How Digital Marketing Transforms Interior Designing Business

How Digital Marketing Transforms Interior Designing Business


Interior designing is one of the heartthrobs’ industries that everyone would like to know about it in-depth. Adopting digital transformation has rendered several benefits to this industry similar to others, this blog section will brief on the exclusive strategies framed for the interior designing business that helps the implementer to expand their territories and earn more profit.
We are the best digital marketing company in Chennai, India who are expertised in framing suitable online marketing strategy according to the nature of your business.

Create a Blog

Now you have a standard website denoting your experience and expertise in the interior designing field, but this is not enough to boost your presence online, and hence you need to get to involve into some serious business of digital marketing activities by hiring a profound digital marketing agency that would facilitate all your needs to generate online leads.

Create a separate blog corner and keep updating with new topics and interesting discussion areas under interior designing. Our blogging services would pave the way to create your lead generating blog content, that includes high-traffic keywords.



Your portfolio speaks a lot when it comes to the website, and it is all about the portrayal of your portfolio that would attract several clients.

A well-structured portfolio plays a pivotal role in driving your digital marketing campaign and would be a healthy factor in generating prospective clients.

Our enriched digital marketing services in Chennai, India, helps you to build an attractive portfolio of your previous interior designing work, that would certainly impress your future clients.

Social media

Our perpetual digital marketing services gives special importance to social media activities that go deep-rooted exclusiveness according to the platform and the industry.

a) Pinterest

Pinterest is currently the most trending platform that portrays image and video content completely in a different style. We help you to present your interior works majestically by implementing targeted Pinterest keywords and apply suitable filters that would grasp in the target audience base.

b) Twitter

Twitter is all about hashtags, retweets and likes given at the right time we are well-versed with twitter algorithm and moves and hence our digital marketing experts must land your business safe in the oceanic marketing campaigns of Twitter in the hands of right customers.

c) Facebook

The longevity and establishment of Facebook are unmatchable, and this social media platform holds tons and tons of users in its kitty to render you some exquisite services.
Adopting the Facebook formula and delivering supportive content is the key towards success and we are the best social media marketing agency in Chennai, who are highly aware of its turns and twists that help your interior designing business to progress in an exponential path.

To get exclusive social media plan for your website


Keywords are the pulse rate of SEO that makes them hit success with its balanced usage. Our keywords usage technique is highly unique, and we ensure that the deployment process we practice would certainly end-up in favourable results for our clients doing interior decor works.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an oceanic process that includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO as branch activities that drives ranking and traffic together.

Our talented team of SEO experts carry out a detailed analysis of your industry and market then frame an exclusive strategy for your home decor business that would yield promised result within the stipulated timeframe.

local seo


One of the powerful marketing platform that could easily pull-in thousands of viewers and hundreds of customers in no time provided the execution is done better.

YouTube stands tall and firm being the impactful platform to promote any business, our experience in digital marketing services in Chennai, India would be a great helping hand for your business that reflects in modelling a perfect YouTube that impresses your clients in the first view.

Press Release

Now its time to aim for high-end clients, Press Release is an elite platform that carries the content of diversified business with it, publishing your content in Press Release certainly be an honour and make the elite clients turn towards you once. We help you to present your interior designing works well in PR with a high reputation and earn valuable clients.

Directory Listing

Directory listing falls under off-page SEO activity, and we are highly skilled players when it comes to SEO off-page. Enlisting your business name is not just a branding approach, instead, it is also the best way to generate productive leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has not lost its pace and still holds a firm grip over the business in generating leads for the users. We are the best digital marketing service providers in Chennai, India implements successful email marketing techniques that generate better leads.

Influencer Marketing

If your services got recommended by an eminent person in the industry or you render service to an eminent person then, there is a huge scope of performing influencer marketing that builds huge trust and credibility in the entire industry.

Why Mobile First Design Method is the Future for Websites?

Why Mobile First Design Method is the Future for Websites?

Since the advent of websites, web designing arena is undergoing frequent changes across times and delivers the best visuals to the viewers to make them stay longer with the website.

It is undeniable that the importance and role of portable devices like tablet, smartphones are kept increasing since their arrival with the expanded base of users.

Creating a responsive web design is no more a trend, and we are the promising web design company in Chennai, India who look out for scope to create a better designing output that would facilitate our clients in a 360° viewpoint.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at the core difference between responsive web design and mobile-first design methods and our constructive approach towards creating an effective mobile-first design website.

Difference between Responsive web design and Mobile-first design

Globally 52.64% of website’s traffic gets generated from a mobile and 7% generated from tablets.

Creating a responsive web design is a tedious process which involves building a desktop-friendly website initially and then converting it into a mobile, laptop and tablet friendly website according to the need.

Building a responsive website design demands high dedication and prone to the risk of getting deterred due to amature approach.

There are high chances of failure because of the nature of the process, and hence, it requires some alternative.

Mobile-first design is found to be the best alternative it creates a single design that fits with all the devices, and moreover, it gives priority to mobile devices.

How we create the best mobile first web design for our clients?

80% of customers do their shopping online in a single day

Similar to other designing innovators, we also faced certain troubles in the initial stage in creating a flawless mobile-first website design.

Over a period, we learnt a lot and framed our unique strategy in creating a highly successful mobile-first design for your website.

Let us view these approaches without wasting time.

Maintain less is more for content

70% of retail shoppers compare the price online while visitng a store.

Yes, you heard that right, providing deep-rooted content which would create high impact at a minimal count of words is the greatest challenge and the path towards creating the aptest content for a mobile-first website design.

Being an innovative website design company in Chennai, India we take every step keeping the mobile users in mind and break down the content to depicted into single line phrase, to make things easy for the readers.

