Smart Trolley for Airports

In recent years, airports worldwide have embraced innovative technology to enhance the travel experience for passengers. From check-in to boarding, innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we navigate airports, making the journey smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. To make the traveling experience effective, smart trolley system has landed at the airport.
Smart Trolley Airport provides a comfortable and efficient way of travel experience to the passengers. It also enhances the passenger airport experience in a futuristic manner with the required information in handy. With the simple boarding pass scan, the passenger can access detailed information about the airport on the trolley display. The large screen display with the built-in camera provides detailed information and seamless navigation about the airport.

Smart Trolley:

Smart Trolley is the next-gen technology that enters the intelligent technology era. The trolley has an innovative design enhances the passenger’s travel experiences seamlessly and stress-free. Real-time data helps optimize carts distribution, reducing wait times and congestion.
Smart trolleys in airport improve passengers’ overall airport experience with interactive information displayed on the in-built touch screen. It updates the real-time flight and gate information, helping the passengers stay informed. It is revolutionizing technology and changing the way of navigating airports.

What makes the trolley smarter?

In-build screen on the trolley will guide and navigate the passengers with accurate information as required. With their advanced features and technological capabilities, smart trolleys offer a unique opportunity to revolutionize the experience, especially for individuals with disabilities.
Live tracking of trolleys
Live Count of trolleys
Movement of trolleys
Trolley Usage Analytics
Real-time Location

Boarding Pass scan

To access the smart trolley the passenger need to scan the boarding pass QR on the in-build camera. With boarding pass information the trolley delivers entire details about the flight time, arrival and departure time, gate information, and list of flight, airport money exchange details, retail shops, Security process and much more. With several options on the smart trolley give the entire access about the airport in seamless way. The passenger gains the real time information about the airport in detailed manner.

Alerts & Notification

Instant notifications pop up on the screen, alerting you to gate changes and automatically updating your route so you can seamlessly adapt and arrive on time. Smart trolleys provide interactive maps and directories showcasing airport amenities, restaurants, and local recommendations. It's like having a virtual tour guide right at your fingertips.


Interactive Airport Maps

Navigation Smart trolley boast dynamic, digital maps that zoom, pan, and update in real-time, reflecting any construction or temporary changes. Simply input your flight information, and the map highlights the most efficient route, considering factors like walking distance, elevator locations, and even estimated travel time.

Navigation Assistance

Need to find your gate? Input your flight information, and the map highlights the most efficient route, considering factors like walking distance, elevator locations, and even estimated travel time. Whether you seek the nearest coffee shop, duty-free haven, or currency exchange kiosk, the map guides you with clear visual and audio instructions.

Gate Navigation

The smart trolley becomes your built-in GPS guide, showcasing the most efficient route to your specific gate. It can even factor in real-time congestion and suggest alternative paths, ensuring you arrive on time and relaxed.

Entertainment & Games

Beat the pre-flight boredom with your smart cart’s touchscreen. Watch movies, play games, browse news feeds, or listen to music curated to your preferences. Keep them entertained with educational games and activities offered on some smart trolleys. These interactive features can help children learn about different cultures, languages, and even airport operations, making the journey a fun and enriching experience for everyone.

Local Information

Want to find the nearest currency exchange counter or discover hidden airport gems? The smart trolleys provide interactive maps and directories showcasing airport amenities, restaurants, and even local recommendations.


Multi-language access on smart trolleys allows user interfaces, instructions, and information to be available in multiple languages, catering to diverse user populations. This feature is especially beneficial in airport environments where individuals from various linguistic backgrounds interact with intelligent trolleys.


Smart trolleys offer integrated language translation tools. Speak into the microphone, and the cart translates your words to the desired language, facilitating smooth interactions with airport staff or fellow travelers. Implementing multi-language access involves integrating software and hardware components that support language selection, translation, and display.
  • High End material- UI Dashboards
  • Real-time indoor maps
  • Clear and live tracking of trolleys
  • Graphical analytics of trolley usage

Food services

Passengers can use the smart trolley to browse menu, place orders and pay for their meals. The smart trolley comes with restaurant service which brings the entire information about the list of restaurants and foods. It also display the food price list, offers, variety of food list depends on the time.

Restaurants Service

With the variety of dining option that include local cuisine, international flavours and other popular restaurant. Restaurant services on smart trolleys in airports can provide a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable dining experience for travellers, enhancing the overall airport experience.

Shopping Services

Retail smart trolley in airports offer the best services that enhance the shopping experience. Equipped with integrated systems, these trolleys allow passengers to browse and purchase a wide range of products, including duty-free items, snacks, beverages, travel essentials, and souvenirs, all from the convenience of the trolley itself.

