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Get To Know About ICOs

As the whole industrial world is moving faster towards decentralization, having an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be of highly advantageous. Since ICO is still an emerging term which needs to be given more focus on its development and marketing activities. iStudio Technologies as the Best ICO marketing agencies in India, who provides you the best ever services for blockchain startups.
what is icos

What exactly an ICO is?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering is one of the simplest and effective approach through which start-ups based on decentralization process raise funds for their business easily. The startup companies conduct ICO based events through explaining their concept to potential investors and generate funds for their business, and in return these start-ups will provide their own cryptocurrency or established ICO tokens which can be exchanged by the investors in the decentralized community anytime based on the coin value.

ICO Marketing Strategies

Before raising funds from investors you need to carry out various ICO marketing activities repeatedly in order to grasp the attention of valuable crypto investors towards your project. Unlike other marketing strategies ICO needs an entirely different approach in order to place it in the top of the view list. As the Best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you in connecting with the potential investors for your blockchain project.

A. Launching a successful White paper

White paper is considered to be the root base for creating a successful ICO, the reach of your ICO purely depends upon the nature of your whitepaper. Whitepaper basically act as a business plan for your project and the role of ICO in it. A whitepaper must explain completely about the business you are about to carry out and also should narrate the benefits it can yield for the investors; these need to be depicted in-front of the investors during the ICO presale.

Here are the few key points which need to direct an investor from the beginning to the end of the whitepaper:

  • How ICO will help this project to get boosted up.
  • Exact details on funds needed for the entire project.
  • Issuing and allocating tokens for investors separately.

B. Website Creation

A highly impressive website narrating the nature of your business, your ICO approach, and the role of decentralization in your project will highly help you in turning the vision of potential investors towards your site

For that you need to get involved in some serious activities like:

  • Creating an effective Click to Act (CTA)portion in order to convert the website visitors into an exclusive contributor or at-least make them involve in the ICO pre-sale event.
  • Promote your ICO and its related information in effective social media sites like: Steemit, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and YouTube.
  • Detailed insight on token sale and its terms like: price of the token, total number of token to be issued, approach towards token purchase, token distribution methods, and fund allocation methods.
  • Displaying detailed white paper and its presentation in the website will be an added advantage.
  • Displaying a fixed timeline for token sale
  • Separate section explaining the regulatory and legal procedures carried out
  • Complete details of team members is necessary to show your commitment
  • You can also display the investor details who have shown interest in you project
  • Showing your PR presence will boost up the confidence level of investors on you.

C. ICO presale

ICO presale can be described as the beta test or pilot study done by the startup to test their own efficiency and evaluate the value of their coin among the targeted group. This presale event can also be used as a test field to know their mistakes, and rectify it for the main event (mega crowd funding). Here the startups will offer their coins in a discounted rate to their investors who are willing to fund the project.

In order to carry out the ICO presale activities successfully you need to get involved in some promotional moves like:

  • Smart contract development
  • Involving in paid advertisements like lead generation, email marketing, and social media sites
  • Hiring exclusive marketing team for ICO
  • Conducting events

D. Utilize social media

Utilizing social media to the core will be highly helpful for your ICO to reach the masses. Today, social media is the best platform to promote any normal product into a brand, and selecting the right social media will be the wisest approach by any ICO based startup. So keep updating about the project, and your ICO ideas in the respective social media platforms to stay alive

E. Creating ICO Whitelist

A whitelist is an exclusive community where likeminded people are gathered together who are capable of contributing towards your ICO and elevating it to the next level. This method of creating a whitelist will shows your seriousness towards conducting the ICO events and launching the same successfully.

People can be gathered easily through following a simple approach of First Come First Serve basis where, they have to provide their individual contribution towards your ICO. Continuous activities of promotion in social media sites about your ICO and your project will pull them in. As a whitelist member one will be sorted according to their valuable contribution towards the growth of ICO, the other ways through which you can add members to the whitelist is:

Conducting Referral Programs

Sharing Posts in Groups And Forums

Contributing in Github Platform

Sharing Social Media Posts

Reviewing Content Videos And Blogs

Posting guest posts on blogs

you must provide all the below given details:

  • Name of your ICO
  • Project summary of your ICO
  • ICO website link
  • Role of ICO in your project
  • Coin Schedule
  • ICO Alert
  • ICO List
  • Coin Gecko
  • Token Market
  • Coin Rating
  • ICO Countdown
  • Cyber Fund
  • ICO Crowd
  • Token Sale Calendar

F. ICO Calendars

ICO calendar is one generic term which holds the complete information about the entire ICO event is happening in a scheduled year. As an ICO based startup you need to keep a track on it in order to know about your competitors, and the event checklist. It will also be displaying the information of participants and potential investors. 

G. Paid Ads Promotion

Once you have decided to get into ICO completely then, you need to practice all possible methods to succeed and pull in as many as investors. Paid ads are highly effective when it comes to promoting your ICO and elevating it to the next level by bringing in more number of investors towards your website.

Social media

Promoting your concept and your ICO in social media through paid advertisements will help to feature you separately among other players. This is an added advantage in driving in more number of investors. Moreover, it will cost you only a few portion of your budget in engaging your targeted investors. All you need to do is to select the right social media platform based on your investor’s nature whether it is Reddit or Facebook.Posting a relevant and grasping video or image-based content on this platform will take care of remaining works.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords are the best alternative to the social media networks where, it is highly helpful for your ICO marketing if you are focusing for short span of time through inbound marketing plan. This Adwords will place your website in the top order of the Google browser and also helps you in placing in the top list of YouTube search. We are the Best ICO development company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you in executing the entire ICO process in a flawless waySome. Some of the exclusive cryptocurrency ad networks are:

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