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The disruption of digitization is unimaginable in today’s business era, and we need to make complete use of it to connect, interact and develop a relationship with our contacts that enhances our life. Today’s business professionals expect things to happen instantly and digitization lends a great helping hand to make it happen, online meeting apps are certainly the boon for the current corporate world that helps them to interact with their team, clients, and stakeholders as well in developing their business.

The current pandemic situation has not just isolated us from the regular chores, instead, it has also created a wide scope of opportunity to explore the online space and get connected with our clients and business prospects to keep going with our working process without any interruption. Being a tech-driven Web conferencing software development company, iStudio Technologies helps you in creating a highly competitive online meeting app that possesses several striking features similar to tycoon products like Google Meet.

Why you need a Virtual Meeting App

Virtual meeting app

Virtual meeting app helps in getting connected with your peers easily online

Easily assemble people

Easily assemble people from different localities

Cost optimization

Cost optimization in regards to client meeting

Flexible mode of conversation

Flexible mode of conversation enabled according to user preference


Enhanced device security is assured

Features Driving our Video Conferencing App

Create Meeting

Create a seamless virtual meeting, using our online meeting software development service, that helps you to denote the agenda, participant details, and happening time, the app will generate unique id code that needs to use and shared by the concerned initiator to carry out the meeting with their involved peers.

Invite Peers

It needs to be mandatory that the involved peers must download the app to take participation in the online meeting, where they will be receiving a proper mail from the initiator that holds the meeting link and the code which is to be used by the concerned participant; the code will certainly be unique for an individual.

Schedule Meeting

The online remote connectivity app we develop for you hold an in-built calendar that registers the meeting and sends a timely reminder to the participants including the host through the mail, message and pop-up alert from the app as well. It embeds the global clock in it and hence it displays the meeting of the participant according to their local time.

Voice Call

The online meeting software development services we provide come up with multiple modes of connectivity that includes voice, video, and text-based communication. Provided with uninterrupted internet connectivity, the engaged participants can avail the feature of carrying on with their meeting where we provide a smooth interface in enhancing the communication.

Video Call

Being the best web conferencing software developer we assure the high definition of visuals and premium quality of the audio that helps the users to connect, interact, and share their ideas close to a real-time approach online. The video calling feature is highly non-disruptive that sets us apart from other online meeting applications.

Chat System

The virtual meeting app we develop for your business hold an in-built chat system in that helps the user to handle different clients at the same time by texting and conversing with others using the multi-mode option. By enabling the multi-mode option, you can now eradicate the setback of missing out the clients and be available to them in any one format.

Screen Sharing

To avail the proof of identity we bring the screen sharing option on-board that helps the participants to share any related screens from their involved device to bring in high-clarity to the person on another end. It does not just simplify the process of explaining a concept to the recipient; instead, it also minimizes the meeting time and hence helps you to focus on the important activities.

White Board

Whiteboard is a unique and interesting feature of the online meeting application we develop, where it converts your phone screen into a proper whiteboard where you can explain a concept similar to that of an in-house meeting. It brings in a high-range of connectivity between the involved participants and hence provides better clarity on the concept as well.

Remote Access

Not just you can conduct meetings with your client, now you can also focus on collaborating with your team by availing our remote meeting app development services, that creates a virtual team and collaborate as you do in your workstation, follow a similar style of workability with your team by maximizing the utilization of our app development service, stepping ahead conduct your talent hunt process proactively.

Extended Features

High-end Security

Since the meeting takes place with the internet connectivity, we ensure that the participants' device gets highly secured with the in-built security system we embedded in our virtual meeting app development process. Any malicious software or virus can't breach out your device as it gets a complete shield from our security system.

Easy Integration

Despite the device usage, online meeting app we develop easily gets integrated with frontline browser extensions and other software suits to carry out the business meetings seamlessly and handle your projects with ease while interacting with your team.

Multi- Video Conferencing

Being the best web conferencing software development company we deliver its benefits to the fullest is the ultimate goal that gets exhibited in our workability, we enable our users to interact with their multiple peers at the same time by providing the configuration setup of getting multi-connection in the online meeting app in a seamless way, where now you can interact with more than 10 of your peers or students or staffs at the same time to enhance productivity.

Control your Meeting

Don't restrict the usage of your device when you are attending an important meeting or discussing an important case or teaching an important lesson. Add a multi-optional device and bring in better control in accessing them to make your connectivity experience in utilizing the remote meeting application development service as a seamless and best option to connect.


