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Performance Testing

Best Software Performance testing company in Chennai is performed to evaluate the speed and effectiveness of a software program, network, computer or device. It determines how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under certain situation. It investigates and measures the quality attributes like speed, scalability, reliability, stability and resource usage of the system. It helps in verifying that whether the system meets the specifications claimed by manufacturer or not. Effective performance testing can quickly uncover the problem areas which need improvement. It eliminates the performance bottlenecks from the system. It ensures that software meets the required standards before it goes to market. iStudio Technologies is best software performance testing service in Chennai, the goal is to evalvate benchmark behavior of system to address performance test issue in design and architecture.

Why do performance testing?

Performance testing is crucial for growth and success of business. A poor performing system or software not only leads to financial loses but also de-accelerate your business growth. If a software or system is launched without the performance testing it might have some undetected quality issues which is likely to create bad reputation and lose in the market. Here are some of the advantages of performance testing. We are the Best Software Performance testing company in Chennai and provides you all most all type of software testing services in Chennai.

  • Performance testing enhances optimization and capacity planning efforts.
  • It provides information about the areas which need improvement in software.
  • It helps in measuring the end user response time and user load level.
  • Identifies the performance boundaries and discover bug in each component.
  • It inspects the quality of product and if there is any defect it identifies and rectifies that.
  • It ensures the accuracy and reliability of the product in market building great reputation.

One of the top Performance testing agency in Chennai is ready to help you in all your testing needs.

Types of performance testing services

Based on the techniques and methodologies performance testing is classified into different categories. iStudio Technologies is best software performance testing company in Chennai is to assist our client's for efficient application and product development in afforadable cost. Major types of performance testing are as following:

Load testing

Load testing is the simplest form of all the testing. It is performed to check the behaviour of the system or software with the constant increasing load unless it reaches to its threshold limit. It provides the range of specific expected load system can hold.

Stress testing

Stress testing is a type of testing performed to evaluate the behaviour of a system beyond its threshold limit. Its objective is to identify the breaking point of system and how efficiently it recovers back from the breaking point. It is also checks the stability of system in adverse environment.

Spike testing

Spike testing is performed to determine the behaviour of the system by suddenly and substantially increasing the load by a very large amount. The aim is to determine whether the system will sustain the dramatic change in load or its performance will suffer.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing is also known as Soak testing. It is performed to find out if the system can sustain a continuous expected load over a long period of time. The main parameters of endurance testing are memory utilization and performance degradation with time.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing is done to evaluate the software’s effectiveness and efficiency in scaling up to support the rise in user load. It is a type of non-functional test to understand that at what point the software prevent more

Volume Testing

In volume testing a larger amount of data is populated in data base to process and then the system’s behaviour is observed. The main aim of such testing is to monitor the application’s performance under various volumes of

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Best Performance Testing Tools

Best Software Performance testing service in Chennai execute application performance testing to end-user expectations to give solutions to client's in a better way among competitors. Here are few important performance testing tools which are most widely used for measuring software’s performance and load capacity. They ensure maximized software performance. It is cost effective as the investment done in testing ensures the maximum revenue and profit for the business. Thus, it is considered a vital element and a necessity for the success of product and maximization of profit. It is advisable to all the companies to perform the performance testing of the product before it goes live in the market. Top software performance testing company in Chennai will perform various performance testing to ensure its quality product goes to the market place. Our service to our clients makes us one of the top performance testing agency in Chennai.

  • ● Apache JMeter

  • ● WebLOAD

  • ● Grinder

  • ● Tsung

  • ● LoadRunner

  • ● Appvance

  • ● WAPT

  • ● NeoLoad

  • ● LoadUI

  • ● Loadster

  • ● LoadImpact

  • ● Rational Performance Tester

  • ● OpenSTA

  • ● Loadstorm

  • ● Testing anywhere

  • ● CloudTest

  • ● LoadComplete

  • ● Loader


Important Practices For Performance Testing

Best software Performance testing company in Chennai should be capable enough to stimulate the desired result. Performance testing is very important before placing any product in the market as poor performance of the launched product is fatal for the company. It provides reliability which ensures client’s satisfaction and investor’s investment. Few practices should be kept in mind while performing performance testing like:

  • Do not place too much stress on team.
  • Set baseline for all type of tests.
  • Verify user scenarios before execution.
  • Use think time in test setup.
  • Create realistic test setup.
  • Properly monitor and analyze the test results.
  • Get familiar with the performance testing tools.
  • It ensures the accuracy and reliability of the product in market building great reputation.
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