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We, at iStudio Technologies believe in being prompt with the latest frameworks instead of waiting on the corners of the competition. We have expert team of professionals who take of the development and designing process. We offer some of the cost-effective solutions.
We provide engaging websites to our customers. Frameworks boost the efficiency of the web service, web application, and web development. They have fascinating features such as session management, database, templates, and database access libraries. These frameworks can enhance the activities of the website.
iStudio Technologies, is an efficient framework development company in India which offers the most modular and flexible development solutions that will save your time.We have scalable options which will make the web development process easier. Our wide range of services will give a relief from the tensions and the hectic task of development. We have started using selected framework for the projects of our clients.
The special framework development service that we offer will provide you with an extensive choice of web app features. If you want to ensure the success of your business then you have come to the right place.

Angular JS

In order to build a dynamic website, you need to have a strong foundation supported by an effective framework. Angular JS will help in creating a rich user interface of the site and enable you to create a single web page application. Our developers have expertise to handle the most innovative projects of the clients. You can our Angular JS developers for enriching the experience of your user.
Angular JS is a popular and important framework in JavaScript. This is used for creating single web page application. This structural framework is open source and is maintained by Google. Applications can be developed and tested pretty conveniently with the help of Angular JS using the client-side model controller view. At iStudio, we have the web application development experts. We use all the latest technologies of Angular JS for the customers. Someone who is comfortable with JavaScript will find it easier to work with Angular JS. The apps can be implemented pretty effectively with the help of this framework. Also, implementing the features will not lead to any wastage of time since you will be able to write the code all by yourself. Using AJAX functionality, this framework offers a command to load the external data. This way the AJAX document is loaded easily.





Backbone Js

Some basic Features of Backbone JS
As the name suggest, Backbone serves as the backbone of different apps while enabling the developers to develop sophisticated and structural web applications. This is a lightweight JavaScript Framework service that is based on MVP or Model View Presenter. It is used for developing interactive, simple, and rich applications. This framework helps to assure the reliable solutions since it reorganizes the coding in JavaScript into models and views which reduces the task of development applications. However, it helps in developing it faster. With the help of Backbone JS, managing, editing, adding, and removing becomes pretty easy and simple. It is a flexible structure which brings every application alive. The Backbone library is one of the smaller libraries when it comes to the features. Also, it has some predefined structures for the developers. It has an MVC framework which enables the developers to develop in a modular format. We one of the top web app development companies based in Chennai.
Backbone JS offers the developers a structure to develop a web application for designing the models with binding and various other custom events. Moreover, it offers a collection with a help of a proper set of API of the views and functions which will connect the available API on the restful JSON interface.

It offers different components such as events, models, collections, routers, views, etc. to design the client-side based web app.

This is free and open source library which has numerous extensions. The framework serves as the backbone of the project which allows the developer to arrange the code in an effective manner.

The framework might contain some soft-dependency over JQuery and also some hard dependencies along with the concept of Underscore JS.

The Backbone JS can also manage the data model which consists of the data of the user and thereafter it represents it in the browser in the same format that is written on the client-end.


With the advancement in technology, the expectations of the customers are changing rapidly. Since the customers uses mobile they seek for information anywhere and everywhere. This is the reason you need a web application which is responsive across various devices. iStudio helps businesses accomplish this with the custom software development services that we offer. Our experts are adept at the best platforms such as Polymer JS for facilitating the business of the client. Polymer is actually a library for the creation of responsive components with the help of HTML elements. It is framework that acts like a framework for accelerating the process of web applications. It creates chunks of codes which are easily available to the development society.


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It is based on the element-centric functioning. This is one the latest method of working in a different manner. In this case, each of the elements is treated as a new element.



This has eliminated the gap in between the developers and the designers. This framework makes sure that a simple working association is maintained in between the designers.

Meteor JS

Meteor JS is a web-based and open-source framework that is used for building superior quality web within a time-frame. This is a new framework which has made the process of web development easier. This framework can be useful for beginner, as well as an expert developer. This is in JavaScript which means that there is no need to work with one language in the browser or the server.
Meteor JS is pretty reflective which means that the modification to the data is directly reflected everywhere throughout the application. This also includes a user interface without call backs. This is a powerful feature. This creates real time web application. It makes it easier to build and manage back-end, front-end, and the database using the JavaScript. Our developers have been trained to use every aspect of Meteor JS application development. Our professionals will develop the product at a faster rate that is cross-platform flexible and is without any bugs. Our experts are JavaScript lover. Meteor JS is our favorite platform for developing super-fast mobile and desktop apps. We have an absolutely professional development process which goes through several integrations and tests.


This helps to accomplish every task along with 10 lines of code that is performed with maximum lines in all the other frameworks. Thus, it is good to integrate JavaScript in this concept.


It helps to develop apps for various devices. In Meteor JS the same code is used for developing the applications, whether it is iOS, desktop, or Android.


With Meteor JS it is now possible to leverage single code for Android, iOS, or desktop apps. It also helps in updating these apps.


This concept offers the easiest method for linking the various sections of the user-interface or UI along with the data-model.


Any kind of modification that is made in the view model of the data reflects the respective user interface and vice-versa.


When there is a change in the data model at the same time, the correction is made in the UI accordingly.


These are the mode efficient and easiest method for creating a complicated user interface that has the chance of repeating or resting the blocks.


This is beneficial approach for selecting the prototype method for minute applications or to apply the concept of data binding over codebase. This is a complicated job for many people but we have experts who are capable of solving the problem very easily. Our professionals are focused at providing the best work to the client. We are the best Knockout JS provider in Chennai.
Knockout JS is an efficient method for handling the data-driven interfaces. Instead of performing the tracking method manually, each and every component of the HTML page is dependent on the modification. This means that it will modify automatically inside the DOM if any kind of changes is made within the data model.


In case of Ember JS, the route is taken as the model and the handle bar template serves as the controller and the view. Both of them shape out the data inside the model.
At present, Ember JS is making use of template engine which is known as Handlebars. This is an advanced version of the popular Mustache-template engine. The recent Handlebar version is known as the HTML bars which is being used in the recent applications. Handlebars aren’t compatible with DOM and hence it is only capable of transforming the string.

Ember JS is used for the development of reusable web applications. It also helps in maintaining JS based applications

Ember JS is used developed using Handlebars template and is also the easy way to develop the front-end part of the project.

This framework might remove the boilerplate that is part of the code which might be present in different places.

React JS

At present, React JS is one of the popular JavaScript libraries which have been released recently. Developers prefer this framework to a great extent. With React JS, you will be able to separate the components in an effective manner within a singular page.
React JS is a good concept for initiating the development program since it offers a concept that is quite common for web development. React JS follows the V-view concept of MVC architecture.
Our React JS development is pretty fast and keeps away all kinds of expensive operations. This offers enough flexibility and high gain rates when it comes to performance.


We, at iStudio Technologies, have a web development experts in Chennai as well as diligent approach towards all projects that come our way, big or small. Our developers and designers are well-versed in how custom web designing works and strive to ensure deadline-oriented top quality results. We also provide comprehensive web solutions and help clients in widening their audience. Our developers pay close attention to the requirements and expectations of the clients and ensure that the final result is desirable to them. It is our collective industry experience and field knowledge that has made us a force to reckon with in the world of website development.

As a top web development company in Chennai will check websites are invigorating, engaging and responsive. We are known for developing user-friendly mobile sites. Such sites account for almost half of the internet activity all around the world. SEO promotion is another one of iStudio’s popular services.

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