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Visual effects have undoubtedly been one of the most critical elements of the financial success of the best films in recent years.
Visual effects have undoubtedly been one of the most critical elements of the financial success of the best films in recent years. We include special effects and 3D animation solutions for film, public television, gaming movies, corporate images. iStudio Technologies, with 13+ years of experience, our VFX is a privately run post-production studio specializing in visual effects for feature films and commercials.
As a leading 3D animation company in India, The iStudio Technologies VFX production house covers Concept Design, 3D/2D Animation, Painting, and Composing for 2D and TV productions.

We will produce the most eye-catching sequence in world cinema and provide experience across all sorts of effects, unpaid to a team of experienced trained experts, the new technology, and resources. Our VFX studios add visual beauty and creative expertise to content and experiences in the advertisement, entertainment, and film/streaming markets. Every studio carries its own innovative marketing approach while utilizing and providing the best 3D animation services in Chennai, iStudio Technologies’ advanced research and innovation team to take advantage of the current technical demands of engaging storytelling.

Animation in computer graphics

3D computer graphics services are also being used in marketing activities to help demonstrate new products, product demonstrations and show unseen features. We use three-dimensional graphics in all of our video development projects, with expenses much smaller than you would expect. In certain instances, it is less than making a film in the conventional context.

Animated 3D computer designs and animations are the best way to display new mechanical designs, medical equipment, engineering projects, and all pre-release products. It is also ideal for training teams that need to show part of the relations and changes, which will be impossible to describe without proper examples of the internal part of work. With years of experience in offering excellent 3D animation services in Chennai, our product designers find 3D animation videos particularly useful for illustrating pieces that are obscured from regular view.

Video Editing Services

Being the top 3D animation company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has over 13+ years of experience in the area of video editing, serving multinational photographers, marketing agencies, photo studios, corporates, etc. We have the tools and experience to edit and turn all sorts of raw content into quality videos within a short time.

If you have a vast volume of video clips of any format (AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.), and need assistance in mixing sequences, rearranging footage, deleting inappropriate content, streaming shots, and more, we can support you. We incorporate music/sound, text/headlines, subtitles, voice-overs, special effects, imaginative tilting, animations, including transitions to improve your original video footage and make it look professional.
We direct you through the step-by-step video editing process. Upload the video file and take a quick look at it. Our expertise will change the file accordingly and submit it to you for analysis. Required changes are made if any, and the file is eventually made easier to download.

Whether you have an idea or a business goal, we can help translate it into a striking video.

CGI 3D animation

Our in-house high-resolution CGI rendering abilities will produce CGI and make the goods look state-of-the-art. Located in Chennai Our CGI 3D Animation services will include CGI illustrations for exhibits, brochures, blogs, customer engagement studios, seminars, exhibits. CGI photos will draw buyers to your stand with eye-catching displays and boost the overall value of your goods.

We can offer realistic CGI, animations portraying real-life scenarios, and help customers communicate instantly. At iStudio Technology, we are proud of our personalized approach to producing beautiful computer-generated imagery (CGI). We take the time to understand what makes your product or service unique, so we can produce stunning artwork that goes beyond your objectives and desires.
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CGI Architecture

Market the creation in breathtaking high-resolution detail before the groundwork has been set with our Architectural Visualization Service. Our 3D architecture services are capable to correctly reflect both the external and the internal of your buildings.
Being the best 3D animation company in India, we pay attention to every detail that are given right from the structural elements to furniture, decorations, and landscaping. We have designers who can digitally reconstruct the structures using their images as well as the blueprint templates. Even templates may be created from the details of the customer. The integration of plants, creatures, humans, etc. to the interactive 3D universe can also be achieved. We produce the final product as per your need: instructional presentation, architectural outline, or a walkthrough video.

CGI Computer Animation

Breathe your heart through the material of our engaging and enjoyable animation service. Our CGI animators are renowned for their innovative ability to stunning and entertaining stories. Supporting our clients from the advent of simple ideas to the final version, our team of artists will help to render CGI animation a reality.

We connect our animated stories with the public, so the clients can feel linked to the brand, creating features that can remain in the minds of audiences. We collaborate on each project along with the creative and development staff of the client, searching for the most suitable graphic methods to produce the outcomes our clients want, with the easiest and most economical approach with the maximum level of techniques and fine-tuning.

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Visual Production Company

Visual Effects will never be as entertaining as we are. iStudio Technologies is a leading premium VFX producer with a large customer base and proudly placed as one of India’s best VFX firms. VFX is the fuel for the film universe as well as the visual stuff. We are highly trained in the development of a complete suite of visual effects facilities.
With our excellent 3D animation services in India, we are committed to taking all the burdens related to the post-production of visual elements, composition, blurring, animation, matte painting, rig removal, environmental development, etc. To fulfill the VFX criteria of the advertisement, entertainment, television, games, science, and technology industrial sectors.

CGI Visualization

At iStudio Technologies, we are committed to adding and improving the ” wow ” factor in your videos, movies, animations, etc. By creating surreal scenes and characters in the best possible manner illusions. Undoubtedly, listeners cannot understand the distinction between reality and fiction.
CGI visualization is an extremely valuable method for architects, interior designers, planners, and property developers. The methodology can be used for a wide variety of projects to help to bring the aspects of creation to reality, and many construction practitioners know the benefits. They are also needed to advertise inventions for sales and marketing purposes, and CGI visualization provides a fast and highly efficient way to get visuals correct before completion.

VFX Outsourcing Companies

At iStudio Technologies, our VFX artists explore the boundaries of what is technologically and physically feasible at the most affordable rate. If you need a single VFX shot, the full post-production of your frame, composition, blurring, animation, matte painting, rig removal, extension or atmosphere development, etc., we can address all VFX needs.
We cater in particular to the VFX demands of the advertisement, television, publishing, gaming, and science and technology sectors. Make your images beautiful and unforgettable with a wide range of special visual effects (VFX) services offered by iStudio Technologies.

We offer smooth VFX services with the right amount of passion and innovation, with no compromise in quality.

VFX Production Companies

Our team of designers full of talent and a bottomless flow of excitement. These are the secrets to our success that make us the best studios in India. Our VFX Services are very powerful to explore and improve the efficiency of your visual and audio content. We have extreme experience and comprehension of Visual Effects, Composing, Computer Generated Imaging, Rotoscoping, Wire Removal, Chroma Keying, Set Extensions, and much more to achieve the most optimal results. And to have the same for reasonable competitive prices. Responsibility for post-production to us. Best VFX studio in Chennai, serving for ad films, advertisements, and social media globally.
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Why choose us?

We iStudio Technologies stand in the market in the competitive VFX environment by delivering the highest standard. As an award winning 3D animation company in Chennai, we use multinational scaling technology making us unique. Our high-end technicians appreciate the requirements of clients and produce their pictures live on the screen.

iStudio Technologies provides industry-standard visual effects facilities including technical excellence and state-of-the-art equipment. From project planning to completion, our managers, producers, and artists have innovative ways to satisfy the demands of the customer with their budget.

For stunning life-like and amazingly creative 3d animation reach us today!