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Have You Updated Your Site In Past 3.5 Year?

Have You Updated
Your Site In
Past 3.5 Year?

Your Website Fits To All The Browsing Devices?

Your Website
Fits To All The
Browsing Devices?

Your Website An Accurate Representation Of Your Brand?

Your Website An
Accurate Representation
Of Your Brand?

Your Content Is Easy To Navigate?

Your Content
Is Easy To

Are You Getting The Conversion You Want ?

Are You Getting
The Conversion
You Want ?

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Does Your Site
Social Widgets?



iStudio Technologies is  best website redesigning company in Chennai. Just like all the other aspects of maintaining a successful business, your website too requires redesigning every once in a while. There are many things that change with time and the same website that you launched five years ago might now have turned obsolete. In order to ensure that you don’t lose your customer base to the newly launched and modern looking websites, hire iStudio Technologies to transform your old website and introduce newly introduced features and elements. Known as one of the best professional service in Chennai, we understand the need of revamping your website from time to time and providing necessary upgrades. The digital world is progressing so fast that sometimes it might be hard to keep up with its lightning speed. This is why you need to consciously keep up with the advances in technology. This will allow you to stay afloat in this highly competitive era and hold your own against your competition.

Benefits of Website Redesigning

There are many reasons why redesigning your website will be good for your business. Our top website redesigning service in Chennai will help you to revamp the look of your website completely and do away with aspects of it that are no longer required or portray a wrong reflection of your business. If you have been looking forward to changing your website for some time now, get together with our website redesigning experts in Chennai give a makeover to your business website. This will allow you to implement changes that you have wanted to do and give a whole new beginning to your business.

Start anew

Website redesigning gives you the chance to start over new and correct the mistakes that you might have made when you started the website years back.

Get Better Ranking

A new website will also help you in getting better search engine rankings and reach the top 10. Not only do we redesign your website with new content but also make sure that it is optimized for search engines.

Wider Audience

The digital world is moving at an extremely fast pace and if you want to survive in the race to be better than the rest, you need to

Reinforce Your Brand

The redesigning of your website will also offer the chance of bringing changes to your brand image. The entire interface of the website can also be changed to make it more gripping and easily usable.

Increase Conversion Rates

The conversion rate of a website is effective for business profit. If your conversion rate is down, there might be many reasons for this such as navigation issues.

Boosts Morale

A new website will not only delight your customers but also your employees. The new look and feel of the website will instill a sense of direction and make them work harder and better.

Why Go For Website Redesigning?

At iStudio Technologies, we will make sure that your new website looks better than the previous one because as a top website redesigning company in Chennai will provide best results. Changes will also be implemented to it, thus making it more responsive and interactive. We are proud of our 9+ years of experience and a history of 600 satisfied clients. A newly designed website by our team of designers will give you the opportunity to reboot your business. It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and keeping your site on the top of recent trends. A redesigning project will also help you to recognize and correct the mistakes that you must have made when designing it for the first time.


New website design allows you to have improved control over the website content. You can use content management systems like Joomla and WordPress to enhance effective management.


The conversion rate of a website is effective to make business profit. If your conversion rate is down, there might be many reasons for this such as navigation issues.


Just like machines work best when they are oiled and maintained frequently, a website too needs to be improved and redesigned to ensure that it stays effective.


Frequent website redesigning will allow you to address and rectify issues as they appear. This will make sure that once the revamping has been done, you will only have to make small changes now and then.

Beginning with

What Does the Audience Say?

Best website redesigning company in Chennai always guide our clients to build website better. If you are unsure about the exact changes that need to make while redesigning the website, asking your target audience can be helpful. This is an innovation way to redesign your website. As it is the audience who make up your user base, it is their opinion that matters the most. You can ask for recommendations and tips for changes that can be made to make the user experience better. Conduct a survey of your target audience and implement the best solutions that you receive from them. This will not only help you get a better look for the website but also help understand what the users are looking for.

Determine the Motive Behind Website Revamping

It is extremely crucial that you are aware of the exact reasons behind the redesigning of the website. Only when you know what the exact problem is can you come up with an effective solution. Make sure that you recognize the problems and issues that you want to do away with and the appropriate changes that you would like to make to the design. Our website designers will ensure that your vision is given proper attention and the changes that you want are implemented to enhance the design. Our designers will make sure that the new website has all the new features that reflect your new business vision.

A careful analysis of your current website design will help you to understand the various changes that you want to implemented in the new design. Our designers can work better if you provide us a report of the specific areas on which you want work to be done. We will focus on these areas and our team will make sure that the new design will incorporate all your recommendations. The website will then be reconfigured and include the alterations that you asked for, making it a better representation of your business. Top website redesigning service in Chennai provide the better outcome of the website among others.

Analyze Your Current Website Design

Content Optimization and Redesigning the Interface


It is not just enough to redesign the interface of the website. Another important aspect that our website designers consider is content management and optimization. Your website content must speak to anyone who visits your site and tell them about your business in clear and understandable words. Get together with our experts and work on producing interesting and captivating content that will attract people to your website. We make sure that this content states important information such as the purpose of the business and other elements that speak to both your target audience and new potential customers. There are few things as important as the user interface of any website. If you want to redesign your website, our team of experts can work with you to come up with a new website that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as interactive because we are the best website redesigning company in Chennai. The website will be redesigned in such a way that improves the experience of the user and encourages them to return to it when required.

Make Plans for How to Proceed

To make sure that you don’t lose direction or face confusion in the middle of the redesigning process, it is the important plan the process. As a top Website redesign company in Chennai, We will do a complete analysis of your website. You need to have a clear vision of how the website must appear once the redesigning is complete. An innovative way to plan the progress is to make a detailed sitemap of the various pages as well as the content which can be referred to from time to time. This will help you to stay on track. A proper plan will also prevent interruptions and distractions in the middle of redesigning. This is known as cross-browser testing and is a great way to check out how effective the redesigning was. The new website must be tested on different browsers and devices to ensure that it doesn’t face any problems when accessed from anywhere. If you find any mistakes or issues, our team will be more than ready to address and rectify them. We will not stop till your redesigned website is free of all possible issues and satisfactory to you.




Analyzing and Observing

Once the new website goes online, this is not the end of the redesigning process. You need to keep a keen eye on how the revamped site is working. Take note of the things that seem to be working and those that do not. The redesigning of a website is a continuous process as you cannot let it become stagnant. You will want to keep up with trends and keep the website improving and growing over the years.

Launching the Re-Designed Website

When the redesigning has been done, you would want to let the people known about the changes and improvements that have been made to your website. Market your revamped website to reintroduce your business to your existing as well as target audience. The main objective must be to make as many people aware of the exiting new interface of your site as you can. This will drive traffic to your site.

why istudio

Our expert team of designers at iStudio Technologies is skilled and experienced and offer one of the best website redesigning services in Chennai. Although it might sound farfetched but website redesigning is often more skilled work than website design in the first place. This is because in order to redesign a website, the designer will have to first do a review of the elements of the old design that have to be kept intact and remove those that have become obsolete.

We are known for our knowledge and experience about designing and top website redesigning companies in Chennai and offer desirable results. Our designers make sure that the opinion of the client is considered with great reverence and it is only after you have appreciated a proposal that it is incorporated into the design of the website. We deal with both desktop and mobile websites and make sure that the design is responsive and easily navigable.









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