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What We Provide

Consumer App

Similar to the delivery person, the user can also register into our
food deliver...

Delivery App

Drivers who wish to get enrolled in the food delivery app system,
are provided…


Merchant App

We deliver an excellent multi-vendor food booking app with an end-to-end informative…

Admin App

Once the user has signed up with their social media account, the admin used to…

Core Features We Cater

Device Friendly App

We create a device friendly food delivery app that caters uninterrupted performance to all stakeholders.

Secured Transaction

The transaction is made even secured with stringent security factors deployed over online money transmission.

Advanced Features

Apart from online ordering, this application also holds the feature of table booking option as per customer wish.

Engaging Interface

We have cultivated a high engaging interface that smoothly streamlines users according to their role

Enhanced Automation

We have deployed an enhanced automated tool which updates miniature changes immediately.

Delivery App features

Social Login

Drivers who wish to get enrolled in the food delivery app system, are provided with the access of signup up through their social media accounts this approach saves a huge amount of time for both the stakeholders.

OTP Verification

The enrolment for delivery men with this multi-restaurant application involves a three-tier process, where they have to enter the received OTP number in this stage of verification. The OTP is a self-generated password delivered by the admin to the registered mobile number or e-mail address of the concerned person derived from their social media account.

OTP Verification

Post entering the OTP successfully into the application, now the concerned driver must provide the required documents to the admin section for cross-verification.

Navigation Guide

Our multi-chain restaurant system provides an updated route navigation guide for the delivery person by providing the shortest route to reach the concerned hotel and customer place.

Scheduled Booking

Customer reserves a particular time of delivery for food and our food delivery app will assign the person based on their availability near the restaurant or customer’s residence.

Live Navigation

The delivery person gets live navigation in his phone with the help of GPS tracker that assists him towards the destined restaurant and customer place through the shortest path with low traffic.


Earning Modes

Based on the shift timing enrolled, the delivery person gets credited with Rs. 4/km for the first 4kms and Rs.6/km from there, incentives will be provided based on extra delivery and extra time work. On average, a delivery person working full time can cancel up to three orders per day, and above that, they get penalized with Rs.30 per order with no incentive for that month.


The delivery person will have a separate dashboard in their login which holds detailed information regarding the total number of assigned delivery spots, their address, respective names of restaurants to be visited, and it also holds the total number of the task completed with pending destination details inclusive of their route map.

On-board Calling

Our food delivery application holds a useful onboard calling option that enables the delivery person to make a call to the respective restaurant regarding the availability of a particular order.

Spot Booking’s

Spot booking in food delivery app depicts the normal order placed by any customer, and a delivery person gets assigned to that order based on their availability near to the particular restaurant.

User App Features

Social Login

Similar to the delivery person, the user can also register into our food deliver application system using social media platforms. We have embedded all major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. to ease up the registration process of our users. We have also added a custom-made registration form from our side if in case the user doesn’t hold any Social media account.

Book a Table

Customers who wish to visit their favourite restaurant and spend time with their close ones can now pre-book their table using our food ordering restaurant app.

Order Navigation

We provide exquisite and easy navigability option in under our online multi-chain food ordering restaurant application that helps the user to know the exact status of the food. Our food order tracking includes details like delivery person name and photo, the route they are travelling, and also it helps you to guide the person if in case they got missed out from the exact path.

Profile handling

By using their login-ID and password, the customers can insert, and edit their profile to project the particular information they wish to get displayed.

Email and SMS integration

Once the user registers their concerned email ID and phone number, they get a regular update on offers and discounts and also receives a detailed invoice to both their mail-ID and via SMS.

Call Integration

Our enriched online multi-vendor restaurant food delivery app holds an integrated calling option where the customer can call and enquire regarding the delivery status and vice versa for the delivery person.

Find New Restaurants

Once you got registered and enrolled in the multi-vendor restaurant food delivery app, you can now start exploring for restaurants in your territory to order your favourite food online

Cuisine based search

In our food ordering restaurant system, we provide a diversified search option to enhance user search and feed their thirst in exploring new food varieties, similar to restaurant search we also avail cuisine based search to help a user to get their favourite when required.

Food Based Search

There are some exclusive food items prevails only in selective localities, so we provide the most customised food delivery app which is similar to Swiggy Clone that comes with deep-rooted functionalities that facilitate users. The users can now check out the availability of a particular food category and plan their order.

Area Based Search

We have deployed the most updated navigation system in our online multi-chain restaurant food booking app which travels with you where you go our lucrative app gets connected with all the restaurants in and around your city to suggest you the best and tastier food spot in the locality you exist at the moment.

Verify OTP

Post-logging in through social media accounts or app registration the concerned user will get an auto-generated OTP which needs to be fed by them to initiate their app usage.

