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A website is highly mandatory in today’s digitized world to stand upfront in your business, irrespective of the industry you belong to you must possess and maintain a proper website to reach the masses. The website brings in a lot of benefits to your business like brand recognition, high credibility, and creates awareness among your targeted clients.

At the end of the day, a business needs to improve their sales at any cost and having an effective website will definitely cater to the required benefits. Website design plays a key role by projecting your ideas, values and the benefits that the end consumer will attain. It is highly crucial and mandatory to maintain a very uniqueand reachable website design. As the best web design company in Chennai, India. iStudio Technologies provides you with the most updated and impressive set of designs that bring in exponential growth to your business.



WordPress Web Design

As the best web designing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provide the most seamless WordPress enabled web design service which is highly focused towards visitor conversions and we make it possible through incorporating updated code and technology into your design.

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Corporate Web Design

Corporates always require some special care as they belong to the higher level of business vertical, so we implement some unique tools, technologies and different style to bring out world-class design output for your business.

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Dynamic Website Design

We are always a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Dynamic web designs we cater will be easy to update, holds more functionality, easily adopts responsiveness, and highly interactive. We provide you the best web design service in Chennai.

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Website Redesigning

As the best website redesign company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most customized redesigning service to their clients through enhancing and bringing life to your ideas in a most productive way.

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Website Security

We at iStudio Technologies play the role of ultimate savior when your website gets into some serious security trouble. We used to follow a structured 5 stage approach to debug the website issues.

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Websites are no more static and it undergoes continuous update either in terms of content or visual elements. The solidity of a website is determined when it doesn’t losses its position even it undergoes frequent changes. Maintaining the ranking accompanied by changes is a highly complicated task as it requires tremendous effort and proactive approach. As the No.1 Web Designing Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provide seamless end-to-end website maintenance service for any business. We bring in all the required elements in providing a complete website maintenance service.

Frequently checking website performance

Detecting and removing virus and bugs

Regular server performance checkup

Taking monthly backup for website and database

Generating website visitors report every month

 Updating content and CMS plug-in

Checking whether all forms are working properly

Detecting, resolving and redirecting 404 error to functioning URL

Importance of Website Design

Industries and businesses are fighting hard to register a strong presence in the online space to reach their customers and expand their business. There are various options and pathways when it comes to mark your online presence which all based on the company’s opportunity cost.
The most basic and mandatory medium through which a company can mark its presence is through the website, and one of the major contributing factors towards website is its design. As the Leading Web designing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies ensures you have a solid presence in the online space through our unmatchable website designs.
Website design is considered to be the most sensitive one which needs to be handled with proper care else it would end up with breaking your business values. The key challenge lies in the way you convey the service you provide to your targeted audience and their understandability towards your designs.
The pulse rate must get matched at any cost in order to convert them into your loyal clients. As the Best Website Designers in Chennai, iStudio technologies frame the most impressive website design that helps to boost up your business through bringing in high conversion rate, more number of leads and generating high revenue.



Maintaining proper navigation in the entire website is essential to generate business, once the connection between pages are well established then the site visitors will just go with the flow and acquires maximum information about your business. On the other hand, improper navigation enabled on a website may lead to a high bounce rate. As the top 10 web designing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies maintains a highly navigable website ensuring zero bounce rates.

Visuals and Content

Delivering proper message about the services is highly important to keep the viewers on the track. This requires the inclusion of relevant and unique images andtypographic details. These two aspects are important elements in website design and help to go with the flow till the end. It is analyzed that website visitors mostly remember the message they come across on the site that found to be succinct even though they are attracted by the images earlier.

Brand Awareness

The uniqueness in your service or product gets exposed only when you are recognized as a brand. Possessing a unique logo always brings you a competitive edge to your business and makes you stand out from the crowd. In order to maintain high consistency and bring in brand awareness, it is essential to hold a logo and integrate it into your website. As we are top website designer in chennai, iStudio Technologies helps to bring out the most impressive and unique logo for your website that communicates your business aim to your target audience.

High Engagement

Layout design of a website acts as the deciding factor in estimating the engagement rate of a website. A proper, well-structured and impressive layout design makes the website visitors to keep engaged and convert them to clients. Being the best website designing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies approach the most calculative measures to bring out best layout design for your website.

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

Gathering and understanding client requirement is the initial stage of the designing process. We at iStudio Technologies holds highly talented and experienced pool of designing team who follows a structured approach in the design process for any industrial clients.

Design Sketching

We still value the importance of paper design which will be really helpful for us to bring out some entirely new concept into the digital board. As the leading website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies carry out the step by step process in website designing to bring out an error-free result.

Mockup Design

Post completing the design sketch we carry forward towards creating mockup designs. In this phase, we create two-three designs as an optional in order to get approval from the client side. This depicts the importance of creating a website design through providing satisfaction to clients regarding their project handling.

Design Approval

Once the design gets finalized it will be carry forwarded to development phase and it is hard to carry out the redesigning process post development. As the best web design company in Chennai, we at iStudio Technologies follow the most structured approach in the web designing process.


Coding plays the key role here since we cut off the finally approved design from Photoshop and blend it with HTML and CSS code to mold the design in a most structured way. Here we get the visuals together and validate the implemented code before moving ahead.


This is known as mid-phase of testing where we used to run the final diagnostics by using the tools available at the developer end. We at iStudio Technologies cater best web design in Chennai through maintaining pixel perfection, accurate responsiveness and following W3C standards in a stringent way.

On-Page SEO

Next, we carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where we take all necessary measures to position your website in the top ranking in the browser. As the top web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has experienced SEO analysts who are the high contributing factor towards positioning the website.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is one of the most unnoticed areas where most of the companies and developers won’t be paying much attention towards it. But image optimization leads to a lot of benefits to a website.

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