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Chat bot for Real estate, Builders, Flat promoters & developers

What is chatbot ?

Chat bot is an automated chat program or software built with AI to provide assistance to customers, inhouse support between team etc., A chatbot will chat with your customers 24/7. Our chat bot gives you better customer engagement as we are one of the chat bot development companies in chennai.

How Chat bot helps real estate , builders, flat promoters & developers?

There is a major issue in real estate industry is IT resources and the resource availability for chat. Normally few of the companies are outsourcing their chat to 3rd party companies as they provide 24*7 support. But how for the 3rd party companies are reliable is the major question. In-house chat resource is the only way to support customers in a proper way but resource cost is very high and can’t able to allocate resource for 24*7. We are best chat bot development company in chennai, well known for unique concept and pixel perfect project delivery.

“In Realestate website a single chat support person can’t provide support for more than concurrent users. This is where the lead drops ”

“The real estate companies can’t able to provide 24*7 chat support with in-house resources”

And most importantly a single resource can’t able to handle more than 50 chats per day. But for realestate, builders, flat promoters & developers the website visitors will be high and need to chat with many people concurrently and need to serve details.
Chat bot development for real estate is definitely going to help businesses to prosper as the potential customers are going to get much relevant information on their hands in no time.

chat bot for real estate

How our chatbot service is different from others?

Chatbot can serve your NRI customers

One of the major issue for property developers is communication gap between NRI website visitors. They require information’s in on time but we provide information’s in a different time. This will make lose of potential customers.

Complete customer support automation

Our AI chatbot provides the necessary details like human and send them mails about the project based on the client requirements with a cc to your preferred marketing person. So, the marketing activity starts from the chatbot and it will response immediately to the customer with the necessary details.

Chatbot will do the following activities:

1. Chat with website visitors and provides necessary information
2. Customer support
3. Email necessary details in predefined format
4. Supporting internal team for data access
5. 24*7 chat support

How chatbot implementation will reduce your operational cost

By implementing chatbot in Realestate/property developer & flat promoters will reduce huge operational cost and will increase huge business. Chat bots customer service assist in solving simple, quick-response needs. Our Customer service for chat bots has always been a crucial determination of success for any business.


Real Estate Chatbot will reduce 4 chat users cost for 24*7
Eg: 1 chat resource will be at 20k – 25k/month – Montly expense will be 80k to 100k
By implementing chatbot it will comes under 25k/month


Real Estate Chatbot can respond to the internal team for specific requirements and replacing support team with chatbot


Implementing chat bot for Facebook will increase your Facebook leads. Our chat bot developers team provide powerful chat bot development for real estate.


Initial email automation with chatbot will reduce your marketing team effort for mail communication activities so, that they can concentrate on business activities

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