Make it simple- Website

55% of social media consumption happens from mobile

Maintaining minimalization is essential to bring the mobile-first design method into implication for any website, being a prolific web designing agency in Chennai, India we practice the best minimalization method that embeds six important rules:

  • Avoid unwanted pages in the site
  • Adding advanced search features
  • Increasing whitespace to reduce clutter appearence
  • Using wide borders and clean lines
  • Using simple and larger font
  • Maintaining two columns in the mobile

Ensure to have updated CTA (Call to Action) buttons

Google have created seperate algorithm for mobile search

Nothing can become worse than having “not working CTA button” which might cost you the loss of valuable leads.
call to action

Just think about having a non-functional CTA button that should direct the home page visitors to lead conversion page where they can provide their details and requirement, so ensure to have a good functional button to get proper leads online.

Our enhanced web design services in Chennai, India, will help clients to have call-to-action buttons at the right spot to generate maximum leads.


Mobile first design ensures high return on investment when compared to responsive web design

Create or ensure to have the most interactable contact form on your website to convert any visitor into a client, implementing a chatbot is also a good idea since it can heal up the wound created on client generation chaos and other disorders. We provide futuristic website designing services in Chennai, India that includes a useful contact form or chatbox that generates sales.

Graphic Design- Mobile First

Mobile first design ensures high return on investment when compared to responsive web design

You might be thinking that what would be the link between graphic and website designing but stats say that graphic design implementation has brought in 200% growth when compared to ordinary web design.

The implication of graphical design would certainly bring in reliability, longevity in memory and ease of use. Being the most promising website designing service provider in Chennai, India, we follow some prominent graphic design trends and practice the same for our clients.

  • Vivid colours
  • Impactful Typography
  • Geometric shapes and abstracts
  • Light and dark contrasting schemes
  • Gradients and duotones
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Real photographies

Speed is important

40% people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
79% people abandon the online store if the site loads slower (more than 3 seconds)

Speed is a concerning factor that determines the success of mobile-first website design, to ensure the speed is under control or proper we implement some basic parameters that would evaluate the exact speed.

  • Constantly checking the site’s speed in “Google’s Test my Site”
  • Installing CDN to load any content from cache files.
  • Involving in image compression
  • Can use lazy load to evacuate unnecessary elements
  • Using https into the website to bring in security, risk free and flexibility


Android holds 75% of market share 

Testing is highly mandatory to deliver flawless service in assured time, so according to me, you need to be very much intentional in getting the right product out for your customers. We being the leading web designing company in Chennai, India, undergo the 3-tier testing process to maintain the quality of the service.


The trends and transformation of responsive website design is always a never-ending story but to keep updated with these trends, and transformations are essential to exhibit our uniqueness.

Detailed Guide on Optimizing Website for Voice Search

Detailed Guide on Optimizing Website for Voice Search


It is undeniable that voice search has seriously influenced all of us and even mesmerised our thoughts (sometimes).

No one can easily forget the act of Rocco that ordered its favourite snacks from Alexa by imitating its owner’s voice this incident is a very live and impactful example of voice search that has influenced every live thing that persists in this planet which got firmly struck by the waves of technology (exactly say internet).

Voice search is gradually getting converted as the most commendable technology that is not just disrupting the SEO world but also influences web design and development arena without any doubt.

Evolutions are swiftly taking place in website creation and SEO servicing field, and if you are looking for customized SEO services in Chennai, India for the first time then, it is highly suggested to opt-out for an SEO service provider, who delivers voice search enabled services with good quality.

This guide will give you high clarity on the methods to be approached in transforming your website as a voice-friendly one.

Chat Based Search

More than 70% of the searches are carried out using smartphones.
Around 50% of the browser search in 2020 will be voice-based.

The core element of voice search will be using 100% conversation-based content on the entire website. The standardised format of using keyword-stuffed content won’t be working further post the implementation of voice search. According to the stats, voice search will be primarily targeting mobile and tablet users, and it also sheds a few of its focus apart from mobile towards laptop and desktop which will be maximum of 20%. Let me clarify this you in a much better way with a simple comparison.

Let us assume that you have moved to a new locality and wish to have hair-cut, in this scenario desktop users search with a different style and voice-over user approaches different style, and here they are:
Desktop/Traditional search:
Best Saloon in Anna nagar

Voice Search/New method:
Where can I find best saloon in Anna Nagar?

From this scenario, you would have got a better clarity on the basics of voice search embedded SEO and how it works? SEO companies in Chennai, delivering focused voice-based services will help their clients to deploy the question-based phrases of keywords at the right spot to trigger a high amount of traffic.

Long-tail Keywords

By 2020, 30% of web browsing will be screen-less The trend of implementing long-tail keywords has evolved even before the origination of voice search, and it continues to dominate the SERP world even today. Have you noticed that the scenario which I have explained above is not just a question phrase, but it is also a long-tail keyword? Long-tail keywords are highly efficient, and they can play a crucial role in voice-search that helps your website’s SEO to build a better foundation.

Let’s have another scenario here to explain how voice search works with long-tail keywords and without any question phrases.

Traditional search/Desktop search:
Low-cost vegetarian restaurants in anna Nagar

Voice search/New version:
Suggest vegetarian restaurants in Anna Nagar with low-cost items

Long-tail keywords are not just potent enough to drive more traffic and give better ranking, instead, they are also capable of providing customized search facility, especially when, it comes to voice-over search.

Innovative SEO Agencies in Chennai, India used to incorporate long-tail keyword strategy in a profound way for their clients and also into their website either for normal or voice over SEO.

Featured Snippets

Around 25% of household products were purchased using voice search Featured Snippets are another exhibiting category of voice search that helps a player to get better search result, ranking, and more organic site visitors. Featuring in Google Snippet depicts that your website content has provided detailed information to the targeted user by incorporating the best SEO strategies in it. Google Snippet also termed as “ranking 0” which means the content provided in the particular website link has out beaten its first page competitors mercilessly with high quality and detailed information.

