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We are the leading react Native app development company in Chennai, India, who sculpt lucrative and highly interactive mobile applications for diversified industrial clients by embedding the most proficient JavaScript-based framework React Native. Having a decade-plus experience in the application development field would certainly help to deliver better mobile applications for you to attract your entire target customer base.

React Native is well-known for its excellent UI feature, and this framework is JavaScript-based that makes deployment easier in
Android and iOS platform.

React Native Services Offered

React Native
UI Design

Sculpting Exclusive Mobile App Design Using React Native.

Converting UI to
React Native Code

Transforming Interactive Design into
Meticulous App.

Custom React Native App Development

Bringing in Hardcore Precision in Creating
Mobile App.

React Native UI Design

The core reason behind the success of any mobile app is its UI, which enhances the experience of a user in handling your mobile app. Creating a certain predictivity would necessarily bring in good user experience and makes a mobile application successful.

We are the best React Native mobile app development company in Chennai, who build a strong UI base for your mobile application, which gets developed using React native. To make it happen with creating interactive UI for mobile application, we follow a highly streamlined procedure that supports the entire mobile application later.

React Native as a framework caters the option to develop proficient mobile apps both in multiple as well as native platform and hence, it is essential to need the target user base for a company to decide with the platform. Being a highly experienced React native development company in Chennai, India we carryout several interactive sessions with our clients, to create exclusive design making in terms of the platform, according to the client’s target base. If it is platform-oriented, then our designing would get restricted to the specific paradigm, and when it is a multi-platform application then we would go for a more of a free-style design that suits both the platform.

Navigability is the backbone of any designing approach, and it also plays a vital role in creating mobile apps using react-native. We are a highly-talented pool of mobile app developers who gives great focus on the navigability of the application we create and ensure it streamlines the user in the best possible way until its end. Being the most efficacious React Native app development company in Chennai, India we drive the navigability success of a mobile application by covering three basic questions during the UI deployment.

Icons play a key role in elevating the designing standards of a mobile application, and it needs to be highly conventional and convincing for the user base to carry out their exploration in the app. We have the best team of trained app designing experts in creating admirable and elite icons for mobile applications using React native framework that creates a strong impression amongst user mindset and makes them use the app.

Typography is another important element of UI design which needs special attention. Our mobile app designing team will be using exclusive font styles, type interfaces and font-sizes to bring in the required difference between the look and feel of mobile app design created in the iOS and Android platform.

Colours are found to be the attention-grabbing factor that highly impresses a visitor who approaches your mobile application and drives them to utilize it for their need. Android and iOS are highly distinctive in terms of colour usage, and it pulls in users in their style of approach. We are the top React Native app development company in Chennai, India who makes good use of colours, to make your app appealing to the targeted crowd, either it is Android or iOS.

Converting UI to React Native Code

We at iStudio Technologies implements the best industrial standards in converting the well-framed UI design into a complete structured mobile application that would meet all the user requirement. Our React Native developers have vast experience in carrying out this conversion process successfully to release the mobile app on time.

Custom React Native App Development

It is highly essential to possess complete knowledge over React Native development in creating mobile apps amongst code makers to execute the development process according to the platform requirement of client based on target users. We are profound React Native mobile app development company in Chennai, India who build highly customized applications that are platform, industry, and organization exclusive to meet the sheer need for business growth.

Tools used to create quality codes
in React Native


Specific tool used in React Native to detect problematic patterns in Java code and fix them to create a seamless mobile application.


Amongst all its peer, Prettier is sensed to be a handy code formatter which carries out the process of automated code formatting of JSX language used in the development.


Jest is a pre-set node environment which mimics the working process of the entire react native mobile application that has no DOM or browser API in its loading time.


Helps to eliminate bad Git commit and Git push and helps to run the code safer and faster.

Technology Stack



API Server
Tech Stack

Web Application Stack


Redux Thunk



Reactive X

Node Js










React native



Redux – Persisit

Redux – Logger



Benefits of Using React Native for
Mobile App Development

Reduced Development Time

We are the most promising team of React Native developers in Chennai, India, who makes the best use of this framework in creating highly interactive mobile apps. One of the most striking perks with using React Native its swiftness where it highly cut short the time of our mobile app developers in creating a complete application especially when it requires to create for both iOS and Android. On the other hand, using Objective-C/Swift and Java would take twice the time to React Native in creating two standalone mobile applications for iOS and Android.

High Performance

Most of the companies prefer to go with two standalone applications (separately for iOS and Android) to avoid getting compromised with the performance. Compared to native mobile apps, hybrid and mobile web applications won't perform well as a complete package. Being a highly affirmative React Native mobile application development company in Chennai, we prefer this framework as it would exhibit similar performance when compared to native based mobile applications .

Give scope to use Native code

Few organizations would aim at marketing their application exclusively for iOS users and hence, they directly opt-out for native mobile app development, React Native is a highly-flexible framework that helps our mobile app developers to create an exact look-alike native application according to our client's requirement. React Native makes it possible to integrate the third-party application (written in another programming language) while creating the native-based mobile app.


React Native as a framework portrays high-end flexibility with it as it allows the developers to accomplish the task of finishing the incomplete mobile app, by easily understanding the core concept used in its initial phase of development. Our Proficient team of React Native Mobile app developers creates best and productive application right from any stage of its development.


Movability is one of the most striking uniqueness of React Native framework when it comes to mobile app development, this framework completely transforms the developed application to another peer framework and proceeds with the task without starting from the scratch.

Instant Updation of Changes

Hot reloading is another unique feature of React Native that facilitates mobile app developers to check the code implemented in bringing the required changes in a specific field of application to be developed.