Inventory Carts

A user-friendly interface provides easy access to the trolley’s inventory, displaying product information, prices, and promotions. Passengers can select items, add them to their virtual shopping cart, and securely checkout using a credit card or mobile payment. This streamlined process makes shopping at the airport more convenient and efficient for travelers.

How to access the smart trolley?

After getting the smart trolley, the passengers need to do a specific process to activate the trolley
  • Click the Start Now button on the smart trolley screen
  • Scan the passenger boarding pass on the QR code
  • After scan, you can access several options on the screen, which is built into the trolley
  • Navigate the gate, select the flight from the list of flights, and get the information about the flight gate number.
Apart from flight tracking, the intelligent trolley can guide the passenger to the lounges, food court, security room, washroom, and many more services that are available at the airport
Smart trolleys has been one of the many initiatives as a part of our digital transformation for airports. Hyderabad international airport has first deployed smart trolleys with IoT technology which will helps the passengers to track and maintain the availability of baggage trolleys in real-time, across the airport. The airport has an IoT platform for its entire fleet of 3,000 baggage trolleys and are confident that with this technology in place, there will be a substantial reduction in passenger wait time for baggage trolleys.

Our Solution

To come up with a better system, we at iStudio Technologies delivers Smart Trolley Solution that comes with a high-end device called IoT Box and a Mobile application with real-time dashboards for workers which helps in tracking the availability, movements, maintenance, analytics, and counts of the trolleys in the airport. This helps not only the passengers better experience but also the trolley handler staff to identify the unused trolleys to retrieve and replenishment at the right location promptly. The idea was to ensure the easy and timely retrieval of the trolley.

Are You Looking for the Smart Trolly Solution?

We, at iStudio Technologies, provides Smart Trolley Solution which includes
Live tracking of trolleys
Live Count of trolleys
Movement of trolleys
Trolley Usage Analytics
Real-time Location

Live tracking of trolleys

Navigating more than 10,000 trolleys is not an easy way. Our Smart trolley solution offers real-time Live tracking of trolley through mobile application which will make the work easier in a timely manner.

Live Movement of trolleys

Most of the time trolleys used by the passengers will be left anywhere or been used by the passengers in the airport. The trolley retrieval workers need to replenishment the trolley at the right location promptly which will decrease the wait time of the passengers. Our live movement of the trolley through mobile application will help the workers to easily identify the moving or idle status of the trolley.

Trolleys Usage Analytics

Day by day the growth of the passengers in the airports has been increased or decreased based on the condition. So it is better to monitor the usage of trolley at what time the trolley is in demand, which helps to also improve the passenger experience.

Live Count of trolleys

 As there are many numbers of trolleys are available and have been used in the airports by the passengers, it was tough to count and maintain availability of the trolley. Our Smart trolley solution offers a count of trolleys which will helps in the number of trolley maintenance and also helps to avoid trolley theft.

Realtime Location of trolleys

The trolley retrieval workers needs to retrieve the trolley and replenishment trolley at the right location promptly. Our smart trolley solution also offers a real- time location of the trolley through a mobile application.

Our Hardware Solution

IoT Box

Our lot Box is an Industry standard device that is completely smart, rugged, and has its own lot technology stacks like connectivity support, service enablement, device management application support.


  • Easy to install
  • Completely rugged
  • Low power BLE/WiFi
  • Battery last up to 30 days
  • Data Security
  • Long range of connectivity

Our Software Solution

Mobile Application for Workers

We at iStudio, offer high-end mobile applications for trolley handling workers so that they can easily track and identifies the trolley wherever they are inside the airport. This helps trolley handling workers to identify the unused trolleys easily to retrieve and replenishment at the right location promptly. Our mobile application ensures the easy and timely retrieval of the trolley.


  • High End material- UI Dashboards
  • Real-time indoor maps
  • Clear and live tracking of trolleys
  • Graphical analytics of trolley usage

How Our Smart Trolley Solution Works?

 Our lot Box will be tagged in the trolley which continuously sends the signal about the movement (whether the trolley is in moving state or idle state) of the trolley, current location of the trolley, live counts of trolley, and its usage to our loT cloud platform. With the help of the Internet, trolley retrieval staff can access all those required information of movements, live location, state, usage analytics of the trolley by monitoring in our provided mobile application which contains a real-time dashboard.
Our solution smartly helps trolley maintenance. This will bring a pleasant experience for the passengers by reducing the waiting time for trolleys and will ensure the availability of a sufficient number of trolleys.