Considering the key business nations that our entrepreneurs and other business leaders’ work with we help developing online meeting software in different languages that help the concerned user to understand its entire functionality in a much better way and make complete use of it.

One-One Video Conferencing

Being a splendid WebRTC online meeting app development company, we create smooth connectivity that helps you to interact and have a prolonged conversation with your peers, patients, and students to take corrective decisions and carry out a firm business process.

Sharing Screen Audio

Being proactive in delivering our services is a basic trait we follow, and we practice the same in our virtual meeting app development process, screen sharing is the common trait in most of the meeting applications, and hence we move a step forward by enabling the option of sharing the audio screen that helps the user and their peers with better connectivity.

Participant Control

Handling a multiple video call is a complicated process where the initiator might feel that certain details need to get discussed in privacy without disconnecting the call, hence we have implemented the option of mute audio for selective members that helps the initiator to carry on their conversation with a selective participant and complete the meeting successfully.

Accustoming According to Device


Our online meeting app development services blends well with your desktop and quickly gets accustomed to its features, which help the user to initiate, participate, and carry out the meeting seamlessly. Easy synchronization with any prevailing updated browser extensions and securely accessing the stored files to utilize in the meetings is the striking feature of our remote conferencing desktop application.

Accustoming According to Device


Exhibiting flexibility to the core, the remote meeting app we develop for your business highly gets integrated well with the mobile devices like laptop, smartphone, and tablets that portrays all its functionalities in the given screen space and also operated well by ensuring high-end security in accessing the files and carrying out the meeting smoothly in online.

Detailing its Workability

For Meeting Initiators

Step 1

Install our online meeting app from desktop or mobile app play store or app store according to the device you handle.

Step 2

Create a separate account by providing your email-id and an authenticated password

Step 3

Once you get into the app, now you can find a button named “create meeting” that helps to add your mail-ID and the participant(s) ID as well.

Step 4

Post adding the concerned email addresses the virtual meeting app will send a one-time link for the initiator and participant to use the same and take part in the meeting.

Step 5

Post adding the link, the meeting gets initiated.

For Meeting Participant

Step 1

Depending upon their device usability the participant needs to download and install our app either in their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Step 2

Post installing they need create an individual account using their email-ID and a confidential self-generated password.

Step 3

Once you are done with installation and other account generation activities you can now notify the initiator and get the specific link to join the meeting.

Step 4

Participate and enhance your experience with our virtual meeting app

Focused Verticals

college ERP software


Telehealth is an exponential booming market in this current pandemic situation, being the leading online meeting app development team we enhance the health consultation and treatment that helps physicians to track their patients' health conditions in real-time and similarly patients can also get clarified with their medical doubts with their concerned healthcare expert at anytime from anywhere.


Education is the second most priority that needs to get carried out at any circumstance irrespective of the prevailing conditions, online tutoring is already an established market in today's scenario with the advent of various innovative startups entering into the education industry, we are here to provide an exclusive web conference software that connects students with their schools and even the private tutors that makes “learning unstoppable” for students.




Our online conference app development delivers the best user-experience to the one who adopts its service by implementing the technology of web RTC. Web RTC is all about making things happen in real-time (Real-Time Communication) that eliminates the need for third-party plug-ins or native apps to connect peers in the virtual world and make them share their documents mutually.



Similar to Web RTC Jitsi is also a speculative open-source framework that paves the way to uninterrupted real-time virtual communication online between the involved peers; we are the leading Jitsi virtual conference app developers who help professionals and other vertical clients to carry out their working process and business development activities without fail.

Benefits in adopting Online Meeting App Development Service


A perfect dashboard that holds the entire record of your online meeting that registers the success rate based on the star ratings, and reviews provided from the user system that helps us to enhance our service in virtually connecting you with your peers.


Our virtual conference app development approach can withhold up to 12 members to get participated in video conferencing or even in the live streaming feature to make sure the agenda of the meeting got achieved at any cost.

Cloud Integration

Ensuring the security of your online interaction and the safety of your database, we bring in the technology of cloud to store the huge amount of your workable data and the client details as well that can efficiently manage, store, and execute the online meeting by providing access to cloud integration.

Focused Verticals

Technical Support

We provide end-end technical support for online conference app users, where our technicians are highly capable of clarifying any complicated issues; going a step further we have also implemented a highly interactive chatbots that rectifies your basic queries 24*7.


A detailed log that holds the complete information regarding your meeting includes the entire database of your contact list, mail-ids, and agenda concerning the client, and the assigned or postponed schedules as well.