Wallet Integration

We have created a completely digitised online multi-vendor restaurant food booking application, that doesn’t entertain pay on delivery, and a user needs to utilise a digital wallet for any range of payment.

Track your Order

We deliver the most efficacious multi-vendor restaurant food booking app that comes out with high-end features just like order tracking which always gives you a live update on the location of your order positioned every minute.

Cancel Order

A customer can cancel their particular order before a delivery person gets the ordered food from a particular restaurant.

Detailed Invoice

Our Zomato clone like software generates a detailed invoice for every order placed under it, to provide high clarity to the customer over their purchase.

Find your Favourite Restaurant

Users do prefer certain restaurant as their favourite food destination, and they always look out for its presence whenever they check out.

Place Your Order

Placing an order in our food delivery application comes out with various options that allow a user to choose the opt one out. This application works exactly like UberEats Clone, where a user is looking out for a specific food category (say veg burger with cheese toast and more toppings), then our app will display the entire list of restaurants holding that particular food item in their menu base.

Reviews and Ratings

The customer will hold a separate review and rating section where they can view the reviews about a particular restaurant and place the order, and also can create a review about the quality food they had from a restaurant. It enables peer-to-peer customer nourishment that helps them to choose the best restaurant. We deliver the best Swiggy Clone system that creates a perfect equilibrium between user and the merchant.

Offers and Discounts

The admin solely generates the offers and coupons and avails it for the customer based on a calculative approach these offers are bound to certain conditions and the customer must utilise it within the validation period. We provide top online food ordering restaurant app that nourishes both customer and merchant wellness.

User App Features


We deliver an excellent multi-vendor food booking app with an end-to-end informative dashboard that assists a restaurant owner or merchant to take corrective action in favour of their business growth. This dashboard holds month-wise details regarding ordered and cancelled foods followed by a self-descriptive chart depicting the overall sale of the month and product wise sale for the month.

Table Booking

Our innovative online multi-chain restaurant application will be a great platform in abridging the distance between a merchant and customer and as a part of our intuitive approach, we have created a table-booking option in our app which brings in the pre-booking concept that widens the business opportunity of a restaurant and their customer base as well. This approach also helps you to manage your in-house visitors efficiently.

Food Category

Here a merchant can easily categorise the food type according to the pre-defined segments built-in the app, and the merchant must insert and edit the data.

Merchant Info

Under merchant info, a registered merchant must provide three basic information like restaurant information, login information, and Google map.

Order Status

We are certainly unique and impulsive in providing best online food ordering restaurant app which helps merchants to focus on the orders separately this app will categorise the orders based on their status and update a merchant at the end of the day and also generates a monthly sheet.

Food item

This section helps a merchant to classify all of their food items under a particular category which helps them in future to evaluate customer taste and preferences and produce accordingly. This section holds the complete details about a food item listed down in order for the merchant’s view.


A highly customisable front-end setting enabled for the merchant to carry out information disclosure and manage business settings on their own. Here the merchants were provided complete license to change their representing logo, and also edit restaurant details like working hours, and food availability according to their comfort.


The add-ons are simple compliments provided by a merchant to customers at zero or lowest price. By using UberEats Clone restaurant application, merchants can insert any add-on type into the menu according to their strategy.

Detailed Invoice

Once the merchant confirms and intakes the order, our multi-vendor restaurant food booking app generates a well-framed and detailed invoice for very food items with downloadable PDF to hold a record.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role here, and it helps a merchant to focus on areas of improvement, apart from reviews the customers get categorised based on their ratings and depicted separately.

Payment gateway

Our food delivery restaurant app holds the complete details regarding amount transaction for the food order and table visit are stored. It also showcases the details like mode of transaction over an order that helps the merchant to focus on that particular mode and generate frequent offers to drive in more customers.


Merchants solely generate the voucher and determine their nature (discount amount or redeem points) as well as their period of extinction (expiry date), by efficiently using our Swiggy Clone based application the merchant can store and access the voucher details anytime.

Commission Corner

Here the app displays the commission incurred for every single delivery and the net amount earned by the restaurant this section holds separate track record on ordered online food and direct visitors with periodic segregation(weekly, twice a week monthly) in both the fields.

Delivery Charges

Elite spot to hold the records regarding delivery charges and also to segregate charged and free delivery orders separately.


Helps to generate and maintain exclusive offers by synchronising with the admin and projecting it separately for online orders and visiting customers.

Social Settings

Merchants can create and manage their social media platforms here, and we provide an engaging multi-chain food ordering restaurant app that drives more traffic towards your online store.

Sales Summary Report

A category wise summary generated on sold food items based on online order and table booking like Zomato Clone, here the merchant can look out for sales summary between a particular period to know the exact sale-ability ratio of a food item.

Admin App for Users Features

Login Verification

Once the user has signed up with their social media account, the admin used to cross check the same and once verified will move on the next stage.