Google gives first preference long-format of content, hoping it would fulfil all the needs of a user in a single click.
Including question phrases as the long-tail keyword will be the best SEO strategy to get featured in the snippet, and this would get followed by a similar set of question-based keywords which expects the answer at different parts of the entire content.

Approaching a highly experienced SEO company in Chennai, India will be the right move to get highlighted into the featured snippet irrespective of the product/service you deliver.

Focus on Title and Descriptions

More than 20% of the mobile search queries are voice-based according to Google’s Review

Similar to SEO that gets consistently changing its algorithm to provide better search result and unbiased ranking its related subsidiaries like meta descriptions and title tags also undergoes frequent changes whenever required to evolve with SEO trends.

Title Tags have updated up to the usage of 80-100 characters, and similarly for meta descriptions, which means it requires the usage of long-tail keywords in it.

local seo

Concentrate in Local SEO

Close to 75% of people using smart speakers are doing a local search today.

Performing local SEO will be an effective move towards the implementation of voice search into your website content since the majority of voice search users are looking for local-based products or services implementing the relevant keywords would be logical and profitable for businesses.

By using the service of best SEO company in Chennai, India, you can rank for a better position in Google’s first-page ranking for focused local keywords.

Few more impressive related stats

  • A website holding voice seach feature tends to load 52% faster than the average speed of a page.
  • Global voice commerce market is expected to grow US$ 40 bn by 2022.
  • 31% of smartphone users tries voice search atleast once a week.
  • Playing favorite music is the most trendiest search term for voice based search.
  • Siri dominates the voice search market share with 48.4%
  • The minimum accuracy of voice search is 90%


Contradictory views used to rise and fall against the complete implementation of voice search but still there is found to be a bright future for this approach which is about to disrupt the end users very soon in all the fields.
Why My Website Needs Responsive Web Design to get Better Ranking

Why My Website Needs Responsive Web Design to get Better Ranking


The world of the website has drastically changed ever since the arrival of mobile devices especially the smartphones, today things have changed a lot with the portrayal of a website and going user-centric is what Google prefers too.

“Responsive web design” has been the buzzword in the arena of websites from the time Google announced that they would rank the websites based on their mobile-friendly nature.

Post the official announcement made by Google a lot of drastic changes occurred in SEO. The ranking algorithms became complicated, and every search engines followed their own method of keyword usage according to mobile devices.

We are the best responsive web design company in Chennai, India who implements updated tactics in designing you a mobile-friendly website.

Responsive Web Design

Google is a social animal, and whenever the society drifts towards a change Google immediately follow it to be a complete user-centric browsing platform. Back in early 2018, Google did the same by prioritising mobile device based websites when it comes to SEO ranking since the user base hugely moved towards smartphone usage. Responsive web design is about creating device friendly design for websites that get suited according to device resolution and its size. It is certainly definite that creating a mobile-friendly website design would contribute towards better SEO ranking for a website but more than it there are several other factors that depict the need for having a responsive web design would help in SEO ranking.
Responsive Web Design

Being the leading responsive website design company in Chennai, India will explain to you here the complete usage of responsive web design for SEO.


The core reason behind the bounce rate of the incoming website visitor is due to the un-friendly structure of the website that is a hurdle towards proper navigability of the website.

Hence a website with low navigability won’t be a user-friendly one at any point in time. The more the time spent by a visitor, the higher will be your website’s quality sore of a page.

Having a responsive website design would certainly relieve this pressure and helps your site to get converted as a user-friendly one.

Having a user-friendly website would pave the way towards an increased number of repeated customers and also helps in increasing the conversion rate.

We are the best responsive website designing company in Chennai, India who helps you to increase your customer base and provides quality leads through highly engaging and navigable website designs.

Page Load Time

Page Load Time
When it comes to website design creation, you need to keep in check regarding the loading time of the website which plays a pivotal role in determining the visitor’s flow rate and of course website ranking as well.
A website which works well in a mobile device tends to have a better loading speed with images properly optimised and videos implanted in a compressed way with a well-balanced code-to-text ratio as well.

Even Google has shown positive interest towards a fast loading website next to the responsive factor which needs to seriously considered by the site creators.

We are the agile responsive website designing agency in Chennai, India who help our clients to have a quick loading website to retain their incoming visitors.

Bounce Rate

Another important and alarming factor to be seriously considered is the “bounce rate” it happens when a visitor leaves your page in the mid or immediately once they enter into your site.
Both these scenarios would cause the website bounce rate that leads to the downfall of website ranking.
Visitors opt to leave your web page in the middle, because of your content and the way it got projected is not appealing which means the content provided in the website is not up to the mark or it doesn’t matches with the user needs.
Bounce Rate

On the other hand, the design also contributes towards the website bounce rate if it does not depict the provided content and related images in a proper way.

The second scenario is about the visitor leaving the website immediately, and it happens due to slow website loading.

We provide quality responsive web design services in Chennai, India that gradually reduces your bounce rate and helps in acquiring more clients.

Duplicate Content

Google crawlers may get advanced each year and deliver highly optimised result easily but, still, they seek the guidance of SEO experts to understand the information provided in a page and also to know the exact connection between pages.

There is still a myth circling in the clouds of the website that duplicate content is something which got copied from another website, duplicate content, also depicts on holding a similar content by a firm with different URLs for mobile and desktop website, this certain flaw needs to avoided to hold the losing client base.

The Google crawler needs high clarity on top priority page to which we need to be focused. We are the leading responsive web designing company in Chennai, India who provides mobile-friendly crisp content which is 100% original.

Social Media

Social media sharing won’t generate direct traffic instead, it would create a strong fan base provided if your service is well presented and worthy. Having social media sharing buttons in mobile devices rather than having it on the desktop website would help you generate more amount of potential traffic. It is highly obvious that we can see more mobile-based social media traffic that paves the way to create a specific responsive web design for your website.


