Ecommerce Development for Startups

Are you the one who have started a brand new botique or sneaker store in your locality?
Are you the one who is looking out for opportunities to grow your business at a massive scale?
Are you the one who is focused at providing a long lasting service/product to your customers and expand their base?
Then you desperately needs a ecommerce website for startups to attain exponential business growth.

Today 80% of your customers are influenced by online purchase directly or in-directly and a player accepting this fact would survive in this oceanic competitive industry. So, majority of your customers are out there in online, hence it has become mandatory now to adhere the service provided by an reputed ecommerce development company to register a firm mark in the industry. This article will guide with the important features that needs to present in your eCommerce website and how you can generate more business using it? We are the highly experienced eCommerce development company in Chennai who provide better solutions to different business players that completely satisfies all their needs.

E-commerce Industry

The Indian ecommerce industry has been in its up-face since its inception and there is no looking back in terms of downfall at any cost.

Industries Getting
Highly Benefitted with Ecommerce

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Food delivery
  • Jewellery
  • Sports and Fitness
Ecommerce as a digital platform, is found to be the highly felxible one where any kind of business could adopt it and make complete use of its efficiency to attain maximum profit.
Indian E-commerce Industry

Future of Indian Ecommerce

  • The Indian ecommerce market value will reach a landmark of USD 200 billion by 2027
  • The number of ecommerce shoppers in India was 120 million by 2018 and it is expected to grow upto 220 million by 2025
  • Increased use of internet and more number of smartphone users are the two key elements that drives the success of the Indian ecommerce industry
  • The number of smartphone users in India will be 476 million by 2022 and it would eventually leads to a 120% raise in Indian ecommerce industry
  • Similarly the internet penetration in India also registered a promising growth of 34.42% in 2017 to 48% in 2019
  • The logistic industry also registers a promising growth in future by making a mark of 36% CAGR hike in the next five years
website like Amazon for startups?

Why you should
not follow Amazon?

Amateur startups looking out Amazon will unknowingly get registered in their mind to possess a similar ecommerce website. It is highly impractical for any kind of startups to have a website like Amazon or operate similar to it. When it comes to website Amazon or Flipkart implements high-end and customized functionalities that highly focus on customer interactability and indulge several methods to drive sales.

On the other hand, startup ecommerce companies can’t afford to implement those functionalities as it would certainly impose them with high website development cost. Another important point to be considered is Amazon covers a wide range of product category under its wing to meet and deliver all the requirements of different customer base without fail.

On the other hand, a ecommerce startup company can’t afford to sell such a wide range of product category under it as it would lead to inventory management issues. Hence it is totally impractical for any startup based business who steps into ecommerce to have a similar kind of website like Amazon or Flipkart. But still, these websites can outbeat the giants through their customized service.

Go MVP / Lean Model

You would have imagined a lot about building your ecommerce website, and the way it should be portrayed online with multiple product categories that target’s the specific end-user. What if the entire plan goes wrong? Your invested time and money would certainly gets wasted and the worst part is it requires an entirely new plan to implement.

You should not opt out for two extremes, especially if you are a startup ecommerce company you must take a center stage here. Taking a center stage, and going with the minimal products that would generate more sales is known as “Minimum Viable Product”.

Implementing the MVP strategy will put you on the safer side and helps you to establish a firm position in the market sooner. The entire concept of MVP works on lean model and it gets implemented in an exclusive way according to the type of business carried out.

MVP Lean Model

How to implement MVP successfully on your
ecommerce website?

  • While designing your ecommerce website, always make sure to give prior focus on shops navigability instead of creating personalized pages according to target customers
  • An ecommerce startup highly demands careful integration of payment gateways and sms apps and hence it is highly advisable to focus on selective integrations based on the current sale
  • Don’t invest your resource on B2B and B2C at a time, which might decimate your entire monetary aspects. Instead, it would be productive approach to adopt any one platform and focus on its growth
  • Roping in extended configurator wont work for startup ecommerce to provide personalization as it is costly and time consuming. The implementation of forms would be a better choice that suits the MVP model
  • Being an experienced ecommerce development company in Chennai, India we have gone through several phases in our journey of delivering ecommerce services and hence we have now created a detailed checklist for ecommerce startups who are intended to convert their physical store online or create a new ecommerce store. So here we go

Startup Ecommerce Checklist

Domain resembling your Business

Domain resembling your

Be very choosy and precise when it comes to selecting the domain name for your startup ecommerce website, the domain name must be very attractive and at the same time must highly resemble your product category and business goal as well. Viewing your domain name must create an immediate synchronization with the customers and induce them to buy your products.

