Why My Website Needs Responsive Web Design to get Better Ranking

Why My Website Needs Responsive Web Design to get Better Ranking


The world of the website has drastically changed ever since the arrival of mobile devices especially the smartphones, today things have changed a lot with the portrayal of a website and going user-centric is what Google prefers too.

“Responsive web design” has been the buzzword in the arena of websites from the time Google announced that they would rank the websites based on their mobile-friendly nature.

Post the official announcement made by Google a lot of drastic changes occurred in SEO. The ranking algorithms became complicated, and every search engines followed their own method of keyword usage according to mobile devices.

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Responsive Web Design

Google is a social animal, and whenever the society drifts towards a change Google immediately follow it to be a complete user-centric browsing platform. Back in early 2018, Google did the same by prioritising mobile device based websites when it comes to SEO ranking since the user base hugely moved towards smartphone usage. Responsive web design is about creating device friendly design for websites that get suited according to device resolution and its size. It is certainly definite that creating a mobile-friendly website design would contribute towards better SEO ranking for a website but more than it there are several other factors that depict the need for having a responsive web design would help in SEO ranking.
Responsive Web Design

Being the leading responsive website design company in Chennai, India will explain to you here the complete usage of responsive web design for SEO.


The core reason behind the bounce rate of the incoming website visitor is due to the un-friendly structure of the website that is a hurdle towards proper navigability of the website.

Hence a website with low navigability won’t be a user-friendly one at any point in time. The more the time spent by a visitor, the higher will be your website’s quality sore of a page.

Having a responsive website design would certainly relieve this pressure and helps your site to get converted as a user-friendly one.

Having a user-friendly website would pave the way towards an increased number of repeated customers and also helps in increasing the conversion rate.

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Page Load Time

Page Load Time
When it comes to website design creation, you need to keep in check regarding the loading time of the website which plays a pivotal role in determining the visitor’s flow rate and of course website ranking as well.
A website which works well in a mobile device tends to have a better loading speed with images properly optimised and videos implanted in a compressed way with a well-balanced code-to-text ratio as well.

Even Google has shown positive interest towards a fast loading website next to the responsive factor which needs to seriously considered by the site creators.

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Bounce Rate

Another important and alarming factor to be seriously considered is the “bounce rate” it happens when a visitor leaves your page in the mid or immediately once they enter into your site.
Both these scenarios would cause the website bounce rate that leads to the downfall of website ranking.
Visitors opt to leave your web page in the middle, because of your content and the way it got projected is not appealing which means the content provided in the website is not up to the mark or it doesn’t matches with the user needs.
Bounce Rate

On the other hand, the design also contributes towards the website bounce rate if it does not depict the provided content and related images in a proper way.

The second scenario is about the visitor leaving the website immediately, and it happens due to slow website loading.

We provide quality responsive web design services in Chennai, India that gradually reduces your bounce rate and helps in acquiring more clients.

Duplicate Content

Google crawlers may get advanced each year and deliver highly optimised result easily but, still, they seek the guidance of SEO experts to understand the information provided in a page and also to know the exact connection between pages.

There is still a myth circling in the clouds of the website that duplicate content is something which got copied from another website, duplicate content, also depicts on holding a similar content by a firm with different URLs for mobile and desktop website, this certain flaw needs to avoided to hold the losing client base.

The Google crawler needs high clarity on top priority page to which we need to be focused. We are the leading responsive web designing company in Chennai, India who provides mobile-friendly crisp content which is 100% original.

Social Media

Social media sharing won’t generate direct traffic instead, it would create a strong fan base provided if your service is well presented and worthy. Having social media sharing buttons in mobile devices rather than having it on the desktop website would help you generate more amount of potential traffic. It is highly obvious that we can see more mobile-based social media traffic that paves the way to create a specific responsive web design for your website.