  • 60% of users says that they wont prefer a badly designed mobile site for their friends.
  • The Success ratio of content slider in web design is just 1%
  • 67% of traditional retailers prefer mobile ready website oriented presence
Lot of high waves and big tides are about to strike the website designing arena this 2020 and will accelerate fresh elements and technicques that are completely new for this industry and would certainly play a crucial role in driving the interest of modern era customers who would jump into your website in tons if you implement the below mentioned trends in a proper way. You might be a developer, designer or an entrepreneur of a small-sized startup firm, getting to know about these trends will be highly helpful to you in either way. Being a well-established web design company in Chennai, India we offer futuristic designing services that would be heart stealer and eye-catcher of clients that makes them long for our services. At the end of this article, I promise you that I will provide you an important set of points that not to be carried out at any case in designing your website.

Our trending website design portfolio created ahead of times

a) Customized UI and Ever-changing content

Creating Persoanlized UI Strategy would bring up to 400% of profit conversion to your website.

Since its day one, digital marketing is inching towards rendering a completely personalized UI design and dynamic content that would reflect the need of the visitor in a single view.

Having personalized UI design and highly dynamic website content would certainly facilitate your business and yield more profit in a consecutive period.

For example, Netflix is a successful streaming web app/mobile app is a perfect example of having dynamic content which displays a selective set of web series or film list according to the user’s browsing history or views.

Being a proficient web designing company in Chennai, India we provide personalized UI design service for our clients that are industry and user specific to the core.

b) Voice Over User Interface (VUI)

50% of search will be voice enabled by 2020 .

Mark my words, VUI will be the most commanding web designing trend in 2020 and also in future.

Since companies are moving towards the position of providing personalized service and service related information on their website, embedding a VUI effect would be a strong move towards personalized website creation.

The implementation of this element would project your concern towards the client and also gives you a competitive edge amongst your peers.
People using VUI in leading tech giant products like Amazon’s Alexa are feeling that they were interacting with a friend rather than a search engine and feels more comfortable in using a long-term search phrase.

Being the leading website design company in Chennai, India we offer the best VUI element to your website that highly gets synchronized.

Voice Over User Interface (VUI)

c) Ensure the loading speed

The human takes 7 seconds to form an opinion on his peer, while Google takes only 3 seconds to do the same.
Ensure the loading speed
Google or any search engine goes with the user’s interest, and these search engines keep updating themselves by invest billions to read the exact thought process of a user. So, satisfying Google or any search engine would be enough to satisfy your target audience, and one thing is mandatory to be successful in satisfying them, which is empathy. Everybody needs information quickly, and today’s web users have zero-tolerance rate hence, it is better to have a fast loading website that would help to retain your visitors. A retained visitor might also bounce back to your competitors if you have not presented an engaging web page.

So, it is seriously important to have a fast loading and highly interactive website design for your business.

You must look out for experienced and friendly web design agency in Chennai, India that would help you to get a fast loading wesbite.

d) Agumented Reality

AR can bring in the lost 79% of website visitors who abandon a site due to low impression rate.
The augmented reality is certainly an awesome technology that provides entirely new shade to your business, and its contribution is freakishly vital. This technology uses a computer-generated image in it to help the site visitors (especially in the case of ecommerce) to make a sound decision on their purchase by analyzing the product in real. We have profound web designing experts in our team who are capable of inserting the AR technology into your website to cater better surfing and shopping experience to your end user and generate more traffic to your website.
Agumented Reality

e) Sticky Elements

22% is the numbers that represents the quickness of website navigability post implementing sticky elements
From feature to basic need the role of social media has changed a lot in a couple of years hence having social media accounts and actively participating in it is found to be the mandatory case for any business especially for startups. Your social media presence on the website must be all around which means it needs to get present wherever your visitor goes, therefore, using sticky elements would be the right move here which projects your social media buttons anywhere in the webpage.

We provide eccentric website designing services in Chennai, India that impends beneficial sticky element as a part in the right place to keep your visitors focused and help you to convert them as your clients.

f) Video-Centric Content

By 2020, Video content will hold 80% of the website traffic in its kitty when compared with images and texts.
Video centric content will acquire the limelight in future from 2020, by out beating the textual and image-based formats. The interest of website users are highly dynamic, and their preference towards video-based content is one such an example. In the upcoming days, we can find several landing pages, blogs and inner pages too in the video format.

g) Grid Layout

38% of website visitors stop engaging if the layout is not attractive
Grid Layout

Framing a website layout is highly crucial which plays the role of the decider in its success, using grid layout is the current trend, that would set up the fire in 2020 by registering a big raise.

The grid layout is said to bring the required equilibrium between the textual, image, video-based and white space content after trying out with numerous approaches.
We are the top web design company in Chennai, India, who offer eye-catching trending designs that would project your website’s uniqueness and creates a separate space in the industry.

h) Illustrative and Geomentric Shapes

Illustrative elements and geomentrical shapes gives you 53% chance to rank on Google’s first page.

The geometric shapes are never going to fadeClick edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. out totally, and it would always be part and parcel of web designing trends that could change every year (possibly).

Implementing illustrative shapes and geometrical elements are found to be the perfect alternative for high-resolution elements keeps your visitors engaging and pushes them towards the next section of the page.
You need to look out for a responsible creative web design company that could help you implement this element into your website.

Illustrative and Geomentric Shapes

i) Accessibility and Security

Being a highly used CMS, WordPress is also vulnerable to hacks with 542 attempts last year (2018)

The global ageing population gets 3X every year and it imposes better website accessibility

Accessibility and Security

Here comes the most useful trend that would even facilitate users with physical challenges, accessibility is something which a website design includes as an element to favour all categories of audience irrespective of their visionary status.

