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Delivering Enhanced Production with Automated Defect Analysis


Defect Analysis Solution

A high-end tool for profitable manufacturing

iStudio Technologies has engineered a custom-made, highly flexible defective analysis tool in Chennai, India that decimates stereotypical manufacturing complexities using AI-based machine learning and deep learning techniques. This innovative tool from iStudio Technologies carries out a 360-degree review over your manufacturing process and fix out the error causing agent. This automated tool gets blended with any manufacturing system to ensure zero-production error and gives no room for production downtime.

Why Industries Need Automated Defective Analaysis System

Statistics in Favour of automation Exquisite Defective Analysis Service Provider in Chennai


Compared with other industries, manufacturing is found to have 23 percent of unplanned downtime, where it is only 9 percent in other sectors. – ServiceMax Research


Close to 45% of manufacturers agree that they require a huge improvement in terms of human quality check done over assets. – GE Digital


Around 82% of companies irrespective of their sectors were found to be undergone unexpected production downtime atleast once in the last three years. – GE Digital


Automating quality testing using machine learning can help manufactureres to detect 90% of production errors- Forbes Research


By 2023, automated defective analysis software will become mandatory for any industry and it will reaches a value of US$24.8 billion- BBC Research

Surface Defect Analysis


Our computer visioned defective analysis software carries out a deep-rooted scanning over the accomplished surface to detect the hidden defects in it and alarm the concerned technician. The particular surface of an accomplished product gets scanned here to sense the presence of any defects or damage got incurred during the time of production. Machine Vision and Deep Learning technologies are the keys here that stimulate the process of surface defect analysis. The Machine Vision technique completely replaces the need for human inspection in analyzing the hidden defect over the surface, where it carries out an automated inspective analysis to find out the actual defect occurred.

Deep Learning, on the other hand, works on a unique analysis system that imposes automated restructuring or repairing of that particular surface in the product by studying the previously recorded patterns on surface defect and frames the solution for the current scenario. Our enhanced defective analysis software helps you to identify and rectify the surface grit and defect over any product in a completely automated way.

Surface defect detection using machine learning is carried out in
several industrial use cases such as


Identifying defects on blow holes, overruns on cast parts


Identify even the tinest painting defect done over an automotive


Identify minuate numerical errors in mentioning serial numbers or code numbers

Samples of Defects Analysis

Quality Inspection and Defect Analysis

A human-centric manufacturing analysis might always lead to error occurrence instead, automated defective analysis system in Chennai, India provided by iStudio Technologies carries out a detailed inspection over manufacturing and ensures perfect processing till the end. We deploy machine vision technology here to inspect the overall composure and assembly of the inner parts and also to sense their defective rate. The machine learning ensures zero defect occurrence and maintains the quality through inspection, where it assists the human resource to make proper alignment with the inner structure or rectify the damage occurred over the inner part.

By deploying our futuristic tailor-made automated software your tedious quality inspection and defect analysis process get simplified, and now it becomes much easier to solve the production complexity.

Reduced Manufacturing Safety Hazards

Safety guidelines are mandatory procedures to be followed in any manufacturing plants without second thoughts, improper handling of materials might risk the life of a technician and also decimates the machines sometimes too, and it controls and monitors the entire manufacturing workplace for misplaced objects. Hence it is sensed to have control over machinaised human act pattern recognition in the plant.

It is impractical to control this scenario under human supervision, and the machine visioned defective analysis tool created by us can be a proper remedy in avoiding this situation through fiery alarms. Our prefixed machine visioned tool will alarm the unauthorized access, and hence it indicates a fiery signal to the concerned supervisor regarding any hazardous happening. This high-end sensor streamlines the entire working pattern of employees in a plant to ensure the production result gets delivered in time.

Packaging Defect

Improper packaging might lead to damage or loss of materials, there is no 100% surety of safe, and compressed packaging with human interference. We provide the best alternative solution for this dispute using our enhanced defective maintenance tool in Chennai, India that ensures all the end products were stiffly packed.

The machine vision technology performs the cross-checking operation here where it ensured whether the end-product gets properly packed. If in case any of the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) found to be unpacked then our software will automatically indicate the concerned departmental staff to carry out the packaging process using machine learning technique.

Few Use Cases


Practically it is hard to find the hidden defect in any welding machines irrespective of the industry, as the source code for these welding errors gets originated from the grass-root procedure framing and it is highly complicated in detecting them under human inspection.
Firstly, the traditional manufacturing system used to frame a constant welding procedure, and it gets followed by all the welders irrespective of the accuracy impended into the instructions.

The poor execution of welding a part is found to be the next big thing, that causes serious welding based damages and affects eternal productivity. These two alarming setbacks are rectifiable under machine visioned quality inspection that runs a detailed and deep-rooted approach to ascertain the hidden root cause behind welding defect and prevent its further occurrence we deliver proactive defect analysis software using Machine Vision that helps you to fix any complicated welding issues with ease.


Measuring product gauge in the manufacturing clan is a highly tedious process that requires an exclusive bunch of expertise quality assurance team to get engaged completely and deliver their 100% still, there is surity for zero error occurrence. The manual inspection over cross-checking the product dimension creates a vacuum for further enhancement to ensure the particles and equipment are rightly fit.

We create proficient component assembly defect analysis tool using AI for manufacturing industries which is entirely automated and carries out a self-driven process of product verification by ensuring the exact dimensions are properly incorporated.

Defect Analysis on Painted Surface

Paints are an integral part of the manufacturing system, and quality inspection process must also be carried out for painting as well.

We carry out a detailed defect analysis using AI for manufacturing industries that gives special focus over paint surface defects to ensure complete quality. Starting from sensing contamination defect to weld accuracy our automated tool carries out end-to-end inspection over paint surface.

Defect Analysis on Steel Surface

We have created a proficient defect analysis tool using machine vision that implements a detailed quality control mechanism to detect and sort out unknown setbacks over the steel surface. Right from sensing the missing part and evaluating dimensional accuracy our automated defect analysis tool carries out a 360-degree quality control approach.

Component Assembly

Our acrobatic AI based defective analysis tool tailor-made for the manufacturing industry ensures proper assembly of components to bring out the required product in time and deliver it to the customers. By carrying out a structured quality control check, our automated tool make sure that best in the class of particles assembled to bring out the desired end product.

We deploy automated defective analysis using camera and AI that helps to find the unseen errors or leftouts like missing part, part fitment quality, part fouling, secondary damage, and ensures dimensional accuracy.

Our Concentrated Industries

  •  Machine Manufacturing
  • PCB/Circuit Production
  • Fabric Defect Inspection
  • Medical Image Classification

Benefits we cater

  • Reduced spend over quality assurance team
  • Improves product quality by eliminating false defects
  • Inflation over first pass yield
  • Improved production results in zero bottleneck

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