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Functional testing is basically the verification and validation of each function of software application. With our best testing expertise we are the one of the top software functional testing company in Chennai. Functional testing ensures the quality and stability of the product to users. Testing basically tells about “can this task be performed” or “does this feature respond properly”. It is a good instrument which gives quality assurance and checks software ability to do various tasks. Clients also focus on the importance of functional testing as it minimizes the risk factor. Functions are generally tested by providing input and examining the output. It does not focus on how the process is happening but on the result of processing.For a company, most important thing to build its reputation is to maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of their product. Functional testing checks the functionality and efficiency of the product before delivering it to users.

More Accuracy

Performing functional testing ensures the accuracy factor. Tested software tends to be error free thus providing better outputs and leads to customer satisfaction. There are various benefits of functional testing.

Saves Time

Manually performing the tests for product requires lot of time and money but automated functional testing can be performed again and again with reduced cost and time.

Builds Business Status

Functional testing provides defect free product building trust among customers and hence improving brand’s reputation. Opting for functional testing saves both the time and money.

Effective Functional Testing Practices


The objective of the test should be clear from the starting of the project. To get a quality testing it is very important for company to have clear goals and objectives. It gives the clear picture of the project. Clear objective provides information about the major defects and knowledge on the areas which require improvement.While performing the functional testing of product one must opt for analytical risk based strategies. They help in detecting the risk items and finding their effect on application. It provides a way to find out the solution for long term risks. It is a planned way to overcome from the challenges of the project. When it comes for the best software testing service in chennai istudio is the one of leading functional testing company in Chennai.

  • Impact analysis and evaluation of test readiness
  • Document and the report defects
  • Managing and maintaining the defect lifecycle
  • Defining test data for positive/negative testing
  • Execution of regression suite and reporting status of execution
  • Formal quality gate definition, plan and estimate
  • Publishing go/no-go dashboards for releases
  • Assisting the business teams in business acceptance testing
  • Developing the traceability matrix between needs vs. the Test cases

Wide Range of Testing Services
for the Finest Outcome

Functional testing fulfils the need to determine the compliance of any application with the stated requirements. It can be considered as Graphical User Interface test conducted on an integrated system. It consists of thorough testing and validation of all competence, features, and functions of a software. iStudio Technologies is the top functional testing company in Chennai. Different types of functional testing services are available


System Integration Testing

System integration testing refers to performance testing of the product functionality in an integrated scenario via severe module.


Functionality Testing

Functionality testing refers to validation of the whole component or function of the product


End-To-End Testing

End-to-end testing refers to testing requirements as well as test execution, along with detailed management and reporting


Usability Testing

Usability testing is to see how easy to use something is by testing it with users.

Wide Range of Testing Services
for the Finest Outcome

  • Efficient and productive test coverage
  • Identifying the defects during the development process
  • Reduced testing costs due to testing cycles’ reduction
  • Replicating and establishing client’s test environment
  • You also get advantage of cost-effective and error free solution.
  • Developing the repeatable test plans for reducing the testing time
  • Determining and verifying needs can be made effective at the time of testing.
  • Use of the proficient systems for defect tracking. It will help on reporting issues at the right time.
  • Provides the best communication model for daily-activities reporting and the testing-process progress.
  • Experts do the execution of test cases and their results are recorded after the completion of testing process.
  • Expertise in making the relevant test strategy, planning and choosing the best techniques for test execution.
  • Tests are comprehensively planned for different kinds of testing. Though, plan can be modified as per the issues coming up in front during testing process.

Functional Testing Services

The world of applications is changing and evolving with the passage of time and the Apple operating system is no stranger to this. It has always tried to be one step ahead of its competitors and has strived to enhance the experience of its users through improvements and frequent updates.

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Compatibility Testing

Security Testing

White Box Testing


iStudio Technologies is top software testing company in Chennai prepares you for internet of things. Online business is completely different from brick and mortar business. Here reviews can be handy for improving brand image and performance. Is there any loophole in funtional testing company in Chennai? No, if you implement with precision. There is no need to move forward in hurry. iStudio Technologies is best software functional testing company in Chennai will do it for your Business growth.

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