Added up to its security is also considered as the most important element to be considered while creating a website and we being the most prefered website design service provider in Chennai, India guarantees you with secured website service.

As I promised before, I’m disclosing the not to do list in terms of web design for 2020.

Web Design Dont’s in 2020

  • Avoid using parallelax scrolling as they can eat up your loading time and would end up with disappointing your visitor (specifically the first timers) which should not happen at any case.
  • Opting out a single page website design always has a 50:50 chance that might not be a safe move at all. Ofcourse these sleeky websites are navigation friendly but certainly not suitable for search engine favor.
  • Make it simple, yes do not overdose your website with complicated images and tons of content which is not prefered by the visitors at any age just stick with your basics and go with the flow of presenting a neat and precised web page.

Web Design Trends to Keep your Healthcare Website Alive this 2019


In today’s digitised world a website is highly important for any industry to get connected with their target audience and reach out maximum numbers to deliver their services. In this digital influenced era, the website plays a key role in driving a high amount of traffic to a business. When it comes to the healthcare industry, a website plays a crucial role in connecting both healthcare institutes and patients. Here in this blog corner, we will be witnessing key driving factors that a healthcare institute need to possess in its website design to avail its service to more number of needy patients.

To Have the Most Interactive Website Design and to Reach More People Stats Corner
  • More than 25% of patients are giving priority to Doctor’s review during their hospital search.
  • Around 75% of patients used the internet to opt out the best hospital.
  • 95% of the healthcare executives believe that a website is the key business driving force or their hospital.
  • 52% of patients search out for online medical providers before visiting a hospital

Acquire our exceptional web design services in Chennai, India to deliver uninterrupted healthcare service.

Data Visualization

Data Visualisation is the modern day trend which got evolved in business intelligence, and now it is slowly occupying its own space in different industry to reach the common man.
Showcasing complex information in a simple format which even could be understood by a layman is the key striking feature of data visualisation, and this particular feature of this evolving trend can capitalise and deliver seamlessly integrated solutions to healthcare industry once it gets deployed in a better way using web design.
Data Visualisation via web design can explain any patients the way the hospital system works and how they would get treated for a particular illness.


In iStudio Technologies, we make this data visualisation happen using our scintillating web design services in Chennai, India where we used to incorporate some exclusive supporting elements like iconography, warm colour palette, and explanatory text to implement data visualisation in real time.

Actionable Insights

The medical world has always been a doctor and hospital-centric rather it actually needs to patient-centric which is lagging till date. Most of the patients literally find it difficult to get connected with the jargons used by medical practitioners which leave them in no man’s land. Especially in countries like India, this scenario becomes even more complicated, and it becomes a tiresome process for medical experts to explain the illness in detail to the patients and relatives. Even if we surf out the internet, still the dilemma remains the same as different sources suggest a different opinion. To resolve this complexity we have come out with a proper solution. We are the most reputed web design company in Chennai, India who bring in emotions into our visual design to clarify common man about medical terms in detail, we used to incorporate effective visual designs that are simplest to the core and reach out each and everyone and makes them take own decision regarding their health without moving on for queries to the experts.

What Our Actionable Insight Design Can Deliver?

  • Provides high-clarity on disease and its effects
  • Tells the patient on how far it has influenced their biological system
  • Stats to approach medical expert advice if needed
  • Highlights its own benefits and limitations

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Here comes the key driving factor for every website, mobile responsiveness has literally occupied its position and now it is the primary factor that Google considers to rank any website.
The interactiveness or the uniqueness which you embed in your design doesn’t get count unless your website design satisfies the mobile responsiveness.
These three key points will help you realise the importance of having a responsive website design:
Google used to isolate website from its priority list if it is not mobile friendly, the result is you get thrown away to the third or fourth page of Google search.


More than 52% of internet users access any website using their mobile device this is a huge number of a target audience for any business which should not be missed at any point.
Having a mobile-friendly website will boost your competitive skills and helps you to reach out to the top position in your industry. We are an exquisite website designing company in Chennai, India who gives top priority to responsive factor.


Simple Navigation

A navigable website is essential to deliver complete information to a visitor, and lack of navigation element may result in bounce rate of your potential user.
A well-structured website easily navigates a user and makes them understand the connectivity involved in that structure.
For the healthcare industry, it is mandatory to possess a highly-navigable website design in its structure to cater complete information to their visitor.
We are the best web designing company in Chennai, India who incorporate perfect navigation into your hospital website that helps to provide complete information to the visitors and make them stick with your services.

Warmth Connection

Colour plays a huge role in web design creation, and it varies according to the industry which renders the web designing services.
In terms of the healthcare industry, white colour takes centre stage, and it provides a warm welcome to your visitors.
We are the leading web design company in Chennai, India who gives high preference to colours and makes proper use of it in the exact position.

Website Speed

Website speed is another notable factor that highly determines the presence of a total number of visitors on your website.
Users visit a website to find solutions to their problems and today’s users are highly impatient, and when it comes to hospital websites people used to rush up for obtaining information that would save their life.
A slow loading website has great probability in losing their clients, and even Google has started to priority towards website speed.
We are the most efficient website designing company in Chennai, India who makes a better image and video optimisation of your site to make it load faster.


Social Media Integration

Social media integration is highly important, and it also brings in great beneficiary for the healthcare industry.
Being active in social media platforms will help you in creating easy connectivity with existing clients, and also paves the way to client expansion.
A study reveals that almost 58% of users tend to refer a service to their friends and relatives if they got well benefited with the service through social media.


We provide prolific website design services in Chennai, India which helps you to be proactive in social media to deliver useful information to regular visitors and keep updated with your service.

Videos And Animations

Since the limitation over bandwidth utilisation has been leisure, there has been quite an upliftment in the usage of videos and animations in websites. Since web design trends keep changing every year, it has become necessary for any industry to maintain the same. Videos and animations have the capability to grasp the attention of users quickly and hold them with the respective website it resides. We are an innovative web designing company in Chennai, India who embed interactive video streams into your website for higher customer retention. Stats show that videos and animations can increase your website traffic up to 41%.

