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Key points to create Unique and Engaging Content Unique and engaging content will provide you double advantage. One it will satisfy the web crawlers to rank your page according to specific set of keywords. Second it will influence the visitors to read, adm ...

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SEO On Page SEO Off Page SEO Google Local Search SEO Google First Page Ranking Social Media Optimization Services Backlinks Google Penalty Recovery OFF-PAGE SEO SERVICES Off-Page Optimization is not just about links. After effectively completing on-page o ...

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ISTUDIO TECHNOLOGIES, AN BIG DATA BASED SEO COMPANY, OFFERING GOOGLE LOCAL SEO SERVICES IN CHENNAI What is Google Local SEO? Google Local SEO is a local search tool that organizes results around specific locations. Google Local SEO Services in ...

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Do you want to appear 1st page 1st link in Google search result? Do you want hightest click-through rate for you website? Are you looking for a guaranteed google 1st page SEO services in Chennai If you have any question as above then you have ...


Increase your position in the Google search results by increasing the authority of your website in the eyes of the search engines by sticking with the best link building company in Chennai. Link Building The term ling building has become an olden term consid ...

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SMO Services in Chennai | SEO Company in Chennai | SMO Services Chennai Social Media Marketing Everyone connected to the Internet these days, obviously, spend their time on some form of social media. Some of the popular social media ...

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Google Penalty Recovery Services in Chennai | SEO Services in Chennai | SEO Companies in Chennai | SEO Company In Chennai Google Penalty Recovery Services Google can penalize your website for different reasons. One of these reasons is if you ha ...


MARKET RESEARCH COMPANY | MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES What is Market Research and how it helps for your Business? In today's fast changing world, Market Research is essential and also a crucial factor in the decision-mak ...


    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important Marketing and branding process for all types of business starting from start-up companies to multi-billion dollar companies. Now a days everyone rely on Google, Bing, Naver, Baidu and other major search engine for our daily necessary information dose. So, Search engine Optimization is mandatory for all business to get visible in search engines. Everyone search Google for their requirements. For example, students search for tutorials, Q&A, etc., we all search for health, news, technology, etc., We all search Google for each and every information we need. So, if you are running a business SEO is inevitable solution for your brand popularity, Marketing, Sales & Lead Generation. Internet is one of the major marketing media in today’s technology environment world. We all use some sort of smart devices to access data all over the internet. Internet is still evolving and we are also discovering new methodologies and ideas for Internet marketing via SEO. We are here to provide you a complete SEO solution that brings you Google First Page Ranking, drive more Traffic and sales. iStudio Technologies is a leading SEO company in Chennai, India provides you an ultimate SEO strategy that unleashes your business potential to land your business in search engines. Our professional and comprehensive SEO solutions give you a remarkable presence in the internet world.

  • How SEO is helpful for your business Branding, Marketing & Lead generation

    SEO plays a huge role in Business promotion & sales generation through on-line. Search engine optimization is the only way to reach target audience. Reaching target audience will get you more targeted traffic and real customers. iStudio Technologies is a leading SEO company in Chennai, India provides you target audience based SEO. We analyse your competitor and will give you target keywords based on your location of business. This will give you an insight analysis of your competitor and will lead you first in your business.

    • Brand Building
    • Reach Target Audience
    • Interactive & effective marketing
    • Drive more traffic to your website
    • Get potential customers
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Promotion
    • Returning customers

    With a proper SEO strategy will give you all the 8 above benefits. We are one of the top seo companies in Chennai, India provides you feasible, professional and comprehensive SEO solution for your business.

  • Our successful SEO strategy & procedures for a success business promotion in internet

    Top 6 steps to create a successful SEO Strategy

    Developing and executing a successful SEO plan is very important while planning for a SEO strategy. Our experienced seo experts provides you a successful comprehensive seo strategy, with all latest white hat seo methodologies.

    Make a list of keywords & phrases for your business

    Creating a list of keywords for your business is highly important. Our experienced SEO experts analyse about your business and give you best keyword list. We comprehensively analyse your business with latest technologies and we select the keywords according to traffic, Geographical Area & search engines. iStudio Technologies is the only seo company in Chennai, India providing Big Data Analytics based SEO keyword list. You can’t get a solution like this anywhere in India. Create a list of 10 keywords and focus initially for the 10 keywords first.

  • How our seo experts prepare keyword list

    Real Case Study

    Business: Web Services & Web Development
    Business Goal: Prepare a simple goal of the company.

    iStudio Technologies a 6 year old company in Chennai, India provides web development, seo services, web designing & custom software development. Now we would like to open our branch offices throughout the world.

    Categorize the products into categories:

    • Web Designing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Software Development

    Analyse which are the potential countries in the world for each business category:

    Web Designing ( web design company)

    Overall business Analysis statement for a particular keyword

    The web design business is relatively low when compared to 2004. But the business becomes moderate without much volatile between 2007 – 2014. This gives us a clear view that web designing and web development business will have a good space to explode.

    SEO Keyword trends analysis for a particular country: Web Design Company

    City wise Analysis report for a particular business category: Web Design Company

    India is the most potential country for web designing as it becomes an IT outsourcing hub for the entire world. UAE, Singapore, United Kingdom & Australia are the most potential countries in the world for web designing business.

    In United Kingdom, England & Scotland are the most potential cities for web designing relevant business. The requirements are more in this area. So, this result gives us a clear idea about where we need to concentrate and which keyword we need to concentrate.

    Istudio Technologies is the only SEO company in Chennai, India provides you this much in depth keyword analysis for your successful SEO strategy.×

  • Create pages with focused keywords keyword’s

    Create pages with focused keywords keyword’s

    Selecting and Implementing target keywords and phrases in content plays a major role in SEO. Focus only 2 – 3 keywords in a page. Concentrating on 2-3 keywords and creating content around it will give good results in Google and other major search engines. Google search algorithm is evolving more and more with updates like Hummingbird algorithm which is more accurate and search for relevant content. Hummingbird algorithm focuses mainly on long trail keywords & phrases and not on just keywords.

    Eg: Target keyword: seo company, seo services, seo experts in Chennai


    • professional seo services in Chennai
    • comprehensive seo services in Chennai
    • leading seo company in Chennai,India

    Our seo experts will help you to choose quality and high traffic keywords to get Google first page ranking.

    Create Unique content and fresh content

    Visitors always search and look for fresh, unique, clean and clear content. Google also seeks the same from you. In 2003 Google engineers filed a patent on SEO name Document Scoring based on Document content type. This Goole SEO patent gives a clear path of how Google search engine work. We are the only company in Chennai, India knows about the in and out of this patents.

    One of the most important in Google ranking is Fresh and unique content.

    • Create a blog or forum for updating content on daily basis and to make your website customer centric
    • Create a complete link building strategy
    • Implement new SEO strategies and have a best practice to implement it
    • Monitor, Measure & Monetize your SEO success