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Our Various PR Marketing Services

Marketing your ICO through Press Release (PR) is highly essential just similar to that of marketing through social media networks, and other exclusive ICO and cryptocurrency community. PR is well known for publishing and taking your concept to masses and that’s what it is known for years in publishing through various media.

PR Marketing Services

We provide complete support when it comes to PR professional services for your ICO activities like

We publish your article content in in order to promote your ICO activities and create awareness about your start up among the crypto business world. Publishing news in this exclusive community will attract more number of targeted investors. Moreover, here you can get updated price details of bitcoin, ethereum coin and Litecoin in various formats.

Similar to Coinspeaker, coinidol also deals with holding information about various concepts and keep updating it 24/7. Here you can find experts’ talks on bitcoin and blockchain continuously, doing PR for ICO and other activities, continuous update on tech news related to bitcoin and ICO, holds price details of bitcoin and altcoins.

This particular website holds the information on various news articles about ICO and cryptocurrency concepts, gives valuable times on protecting your crypto coins, allows you to submit press release articles, holds the price index for bitcoin, and the updated list of top five cryptocurrencies as per the market rate.

Steemit is a well-established website to promote your cryptocurrency based project. Moreover, it is the suitable platform to promote your ICO activities and create awareness regarding your business. Here you can get updated information on cryptocurrency market, bluepaper and whitepaper format etc. here you can actively involve in press release events to promote your ICO.


It is the leading news maker and news publisher when it comes to blockchain. Here you can find relevant information regarding bitcoin price, updated news on bitcoin activities, and it also helps the starters to get more explored about bitcoin. This platform can be used to promote your ICO activities.

The Merkle

This website is well known for carrying out various marketing and promotional activities like news blogs, advertisements, and press release about your ICO activities and crypto coins.


Unlike bitcoin news, this one is a huge platform which discusses about various trending technologies like ICO list, bitcoin, blockchain, and IoT. Here you can also post your ads on ICO activities.

This website gives exclusive news only on bitcoin 24/7 round the clock.

Apart from these platforms you can also carry out your PR activities in other generic online trading booster platforms like, NBC,, Fox, International Business Times, Digital Journal, CNBC, San Diego, Tribune, Bloomberg businessweek. These platforms can be tried out as an optional to promote your ICO activities. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you in eliminating the odd one out, and post the promotional content in the relevant PR platforms according to your project nature.