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We’re going to illustrate what you’re doing with visual stories! Animation makes it easy for us to clarify abstract ideas and give you a special universal brand language to reach out to. iStudio’s agree that expressing empathy in your stories lets you create trust and begin a conversation with your targeted customers. Yet choosing the best type of animation is the secret to telling amazing stories! In search of the best-animated explainer video services in Chennai, India?

iStudio Technologies has worked with more than fortune 500 companies for over 13+ years and delivering the best 2D animation services in India, from large enterprises to small startups across the world. With its vast expertise, we have become the leading 2D animation company in Chennai, India, who provide services meeting the business needs of our esteemed customers globally.

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Types of animated explainer videos that we create

We will create elegantly narrated visual stories for your customers by optimizing complicated concepts and providing them with engaging visuals, which makes your brand stay ahead of the competition. The videos that we’re creating for you will help you build sympathy towards your targeted audience and create a bond of trust with them.
We recognize that having the correct animation style is the secret to creating beautiful business-specific and industry-specific content, so we do our best to encourage visual storytelling in the best of ways. We are experts in the creation of Animated Explainer Videos for technological solutions to improve brand value, for finance firms, for healthcare companies and software companies, as well as for the following types of explainer videos:

Cartoon Explainer Video Production Services

Cartoon account videos offer the ability of hero storytelling to personally communicate and capture the attention of your targeted customers. The secret of telling fantastic stories in this style is creating and animating characters, which your viewers can immediately interact with themselves. Locating your message in the customer’s story gap is the secret to growth. B2C businesses prefer to use this animation style to illustrate their videos.

Infographic Explainer Video Production Services

Apart from providing a solid and huge user base, twitter also acts as a promising crypto community. It provides the market research groups some very high insightful data analytics that help them in knowing the success and failure of their tweet campaigns. So this platform can be used to talk about the ICO events and other happenings. Twitter accounts can be pinned and tweeted in order to acquire the top ranking in the profile.

Mixed Media Animated Explainer Videos

The goal is to be unique from others, mixed media animation videos can help you innovate by offering the ability to experiment with various media. The key to telling fantastic stories in this type of animation will be to pick the right media. And when it refers to storyboarding, the visual artist needs to maintain balanced compositions and perfect transitions for effective storytelling.

Winning Animated Explainer Video Production

We’re using a really simple 4-step simplified procedure to keep you engaged and tell amazing stories. Animated explainer video pricing relies primarily on the difficulty of the animation type and content. Other considerations that can influence prices are distribution timelines, length, and feedback period.

Our 4 Step Streamlined Explainer Video Creation Process

Research & Screenplay

This will be the first most important step in our business explainer video production process. After a thorough understanding of the expectations via a project checklist and discussion, an expert scriptwriter is assigned to develop a script for your corporate video. Based on the study, the initial draft is drawn up and submitted to the client for approval within a specified period.

Character Design and Storyboard

Initially, we design the character for a story-based video and submit it for approval. When the character is done, we begin to work on the storyboard, which is a graphic display that offers you the opportunity to step into the ultimate corporate film. This is achieved by examples of sequential shots and a thorough explanation of the action and the movement. This involves computer-generated imagery or colored theme shots that offer you a visual image of how your business video works.


We select among our professional group of VO artists, who cover a broad range of accents as well as languages. The intonation and modulation of the tone over, filmed in a reputable studio, would be in line with your specific instructions. We provide the best voice-over artists depending on the project specifications, so it's easy for us to give you the best one.

Graphics and Animation

The most challenging and work-intensive step of the process, this is where we give life to your video. Final graphics are produced based on your approved storyboard then animated with corresponding voice over and sound effects. Modifications at this level are very small if they are needed at all. Here's what we're trying to alter or repair for free:

  • Mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, or punctuation
  • Animations that are significantly different from the animation instructions given in the authorized storyboards
  • Timing concerns in which the on-screen action does not complement the voice-over
  • Sound issues, like pitch, placing of sound effects, or timing of each

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