface

The app developers will design a dedicated platform to improve the application’s management and performance.

Live order-tracking

This functionality allows the admin to trace orders and delivery status.

Invoice management

This feature allows app admins to create invoices as soon as orders are delivered. The grocery delivery app developers will automate this process so that invoices are mailed automatically to the customer’s email or phone as soon as they confirm receipt of ordered items.

Personalized offers

The admin can trace each process of the ordering process to ensure customers receive their goods on time.The admin team can monitor the shopping patterns of the grocery app users, automatically. Using this data, they can create customized offers depending on customers’ preferences.

In-app camera

This feature can allow users to capture pictures of grocery items without necessary having to exit the app platform. This feature can be used both by customers and sellers.

Other features

Shopping list

The grocery delivery application will enable users to upload their shopping cart items for delivery as per the scheduled date and time.

Expenditure tracker

View and compare the grocery spending per month for better-informed budget management.

Grocery shopping list reminders

This feature will allow customers to create reminders for uploaded grocery shopping lists or cart items.

Barcode scanner

The online grocery app developers will create a barcode scanning feature, which will be integrated with the product detail page, enabling users to view product details, such as price, ingredients, etc.

Integrated logistics

This functionality allows sellers to partner with third-parties for doorstep delivery of ordered groceries, leading to customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our app comes with many benefits for grocery stores, including ready-made solutions and unique features, which help to save time and development costs.
The cost of the grocery delivery mobile application depends on your needs, requirements, and features. A ready-to-go application will be cheaper than a custom-made one. Additionally, the elements and complexities to be incorporated into the app will affect its pricing. Please reach out to us to discuss the cost in details.
The development of a quality grocery delivery application depends on the app’s complexity. Several factors, such as UI designing, admin panel, code development, and QA testing and implementation, can affect the delivery time. Therefore, a basic app can be built in 1 to 2 months while an app with unique and custom features can take longer to complete.
Depending on the business model, grocery delivery mobile applications can help stores to improve their sales. Grocery chain owners can use the app to grow their store revenue through increased orders. Grocery store aggregators can also make money by charging commissions from partner owners of grocery stores according to orders placed on the grocery delivery application. Other sources of revenues include charges to grocery store owners for paid listings and sponsored ads.
The grocery delivery app will be an online page for your business, which will improve accessibility, irrespective of customer location. Rather than going to shop at grocery stores, customers will now view product listings and prices from the comfort of their homes, leading to more sales.
Customers use the grocery delivery app to order groceries online depending on their location, product availability, features, and pricing. The customers then pay for the groceries once they are delivered at their doorsteps. The ordering and the grocery delivery platform helps businesses to increase their market reach, customer engagement, and sales.
Yes, the application will be for your business, and you will be at liberty to put banners and change themes as per your liking.
Since the customer belongs to you, you will be in charge of managing all customer details, order, and payments.
Yes, we will develop an apk with your name and publish the app on google play and app store, allowing customers to search and download your app with ease.
Yes, we can customize some aspects of the app to suit your business needs. Kindly engage our developers to understand which elements can be customized.