Instant Chats

Instant chats have become a huge hit in the recent past as a result of technological advancement these new age chats are highly for websites to withhold their clients anytime and deliver them with required and accurate information.
We are the most promising web design company in Chennai, India who incorporate exclusive Chatbots into your website process. Studies show that 30% of website users expect the presence of chatbot.


The last but not the least factor is the testimonial section which elevates the so-called reliability for service providers. It is obvious that patients will be listening to the doctor’s words, but still, they need their peer reviews to evaluate the concerned medical expert. Valuable feedback helps both the patient and the healthcare institute to deliver benefits in their own terms. Stats depicts that around 25% of patients prefer testimonial comments before acquiring any new service from a hospital.

Available Hours, Location and Contact Info

The inclusion of contact details, location and availability of general physicians and specialists (if you are running a multi-specialty hospital) is highly mandatory to keep informed to the regular patients and the prospects regarding your availability. Being the most experienced and trusted website design company in Chennai, India we help hospitals and the healthcare industry by providing lucrative websites that include a separate section detailing:
  • Working hours of hospital
  • Accurate mapping location of hospital/clinic
  • Working hours of hospital
  • Detailed contact information which includes phone number, mail id, and social media presence

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is all about the service you deliver to a particularly needy group being a part of the healthcare industry, this method of service catering can be of any mode, and we as the best web designing company in Chennai, India bring it out in a most impressive way by frequently interacting with our clients from the healthcare industry. We showcase your hospital’s uniqueness in the best possible way to develop a basic trust amongst the patients and make them decide to choose your service.

Highlight staff and Treatment Plans

Highlighting the medical experts’ details and treatment plans will boost up your chance of reaching more number of people, and it develops a basic level of transparency within the patient and creates a positive mindset on your Medicare services. We are the leading web design company in Chennai, India who portrays the complete details of medical experts, and treatment plans to help patients, and their peers to take immediate decision on acquiring your service.

Access Patient Info

Creating a separate login for regularly visiting patients helps both the hospital admin team as well as the patient to access and retrieve the required information. Delivering quick medical aid on a timely basis is now expected by most of the patients who visit branded hospitals, apart from that it also assists the doctors to provide personalized treatment to the concerned patients. Being a proficient web design and development company in Chennai, we are experts in creating useful applications that will play a vital role in guiding patients.

SEO Integration

We are the acrobatic website design company in Chennai, who embed SEO practice within the designing and development process to bring out the most effectual website that drives more traffic and delivers valid information to the patients visiting your site on a particular need.

Online Scheduling

By adopting our scintillating web design services in Chennai, hospitals can avail online appointments now for their patients ranging from a regular medical checkup to fixing operation appointment for even major surgeries.

Patient to Prospect Interaction

Being a unique website designing agency in Chennai, India we are freakishly different from our peers and hence, we provide the most interactive and useful platform for our clients from the healthcare industry to get their prospect to interact with existing patients.

Creating a platform like this would yield multiple benefits to the hospital management especially in terms of generating a loyal group of patients, who certainly promotes the goodwill of hospital through “Word of Mouth” via online.

Proper Use of CTA

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are traffic drivers who bring in potential traffic to any website, we are extremely good at placing the right CTA button at the right spot at the right time by incorporating right promotional words that trigger any patient to acquire your service.

For instance, we would place a CTA button for a specialist consultation when the patient goes through extra information regarding a particular disease or disorder in the FAQ corner.



Compared with other app development frameworks, React native has grown leaps and bounds since its inception.

The day when the social media icon Facebook introduced this framework as a highly competitive cross-platform app development framework, React native is making all necessary updation to maintain its dignity and decorum amongst its peers.

Though React Native is found to be highly impressive and successful being a framework still, it holds its own set of pros and cons that makes it miss the limelight of adoption for apps sometimes.

This article will be projecting both the perks and setbacks of using a React Native framework which is collected from several pro-developers, project managers who worked closely with the implementation of React Native and it also helps the businesses to take self-decision regarding its adoption.

Pros of React Native

a) Saves Time

The first and foremost USP of React Native is its time optimization feature where it consumes low development time due to the sheer presence of several ready to deploy features that help to create any complicated apps. The faster creation of React Native based applications is possible only due to the existence of core base “The JavaScript” which holds more number of developers in its community. Since Facebook is making frequent changes to this framework, and it has the capability of sharing a huge codebase with the operating system, it can easily save more time and money as well.
Saves Time

Tested, for instance, React Native is found to develop an application 33% of time lesser than Swift, and it makes it get deployed across platforms.

Being the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies can now create proficient applications using react native easily.

Single Framework Numerous Platforms

b) Single Framework Numerous Platforms

Another striking feature of using React Native framework is its multi-platform deployment where you can reuse the code between platforms. The cross-platform nature of an application is determined based on the total number of native module deployment in the application moreover the huge community of React Native helps to create an equally engaging application in the open source too. The strong support from JavaScript in React native framework helps the developer to create a flawless application both in mobile and web formats.
React Native as a framework maintains the solution stability and brings in the possibility of sharing non-UI code. We create affluent web applications by making complete use of react native to diversified industries according to their needs. Apart from saving the development cost and time, React Native also ensures to bring in the required consistency in the application.

c) Hot Reloading

Hot-reloading is a unique feature prevails in React Native that helps a developer to update the new feature in the application, without disturbing its workability. The developer doesn’t need to rebuild the application instead, they can bring in the required update wherever required.

d) Compact Teams

A developer who is well-versed with React Native can be a great asset for your organization as they eliminate the need for having two different teams for Android and iOS. Their proficiency in Javascript is high enough to create the required cross-platform application. Our experienced React Native developers will help you create best applications without spending much time on team expansion.

e) Fast Running Application

Most of the mediocre developers and amateur React Native users argue that React Native used to decimate their application’s performance but, the actual reality is something entirely different. You can always compare an application developed in React Native and Swift, where they used to give similar performance in terms of speed. Even if you find any lag of time from React Native still, you have the option of transferring all important codes to native modules.

f) Simplified UI

React Native is well-known for providing interactive UI were they use declarative programming were, the order of implementing is completely obsolete which helps in finding bugs and rectifying the same.

