internet of things for

consumer electronics

With the renaissance period prevailing now in the internet’s glory, we have stepped into one unprecedented era, where, the consumer durable electronics, and products, are becoming connected devices. It is possible to communicate bidirectional now. There is no need for any humans to intervene or instruct now.

Myriad of changes have come with this adaptation to the revolutionary technology of IoT to use connected devices in diverse applications today. Custom fitted smart house hold solutions using the IoT and the smart office solutions using the IoT are quite unlimited. We manage, collect, analyse, and act on each and every aspect of communication with IoT now. Range of pluggable options is available with iStudio now.
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Realizing the vitality of Catalogue Management, the storefronts offers a range of convenient functionalities, that might include something like the importing CSV file of products, or the automatic product combination generators, or the UPC code fields, or the Inventory management tools and tracking as per products and variations options, along with the inventory archives.

What you can do with IOT


Remote crop monitoring


Remote equipment monitoring


Livestock tracking and geofencing


Predictive analytics and livestock


Climate monitoring and forecasting


Stats on livestock feeding and produce


Smart logistics and warehousing


Sensor-based field and resource mapping

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