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Sculpting your industrial design

We are the leading web designing company in Chennai, India who offers highly exceptional web design services for the most diversified set of clients according to their industrial requirements.Our prodigious experience and exposure help us to deliver you the desired set of website designs that trigger your business to sky high and assists in acquiring more number of potential clients.We are highly capable of replicating your vision and values into our designs that automatically drive in a high range of traffic into your website.

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Innovative Web Design

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Nelcast Limited
Nivedita Academy
Ksema Wealth
Six Sigma
V3 Transfer Private Shuttle
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Custom Web Design

Website Design In Chennai

Innovative Web Design

Best web designing company in Chennai, India who brings in a great level of uniqueness in our designing work and we make it highly applicable since it has got resorted in our blood and veins.
Having more than a decade of experience in web designing, we have come across all the leaps and bounds in the industry and still standing tall and firm by delivering impeccable web designing services for the varied range of industrial clients.
We are highly aware of the happening trends in the web design arena, and hence we adopt it at its earliest to make our clients experience the real innovation and help them to register a solid online presence via the website.


Enriched Web Design Services We Offer

Offering end-to-end web design services in a flawless way

Being the top web designing company in Chennai, India we at iStudio Technologies offers a complete set of web design services that play a vital role in every online move of your business. By implementing our efficacious web design services, you can accelerate your business from any point and register progressive growth in your industry. Reach us now to acquire our promising website designing services which will highly nourish your business in all the perspectives.

Static web design

Custom Web Design

Possessing a custom web design always delivers a highly competitive niche for your business amongst the rivalries, holding an online presence is not just to provide a formal description of your products or services instead, it is the great opportunity for projecting your uniqueness through highly engaging website designs. As the best custom web design company in Chennai, India we always create unique designs not for building a brand image but, to drive in more number of potential customers for your business, who believes that your website is applicable to them and generates a basic trust which is found to be mandatory. Our custom web design service helps to improvise your organic ranking in several aspects.
Custom web design

Static Web Design

If you wish to project your concept, idea or the content regarding your product or services in a standardised way, then it is better to opt out for static web design service. We are the top static website designing company in Chennai, India who delivers exquisite website designs that fit right into your business and firmly secures the provided information. One of the striking features in possessing a proper static website is the security it delivers, with the help of APIs and Javascript static websites remove out all the possibilities of getting hacked and ensures top security for your site.
Dynamic web design

Dynamic Web Design

If you wish to project your concept, idea or the content regarding your product or services in a standardised way, then it is better to opt out for static web design service. We are the top static website designing company in Chennai, India who delivers exquisite website designs that fit right into your business and firmly secures the provided information. One of the striking features in possessing a proper static website is the security it delivers, with the help of APIs and Javascript static websites remove out all the possibilities of getting hacked and ensures top security for your site.
Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design

Corporates used to possess some renowned standards, and it varies according to the industry they belong. Our uniqueness lies in creating a highly efficacious corporate website design that fits within your standards, at the same time delivers productive results.
We are a distinguished corporate web design company in Chennai, India who are highly capable of delivering an exceptional website design service for your business that covers all the corporate standards.We follow the result-oriented and highly applicable practice in designing your corporate website that surpasses the standards of your competitors. Our state of the art designing technique will bring in real brand identity and escalates your standards in the world of corporate.


WordPress Web Design

Being the highly established content management system WordPress plays a significant role in creating impressive website designs by projecting completely optimized content. We are the leading WordPress web design company in Chennai, India who offers a complete package of WordPress CMS solutions that helps in designing your website in a most efficacious way. We have created numerous WordPress website design for clients from a diversified industrial base, and we are highly aware of making good use of its extensive feature in a proper way. We ensure highly secured and easy access to your website, whenever it is found to get updated, and most importantly our CMS web design service assures promising growth for your site as it highly stimulates the on-page ranking.
responsive webdesign

Responsive Web Design

Being device has become one of the mandatory element which needs to be present in every website that gets hosted and reaches the concerned industry. We are the top responsive web design company in Chennai, India creates world-class websites that perform well in every device or platform. We understand the importance of multi-device presence, and hence we create websites accordingly. Companies having responsive website design will always hold a competitive edge when compared with its rivalries. Even Google has started considering the responsive rate of a website to determine its ranking in its browser space this imposes the seriousness of having a well-crafted responsive web design. We are omni-channel website designers who create a single design that fits into all the devices, using our collective experience in website designing services we provide industry and business specific website designs that fulfil the criteria of responsiveness at its best.