Drawbacks of React Native

a) Friction in Navigation

React Native becomes complicated sometimes to use by ejecting few weird issues like handling debugging tools, hot reloading failure and setbacks with compatibility packages. All these issues occur since it prevails in beta version, which may gradually slow down the process of development, particularly for budding developers.

b) Non-Existence of Custom Modules

Yes, there is a specific custom-module deficiency in some use cases when deploying the React Native framework for developing a cross-platform application. The non-existence of these readymade custom modules may force the developers to create one from scratch to handle the situation, which might be highly challenging for aspiring React Native developers.

C) Native Dependency do Exist

The dependency on native app developers still does persist in creating an application based on React Native framework.
There are certain situations where the need for native app developers becomes desperate and miniature teams would certainly struggle at that moment.
Having a backup of any native app developer would heal the situation, and would help to find an immediate solution for the inexperienced team of React Native developers.


Similar to other application development frameworks React Native also faces its own kind of setbacks despite the success it has tasted in the exclusive arena of cross-platform mobile app development.
Native app development like Android application and iOS application are found to be the temproary alternatives for this framework and on the other hand, Google delivers a stiff competition from its end by creating and executing a similar kind of efficient framework named Flutter.



Have you ever thought about the actual back-end process running behind the creation of a website design? Do you ever come to know the thought process of website designers while framing your website? This particular part has always been on the darker side for a long time and its time to reveal the secret to those who use the service.

Being an established web design company in Chennai, India we would say that we don’t follow these process as a secret, but we used to give top preference to these elements and approaches in creating a completely unique website design for our clients.

a) Prefer Interactiveness over Good look

Today everybody needs a good looking website design, but most of us fail to understand that user or the website visitor tend to prefer a website which clarifies their doubts and satisfies their needs.

They don’t opt for a website with just good looks which won’t provide them with any information or solution to their situation.

Being an expert web designing agency in Chennai, India we would like to provide an interactive website design that helps our clients to satisfy the need of their end user. It doesn’t mean that we won’t focus on the pretty aspect of website design, but our top will be on interactive web design.

b) Opt for Redesigning Wisely

The next thing we discuss here would even surprise you, or you might get shocked, but I would suggest going through it till the end to understand the actual concept.

Redesigning your website is not advisable until you find the exact need for it, companies tend to opt out for recreating their website design if they are not making enough money.

Not making enough money or profit might raise due to several factors like implementation of scopeless content, poor development approach and misguiding marketing strategy. Hence, we as an experienced website designing company in Chennai, India would suggest you to do a complete self-analysis of your business and then decide with website redesigning.

c) Avoid Over Spending

Website designing has become easier these days post the arrival of dedicated designing and development tools like WordPress which made web design the most adaptable service for any size of companies. Hence the price fluctuation over creating website design is based on the elements we add and necessarily not from the perspective of industry type or company size.

We are the best web designing company in Chennai, India who charge the exact amount to design your website purely based upon your requirements.

To design your website at a fair pricing

d) Don’t Opt out Expensive Maintenance

Similar to website redesigning, maintenance work also don’t cost you much on it unless you need to undergo some rigorous alteration.

Hosting and maintenance services have become much affordable and adaptable nowadays with emerge of promising players.

The basic level of maintenance can be self-cooked by the business firms by acquiring suitable WordPress services and moving on towards further complicated maintenance and hosting service can be done with the experts.

We are the affluent website designing agency in Chennai, India who give enough room to our clients in terms of self-maintenance by providing a certain level of access.

e) High-range of Uniqueness Kills

Yes, you heard that right, sometimes over uniqueness with website designing might leads to self-decimation. A few of the designers become extremist while designing a unique idea, which would completely lose its scope to provide the eternal service information to the target audience instead it would just stand alone as a glittering element.
Hence, uniqueness is bound to web designing standards where a high level of innovative thoughts must not exceed the basic designing principles at any point in time. Being an exquisite web design service provider in Chennai, India we bring in measured innovation into the designing process.

f) Focus more on branding over designing

When creating a design for a website, it is important to bring in brand identity and value instead of just focusing on adding designing elements and other stuff. Creating a brand identity is something more than creating a design where this brand identity would reflect a company’s value, service, target customer focused and more aspects. Designers, on the other hand, portrays all these elements on assumptions even they have acquired concept knowledge from the client.
We hold a highly experienced team of brand specialist who would not just create website design instead would focus on conveying your values and other merits to the end user.

g) Design based on Psychology tool

Studying the psychological thought of the customer and creating an apt design is the only way to do justice for any website designing activity. Creating a website design with great looks and more content won’t do any favour instead one needs to understand the customer requirement and design the page accordingly. Being a user-centric website designer, one needs to know the converting colour tone, shades and other designing elements that would impress the website visitor and make them take the decision of acquiring the service.
Being an affluent web design company in Chennai, India we create high-engaging designs that would make the visitors to acquire the given in services.


The more a website designer goes user-centric, the better will be the result hence it is always preferred to go for a user-centric design that would generate a huge amount of traffic as well as increase the credibility of your business.