Being the top ecommerce development company in Chennai, we help you to get the best domain name that highly resembles the taste of your customers and also found to be highly competitive.

minimalstic design

Go for a minimalstic

While creating design for startup ecommerce website, it is always important to stay low and stick with the basic designs that synchronize with your website theme. 53% of the ecommerce website placed their call-to-action buttons in a non-approachable way for the customers that decimates their business, hence it is also important to keep the right call-to-action button at the right place of the website.

Top ecommerce development company in Chennai, who have the best team of designers who can maintain the suttleness in your ecommerce website to make sure that your customers stay clear in their visit and take a strong and immediate decision of buying.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

Similar to design, staying simple and minimalstic with the menu bar is also essential to keep your website crispy and clumsy-less. Since we are practcing the MVP model here hence it is essential to maintain simplicity in the menu bar and avoid confusing your customers.

For example: Instead of showcasing T-shirts and Pants according to various categories like necked, round-necked t-shirt, half-pant and full-pants, it is better to mention them as external wears and then showcase the entire product into the inner-page. Being the best ecommerce development company in Chennai, India we offer speculative service with a clean and structured menu bar for your website.

Shipping Integration


Being a budding player in the industry, you would certainly target your closest locality and the nearby regions to send home the purchsed product via online, this doesn’t requires a huge shipping assistant but it would definitely be worth it if you provide the delivery charges for free or at a minimal cost.

By adopting our seamless ecommerce website development services in Chennai, India you can now have the best shipping module integrated into your online store.

Product Email Alert

New Product Email

Whenever you have a new product arrived at your Startup ecommerce company make sure you let your customers get notified about it. This notification can be sent through email alert notifications, that reminds the targeted customers about the timely arrival of new product. Specific emails were sent to these customers based on their previouse purchase history.

Being the leading ecommerce website development company in Chennai, India we provide the necessary alerting functionalities into your website to make you a customer friendly player.

Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment

Your customers buy online and hence they would expect to have the facility of paying the bills in online too. Already 40% of the ecommerce customers are regular online buyers and the other 15% of them are in the stage of cconversion, hence majority of the online customers uses online payment mode frequently.

We are experts in fixing trustable online payment gateways and as an experienced ecommerce development service provider in Chennai, India we take the initiative in providing you the best payment gateway support.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Still there is a noteable set of customers who strongly prefere cash on delivery mode to pay for their purchased product via your startup ecommerce website. Leaving the remaining 45% of the customers unnoticed is the dumpest approach, and hence you can definitely include the cash on delivery method.

Stock Availability Alerts

Stock Availability Alerts

Be transparent with your available stock so that your customers would know about the exact numbers according to product category and make their purchase decision acccordingly. This approach also helps to improve your entire inventory management and optimize the stock maintenance process in a better way.

SMS Integration

SMS Integration

Getting your startup ecommerce website integrated with SMS facility is the primary and important element to keep your customer stick in with your website. Let them know about your newest arrival, upcoming offers, freebies and discounts provided for a certain product category or exclusive product belongs to your website.

Cash on Delivery

Don’t stock much

Always maintain a minimal inventory with you in order to avoid the excess amount of stocked product under your startup ecommerce store. Analyse the customer buying pattern properly and then create a inventory management plan to avoid overstocking.

Live Chat

Live Chat

You cannot create a perfect startup ecommerce website, were your customers wont get any queries or even if they get one, it would get sorted just having a look at it. This is never going to happen and hence there arises the concept of FAQs and live chat which would certainly solve the practical difficulties faced by the customers.

We are a proactive ecommerce development company in Chennai who implement enhanced features like live-chat to your website to bring in more conversion rate.

Email Integration

Email Integration

If you are running any subscription or loyalty program for your startup ecommerce website to attract more number of customers, then email will be the best mode to communicate with your target base.