Generate OTP

After confirming with the customer’s social media account, the admin would generate a unique OTP and transmit it to the concerned mobile number via SMS and registered person’s mail-id for cross-verification.

Map View

Our multi-vendor restaurant food booking app impends an exclusive map that figures out the nearby restaurant to your locality and also displays the food variety available over there.

Final Authentication

The admin will cross-check whether the registered user is giving the right OTP if the given one time password gets matched then the admin will certainly provide access to use the Swiggy Clone like app.

Email and SMS integration

Once the user registers their concerned email ID and phone number, they get a regular update on offers and discounts and also receives a detailed invoice to both their mail-ID and via SMS.

Call Integration

Our enriched online multi-vendor restaurant food delivery app holds an integrated calling option where the customer can call and enquire regarding the delivery status and vice versa for the delivery person.

Find New Restaurants

Once you got registered and enrolled in the multi-vendor restaurant food delivery app, you can now start exploring for restaurants in your territory to order your favourite food online

Classified Foods

We categorize restaurants in terms of their cuisine, food varieties, and area of availability to project the required set of categories to the customer based on their selection.

Take an Order

When the customer has selected their required food from a particular restaurant, our multi-restaurant app confirms and place the order based on their navigability system. Our food ordering restaurant app also enables the customer by providing options to choose based on cuisine, food, and area.

Table Booking

When a particular customer searches and book for a table, the reservation will get first notified to the admin, and the admin here will check out the seat availability and notify the customer regarding booking confirmation or alternative options.

Cancelled order

Cancelled order from the customer end or merchant end will get first notified to the admin, and the admin will display the details to the concerned peer of the app.

Wallet Integration

The admin of our Zomato Clone like app will display the various payment mode for a newly registered user and stores the payment gateway options too in their database.

Detailed Invoice

The detailed invoice received by the customer is auto-generated from the admin end which holds the detail of food item prices for each restaurant to which they made the tie-up with the food-order restaurant app.

Offers and Discounts

The admin of this multi-chain restaurant app will create, and intimate the customer regarding their offers these offers do vary according to the individual user.

Email and SMS integration

EThe admin of this food order delivery app holds the record of the mobile number and e-mail id to send timely push notifications on offers and discounts and also send invoice details to the customer.

Profile Handling

The admin holds the complete profile details in a dashboard were every logged in customer and gets updated with the change in their logged-in information.

Admin App for Merchant Features

New Merchant Registration

Registers new merchant into the application by acquiring essential details from their end like: Restaurant name, Registration number , Registered address, Contact details, Cuisine type (if any), Food items available, Date of enrolment .

Incoming Order Management

An exclusive section to handle the incoming order where the admin can categorize it according to the online order or table booked to have a detailed overview. Food items ordered through online, Table booked for a particular restaurant, Date of order, Payment mode for online order, Food item wise category of online order, Total price inclusive of tax, Tax amount imposed.

Merchant Payment Management

This merchant payment management provided by our UberEats Clone like application helps admin to transact payment to the particular merchant and manage the entire transaction details with ease.

Commission Management

We provide an enhanced multi-vendor restaurant application system which delivers seamless commission management that eases up the job of merchant and admin to handle payment and transaction based on order. Here the admin can configure their setup to avail desired commission based on a partnered restaurant that operates on their business deal.

Invoice Handling

Similar to customer, the merchant also gets a detailed invoice from the admin end whcih holds complete details regarding the order intake. The admin holds a separate copy of this invoice that withholds: Total cost, Tax incurred, Comission fixed, Payment mode.


The admin will be holding a detailed list of restaurants got classified based on star ratings and categorize them in the same order to display them to future users. We deliver exclusive Swiggy Clone like food-delivery application that helps to manage your multi-chain restaurant system online in an efficacious way.

Social Settings

The entire social media accounts of the admin will be get stored here and the admin can access anytime the status of self-promotional activities carried out in different platforms with editable options in it. Our enriched multi-vendor restaurant food booking app works in a seamless way to deliver the ease to usability.

Notification Settings

Holds a complete clan of notifications (via e-mail and SMS) which got easily segregated for user, merchant, and driver as well to deliver timely intimation information.

Contact Details

Holds the complete contact details of merchants to deliver the required information regarding orders and membership as well whenever required.

Cancelled orders

If in case an order was cancelled by a customer then the admin will send an immediate notification to the concerned restaurant to stop their processing over the order.

High-End Technology Deployed

We have deployed high-end technology frameworks to bring out the most engaging multi-chain restaurant app that solicits and delivers desired benefits to users of different streams. Our cost-effective food delivery application works in multiple platforms and also operates as a device friendly system.


Benefits We Deliver

  • Fair Access towards features for stakeplayers
  • Uncompromised Security
  • Simple and Engaging Interface
  • Structured Integrity