UI/UX Design

Interactability and navigability are the two key driving factors of a well-structured website design. We are an experienced web design company in Chennai, India who pays great attention towards increasing the interactive rate of a website that plays a major role in driving potential online traffic to your business. Poor navigability and interactability paves the way to the higher bounce rate of your site and hence giving room for that will result in self-decimation. A website with low navigability rate won’t attain potential clients at any cost and suffers huge business loss. Our experienced team of UI/UX developers keep these factors in mind and deliver you the most seamless web designs. We are highly aware of maintaining the intractability and navigability rhythm in your entire website by exactly placing the necessary elements in hot spots.

Website Redesigning

Website redesigning is not a simple approach unlike creating a responsive website or incorporating the UI/UX features. Being the most reputed website redesign company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies is highly aware of the tediousness prevails in redesigning the website, as this particular designing work demands huge dedication and concentration. We strongly believe that web redesigning is not a service but, it is all about a complete re-building of a brand from scratch. We have enlightened the future life of several companies and turned them into a brand using our advanced approach in website redesigning service.

Our Web Design Process

Designing (y)our way

Being the leading web design company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies involves in a cognitive approach of framing a well-structured web design process that gets highly applicable for any of their clients. We maintain 100% transparency in our work, and hence we have curated the way we approach the designing process for a website.

Step: 1


Discovery will be the initial phase of website designing, and here we will be completely focusing on gathering all the required information from our clients to design their desired website. Being the best website designing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies ensures to pull out maximum resource and data from the client side by using a well-structured set of questionnaires:
  • What service/product do you deliver?
  • What is the uniqueness in your business?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who is your targeted customers?
  • Tell us about the intention behind building this website?
  • Who will be visitng your website?

Step: 2


Once we have gathered enough information, we move on towards the planning stage where we used to develop a strategy to create a perfect website design for your organisation. Being the top web design service provider in Chennai, India we construct an appealing strategy with the help of our designing experts. These technocrats are highly aware of various industries and hence develop a suitable web designing strategy.
Website Planning

Step: 3

Mock-up design

After gathering requirements and sketching a suitable plan for the website design, we carry forward towards creating mockup designs for your website. We are the best website design service provider in Chennai, India who follows a structural prototype in creating website design throughout our process. These mockup designs will be the replications of our understanding, and hence we create two or three mockup designs as optional for the client to choose the best amongst them.

Step: 4


Post the client approves one among the mockup designs or intended to create a new one, we proceed further by creating the actual website design for their business. This design is the alpha version which is later gets implemented in the website. The highest challenge in creating an impressive website design is to maintain the equilibrium between designing effects and functionalities, being the most renowned website designing service provider in Chennai, India we outperform this task in an effortless way. We also give great importance to the inbuilt content and manages it in an efficient way to deliver completeness to the website design. Here we make sure that exact answers where derived for the following questions to sculpt an exceptional website design.
  • What is the primary goal of this page?
  • Have we atttained the primary goal through designing?
  • Does the site possess actionable buttons?
  • Does the design potent enough to make the users do the desired actions?
Website Design
website development

Step: 5


After creating the entire design and getting approved from the client, we carry on the process of converting the approved design into codes that makes the website actually works. This phase of website design will be the most lengthy one, and hence we ensure to update the client frequently regarding the website status. We are the leading web design service provider in Chennai, India who carry out this phase with high concern and complete the entire web designing process within the stipulated time.

Step: 6


After creating the design for the entire website and implementing all the required functionalities, we proceed towards the final stage of site launching. We are the most promising web designing company in Chennai, India who run through all the necessary checklist before launching the website in order to ensure that not even a single criterion has been missed out.


We, at iStudio Technologies, have a web development experts in Chennai as well as diligent approach towards all projects that come our way, big or small. Our developers and designers are well-versed in how custom web designing works and strive to ensure deadline-oriented top quality results. We also provide comprehensive web solutions and help clients in widening their audience. Our developers pay close attention to the requirements and expectations of the clients and ensure that the final result is desirable to them. It is our collective industry experience and field knowledge that has made us a force to reckon with in the world of website development. As a top web development company in Chennai will check websites are invigorating, engaging and responsive. We are known for developing user-friendly mobile sites. Such sites account for almost half of the internet activity all around the world. SEO promotion is another one of iStudio’s popular services.
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