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HTML5 Web Design Company in Chennai

We are the Best HTML5 web design company in Chennai. HTML5 is a technology which is used for showcasing structured contents over the internet for improving the user experience on devices of all kinds. HTML5 is the recent version of HTML. With the help of this, our developers design tech-savvy sites.The HTML5 solutions by iStudio Technologies offer solutions that sustainable and secure. We construct websites which can be easily maintained and scaled according to the requirement. With this, the users will be able to view the APIs which can be developed by HTML5. This can be integrated for developing complicated cross-platform applications. Being the best HTML5 website designing company, we make optimum use of HTML5 and offer great functionality. We bring to you a wide array of HTMl5 services where you will be able to transform the previous data into a personified design which are functional for all kinds of mobile devices. iStudio provides the best HTML web design service in Chennai.

Advantages of HTML5 Web Designing


iStudio Technologies, based in the Indian capital of Chennai, should be your obvious choice for any top HTML5 web designing company in Chennai activity. While there are numerous players in the field of web designing, iStudio Technologies simply offers a lot more!.

  • Supported by all browsers that are in the offing.
  • Provides support for both desktop, as well as mobile versions of websites.
  • Helps in the development of more media rich content, which is a must for designing any top rated website.
  • In built feature called ‘Canvas’ gives more power to web designers to create interactive content on pages.
  • Also loads at a much faster rate compared to pages that are created using older versions.

Web Design Using HTML5

HTML5 is lean yet powerful language. New tags that are common for document structures offer browsers, authors, and the search engine more knowledge about the content. New form specifies addresses, dates, emails, and telephone numbers for facilitating more useful input and client-side validation. With our pixel perfect result and our on time delivery makes us one of the best HTML5 web design companies in Chennai.
Relying on our HTML5 developers will be the best option to get an effective and innovative design for your website. The competency of our experts to use HTML5 canvas drawing tool enables the designers to develop highly responsive website which will make your website have a dominant online presence. iStudio Technologies offers the best HTML5 web design company in Chennai to our clients for leveraging the potential in various ways.

Webpages developed with HTML5 that will be very well layered and modeled.

Efficient Designing Ensures That Websites Load Almost Instantaneouslyeled.

Creative Design Implementations That Will Take Users By Awe!

Friendly And Easy Layout Is Maintained For Usability


We have a talented set of workers who create and deliver innovative solutions. iStudio Technologies is the best web design company in Chennai offer high-quality app solutions and also a top html5 web design company in Chennai. We follow a well-defined development methodology for developing the website of the client’s. Our developers and designers have deeper passion and knowledge. We deploy our capabilities in CSS3 and HTML5 at the optimum level for offering high-quality web application design.

Our best web design experts use HTML5 for paving the pathway for mobile app development, wearable car infotainment, and mobile app development. With our web designing service, you will have a comfortable and unique user experience while browsing through the website. Our experts will work hard to give you an interface which will enhance the user-experience.
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Key Features of HTML Website

Once you get your UI developed by our best HTML5 experts, you will love it. HTML5 offers significant advantages and serves as the best solution for website designing. Your website will get a better look on every platform. With HTML5, you can get more media-rich content. Check out some of the amazing features offered by HTML5. We are best HTML5 web design company in Chennai and also a best web development company in Chennai will work with our best experts will guide our clients business to success.



Offline Storage


3D & Graphics



Improved Code

Device Access

Html Web App Browser Compatibility

HTML is used for creating a content structure for a web application. The best HTML5 web design company in Chennai as experts of the team will check browser compatibility for better user experience. HTML5 is the latest version. This allows the content to be displayed directly on the website. HTML5 provides you with a new and meaningful ways to manage the content. The pages of the website can be organized relevantly. This means that the search engines will have contextual information regarding the content for indexing. This proceeds towards a semantic web. Using new semantic technologies will help to improve the interrelationship and discoverability. Rich internet application is described as web applications which can bridge the gap in between the desktop and the browser. To a great extent, a RIA will be able to communicate with the local system of the user for providing an experience which expands beyond the user. This functionality comes in form of plugins for extending the browser functionality. HTML5 has the ability to score and also retrieve files from the machine of the user. With top HTML5 website designing companies in chennai, web applications will be able to access and manipulate the files from any kind of browser that supports HTML5. We are one of the best HTML5 web design companies in Chennai with 9+ years of experiance.


80% of HTML Web App Chrome Compatible


77% of HTML Web App Firefox Compatible


72% of HTML Web App Opera Compatible


26% of HTML Web App IE Compatible

Interface of Mobile Application

Innovative designs are in the DNA of our professionals. We design interactive UI mobile application design by using JavaScript frameworks such as Ionic framework, Angular JS, and Polymer JS. We offer tailor made solutions for UI/UX design for the mobile app. We can work to cater to the requirements of our clients. Top HTML5 website designing companies in Chennai will follow the structured data to implement in the website to provide a ranking. Our professionals have a great experience with most of the frameworks of HTML5.

UI/UX design can be the difference between user dismay and user delight. This is the reason we have a team of experienced professionals who choose the pixels seriously. Behind every mobile app, there is a story about an amazing design. We have a design-first and build-second approach and this directs everything that we do.


Interface of Web Application


With time, more and more applications are shifting over to the web. This does not require installation requirements or have constraints. Web application interface design is the primary aspect of web designing. Whether it is a professional or a corporate website, adequate UI design is essential for user-experience.

We, at iStudio develop unique HTML5 components. We make sure that your website is easily accessible by the target customers. Our experts will place all the navigation links at adequate places to ensure that the customers get it within two clicks. We have a team of creative professionals who will put in effort to design an interactive UI/UX design elements. We will make sure that you have awesome output. Our team offers optimized codes so that the application isn’t affected either by JavaScript or some other framework. iStudio Technologies is best HTML5 web design company in Chennai as developed more innovative website with our HTML experts of team member

Interface of Wearable Device Application

iStudio is a leading wearable application designing service in Chennai. We continue to be the pioneer in creating the best technical application combining functionality and world-class mobile experience. We ensure that the apps that we develop are flawlessly delivered and are customer-centric. We formulate the best wearable tech applications for our customers.

Compare to other companies we have achieved and a satisfied client’s with our innovative and creative design thus why we are the best HTML5 website designing companies in Chennai.Our incredibly talented professionals bring in more consistency and agility to your wearable app development. We deliver wearable app technology which will instantly put your business in the top sphere. Our versatile developers are capable of working with you to create the best solution. Our experts have matchless skills for designing and delivering exceptional services.


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