Top 8 Seo Trends For 2019


With ever-changing algorithmic setup SEO still revolves as a mystery around the web world and experts are still framing assumptions to get close to it. SEO has undergone several transformations since its inception, and it is no more a single man game. Lots of technology disruptions were happening around SEO in the recent past, and these technologies will play the most crucial role in SEO deployment in future. Companies who opt out for technology embedded SEO services would sustain in this competitive digital world and can easily conquer their target audience without getting affected by SEO and digital marketing evolution. Here are some technological disruptions and SEO trends that would certainly create a huge wave amongst industries in adopting the constantly trnasforming SEO.


You might wonder how SEO and blockchain would get combine and deliver better results for the company and the end user.
The fact it’s going to happen sooner, still this two bi-polar contributors of business upliftments won’t undergo direct interaction, instead, they play a key role in helping each other indirectly.


How Exactly Blockchain Helps SEO?

Avoid PPC Ad Fraudulence
When a company implements blockchain into its website the concerned developer, and SEO specialist must collaboratively work with it, here the blockchain technology implemented in a website will deny fraudulence PPC ads and display the genuine ones, which certainly helps the company to spend wisely and to spend on refrained SEO agencies in Chennai, India. Here the blockchain can also eliminate the central authority ownership played by search engines like Google which helps the companies and advertisers to communicate and interact directly regarding online promotion.

No Room For Falsy Products/Services
A blockchain integrated browser can easily autoscan the trustability of a product or service which is portrayed by any company, hence giving no room for falsely product to get displayed.

Genuine Reviews and Ratings

Acquiring a service or buying an expensive product via online is highly based on the customer review which plays a pivotal role here, reviews and ratings highly influence decision-making attribute of the new customer which mostly leads to dissatisfaction.

Blockchain enabled SEO tactics will help the user to analyse the hidden agenda behind every review and assists them in making wise decisions.

We offer future-focused SEO services in Chennai, India that enhances companies credibilities and satisfies user expectations with the change in transformation.

Online Video Marketing CISCO reveals that 80% of customer traffic to any product or service site would be based on the video content displayed in the site. According to the survey done by Hubspot in the developed nations, industrial experts feel that video-based content are grasping more customers towards their service. Marketing your products or services through online video content is found to be the coolest approach and inducing trend of SEO. Having at least a single related video will ease up your thirst to get more traffic and registers progress in the search engine as well. We are a lucrative team of SEO experts in Chennai, India who delivers the most exclusive set of SEO service to our clients using video content.

AI Plays A Promising Role
Practising continuous updation in formulating its search algorithm, Google has always been in the top-gear amongst the search browsers and highly prefered search destination for both the service provider and user. Being a part of its another tech-leap Google has already introduced Ai-embedded search brain which comes out with even more smart ways to rank companies in its web page. Google’s approach to AI search brain is a mere happening future that would be a mandatorily considerable factor for websites after mobile-friendly and speed optimised features. Being the top-notch SEO company in Chennai, India we always stay ahead of the search engine curve to deliver future-focused solutions to our clients.
  • Stats provided from company shows that around 1 billion voice search would take place globally in 2020.
  • Another company named comScore, agreed with Alpine depicted that 50% of the global search will come from voice enabled search in 2020.
  • Today 19% of global population uses Siri to buy products that is 2/5th of the world.
  • Currently 55% of teens and 44% of adults are using voice search at this point of time.
  • Google has also mentioned that 20% of the search result comes through voice.

    All these statistics signal us one thing, that voice search will be the dominant factor of future SEO and one needs to approach the expert SEO agency to get the best voice search platform implanted into their website.

    Complete Dominance of Mobile

    • Between 2015-2018 the importance of mobile based website has jumped from 35.8% to 50.2% globally.
    • Statista states that around 52.2% of a website’s traffic is generated through mobile devices.
    • After a careful research for 1.5 years, Google announced that it will give top priority to websites which are maintaining a good mobile-responsiveness in their ranking factor.
    Mobile-responsive websites are gaining high credibility and great acceptance amongst the end-user, and its necessity gets increased every year. A business having the best mobile responsive website would certainly dominate the web space and ranks no.1 in Google for sure.

    Carving Need for Speed

    Speed optimisation is another crucial ranking factor that drives or decimates the traffic towards the websites.
    Today’s customers have zero-tolerance towards slow loading website, and they don’t give a second thought to exit it at any cost.
    Being the most experienced SEO service provider in Chennai, India we deploy some mandatory tasks to stimulate the speed of a website.

    • Optimize the images
    • Block unnecessary JavaScript
    • Manage CSS
    • Handle browser cache files
    • Precised HTML
    • Shorten server response time

    Seo Tips For 2019

    Focus on Long-tail Keywords
    Adopting to Google’s transformation is similar to adopting your target user transformation, today users prefer long-tail keywords which are more of conversational type rather than being a stuffed pack that doesn’t suit with the flow of the content. Embracing high-end SEO services would deliver you the desired benefit here.

    Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes
    Since content overloading has surpassed its alarming status, it is high time for the prime search engine to be smart and display the relevant and best content in the top of a search. Google snippets are the recent arrivals which display the exact content for a user, optimising keywords and other search terms are a part of exquisite SEO services in Chennai, India which would boost the position of a company in Google’s first-page search.

    Infographics do Matters
    A business can follow any number of strategies to portray its uniqueness and stand ahead of the competition, adopting infographic display method is one such kind the retains the attention of a user for a longer period and helps in conversion. These pictorial data representations are mind grasping and attention driving factors that adds value to a website if used in the right spot.
    Google News
    To impress Google and stay top of the order one can follow multiple strategies and publishing articles in Google news is one of its kind. Unless and until you were a thought leader, you cannot use this option where it demands a highly unique and fresh content that would be certainly useful to your industry.
    Technical SEO
    The technical SEO plays the most promising role in enhancing the overall SEO drift for a website which includes several practices like website optimisation. Approaching a proper technical SEO service in Chennai, India is mandatory for any business to initiate its journey in the World Wide Web.