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Entire global people are ageing and facing more diseases and problems due to the modernized lifestyle, which makes the health care system into a complicated one and health services costlier. We help Individuals, hospitals, doctors, drug development companies, government organizations and health care research institutes to solve their day to day problems and provides solutions which makes them provide health care solutions future-ready. We are the best software development company in Chennai, India delivers custom-made software solutions for the healthcare industry.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Software

iStudio Technologies are one of the top healthcare solutions providers in Chennai, India, with 12 years of experience. Our software development process involves following guidelines of healthcare policies such as GDPR, HIPAA and FDA. Our healthcare software development services involve high clarity in the entire development process with a free consultation. We strictly adhere to OWASP standards to deliver secured software for your enterprise.

Healthcare data exchange

Healthcare data

iStudio technologies provides you various healthcare data exchange solutions which are recommended by medscape , NCBI, WHO and other major health organizations. We provide you with a complete healthcare data exchange consultation, system architecture and implements it successfully so that you can use the healthcare data efficiently to make necessary decisions across platforms without any dependencies.

Integration with third party health care software applications

Integration with third party health care
software applications

Hospitals are slowly converting into the digitization era with basic operations have already been acquired by the digitization process. But the one hurdle that stops hospitals from getting completely digitized is its vulnerability of getting exposed to different software from different vendors that leads to a synchronized operation. The improper implementation of software leads to its evacuation later or non-usage. And to the worst, some software will not allow data integration also. We are here to help you out with enhancing the interoperability of your hospital management software that includes enabling various software operability process like integration and data transfer. Being an experienced team of software developers in Chennai, India, we handle data integration with great care into your healthcare management system.

Data security

Data security

The most important concern with regards to healthcare software development is the security of data. We follow industry best practices, and we update the security protocols as per the latest data security recommendations. We are having high-end security in the development area as we well as in the server which monitors active hacker attempts, high level network security, DDoS attacks, and data access by employees. We are having experienced ethical hacker, security specialist, network specialist, System expert and data storage specialist those who work as avengers against attacks. All the process will be audited by our separate team to ensure high-level data security. We are one of the reputed healthcare software development company in Chennai, India, providing a secured healthcare software development.

We follow healthcare data exchange standards

Data standards are the essential elements of healthcare software that helps the information flow through entire infrastructure seamlessly. The data can be collected, transferred and reused across multiple platforms seamlessly to take necessary decisions, reduce the time delay for patient record across hospitals etc., To achieve this goal we have to follow and implement the data exchange standards strictly and at istudio technologies we develop healthcare software’s as per healthcare data standards.

What are the healthcare data

We are in the data era, every nook and corner of the world someone somehow is generating health data. The health data are more vital for the next generation technologies like AI/ ML/ DL, Big data analytics and data science. The data fed into the hospital management software needs to be in a standardized way to get implemented in the receiving system. The non-implementation of data standards would lead to severe effects like:
  • EHR data
  • Pharmacy data
  • Prescription data
  • No data sharing between clinical research centers
We will help you to implement health care standards in your software development. Health care data standards defined by methods, protocols, terminologies, collections, storage, exchange and retrieval of various health care data like:
  • Patients information
  • Medical records
  • Payment
  • Monitoring systems
  • Wearable data
  • Genomic data
  • DNA data
  • Research data

The following four parameters are involved
in the healthcare data

Get the best hospital management software in Chennai, India, that helps to carry out all the activities
flawlessly and at a swift rate.
Definition of data elements

Definition of data elements

Defines what is the data needs to be collected and exchanged

Data exchange formats

Data exchange formats

Structuring data elements and information's about the relationship between the data elements

parameters are involved in the healthcare data


Implementation of medical terms and concepts to describe, classify and code the data elements.

Knowledge representation

Knowledge representation

Standard protocols to represent electronically medical literature, clinical guidelines etc..

Message Format standards

Message format standards ensures inter-operability by defining the data elements and the relationship schema between the data elements, document architectures and clinical templates for structuring the data that needs to be exchanged. CHI – Consolidated health informatics suggests adopting the following messaging format standards.

HL7 - Clinical Data


DICOM - Digital imaging and communication in medicine


NCPDP - Retail pharmacy messaging


LOINC - Reporting of laboratory results

Mobile app development for
health care industry

Electronic Health Record / Exchange

Automated Digital Prescriptions

AI ICU monitoring & Alert system

Remote health monitoring

Online health consultation

Personalized medicine

Personalized health Monitoring

Disease prediction systems

Mobile app development for health care industry

Disease spread prediction system

Smart Hospital System

Decentralised patient data

Personalized health insurance

Assistive health Technology

All script Integration

PACS / DICOM viewer development

Practice Management Software

HL7 data interchange

HL7 Interface software development Services /
Implementation services

HL7 is a service-aware inter-operability framework( SAIF) which provides seamless data transfer model between multiple platforms. HL7 is the primary data interchange standard for clinical messaging and its adopter by 90% of the large hospitals. It is a set of health care international standards to transfer clinical and administrative data between different applications. Our renowned software development architects are experts in integrating HL7 data standards into your application. The HL7 Interface software development services we deliver is implementable in any software or web application. We provide end to end health care HL7 services based on the above implementations. Starts from HL7 consulting, Defining the architecture, Implementation and HL7 testing services.

We provide HL7 implementation with the
following standards:

  • HL7 2.x Messaging standard - Specification for primary health medical data
  • HL7 3 Messaging standard - Specification for primary health medical data with web service protocol SOAP
  • Clinical Document Architecture( CDA) - Clinical document exchange standard based on HL7
  • Continuity of care Document (CCD) - Exchange data standard of medical summaries based on CDA
  • Structured product labeling (SPL) - The data with a medicine information based on HL 7
  • GELLO - Mostly used expression language for clinical decision support
  • Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) - A data standard for visual integration of user applications
  • Fast healthcare Interoperability resources (FHIR) - A data standard to exchange of resources
  • Arden Syntax - a grammar standard to represent the medical conditions and recommendations
  • Claims attachment - A healthcare data attachment to support/ initiate another healthcare transaction
  • Electronic health record - EHR / Personal Health record - PHR - A primary and standard data format to store the health and medical conditions

HL 7 Interface
Development services

We provide HL7 interface development services for different types of health care applications. Being the industrial leader in providing custom healthcare software development, we provide HL7 interface integration services for:
  • EHR
  • PMS Prescription systems
  • lab equipment systems
We provide HL7 Interface development services for various health care hospitals, research organizations and government organizations in India. We are having experts in third-party interface integration services with Mirth connect, cloverleaf infor, iguana iInterfaceware, OPENlink cerner and Rhapsody Orion Health. We support emerging technologies like IoT integration and smart wearable data integration.

HL7 Viewer Development

HL 7 Interface Development services
We are having our custom developed HL7 viewer which will help organizations to implement HL7 interface faster and without any data issues. All the exchange data can be viewable, so that if there is any issues, it will be visible and fixed easily. A clear formatted HL7 message is responsive and real-time edits of messages. Editing and sending the message using a single application makes the testing fast. Our health care software HL7 experts will help you to create custom made HL7 viewer development which matches your requirements.
DICOMStandard implementation

Standard implementation

DICOM is a standard for managing and exchanging medical imaging data between multiple platforms. DICOM developed by the American College of Radiology and National Electrical Manufacturers Association. DICOM is a worldwide accepted standard for storing and exchanging different medical images generated by various medical imaging instruments like radiography, ultrasonography, computed topography, magnetic resonance imaging and radiation therapy.

DICOM is most widely accepted format to store, access and distribute images between different medical imaging devices like scanners, printers, network hardware and PACS ( Picture archiving and communicating systems) and its a common standard among medical device manufacturers.

Why DICOM is important?

DICOM is widely accepted and implemented in bigger hospitals globally. Small clinics and hospitals are in the process of implementing DICOM.

DICOM data exchange
and viewer development

Being a reputed healthcare software development company in Chennai, India, we provide custom healthcare software development based on DICOM. We provide third party integrations and DICOM based web application and Mobile applications. We are experts in web services, by implementing DICOM RESTful ( REST API) DICOM objects can be viewable in mobile app. By implementing DICOM in the mobile app, doctors can provide consultation immediately despite location. We support WADO-RS, STOW-RS, QIDO-RS, which belongs to DICOM web standards.

Advantages of
implementing DICOM

  • Common image exchange format that can be used across different applications
  • Exchange of image data between different hospitals will help to make the treatment faster
  • Medical history images of a patient can be stored and retrieved easily across platforms which ensures doctors to see complete health history of the patient