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We at iStudio Technologies offer the best development service to a diversified set of industrial clients using the most supportive and best tools of React JS and React native.

React and React native

React.js is one of the most widely used javascript frameworks in the industry due to its highly adaptive feature. As the most preferred kind of framework, this open source library is created by Facebook and highly utilized in top players of the industry like Airbnb, Netflix, Instagram, Yahoo and Dropbox and Sony. Development based on React JS is getting well-established now days and it is the most happening framework which gets suitable for any industrial application that acts as a major supporting hand in developing the business. As the best React JS development company, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting all the industrial requirements of the client and capable to deliver the most efficient application framework for client’s business.

React JS Development Service

As the top ReactJS servicing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies help their customers to build strong customer driven encounters to generate more business using react and react native application and to provide best react js services.

React is highly capable of creating continuous, frequent and effective UI for the application. This directly states that:

  • A React.js user interface development process
  • React.js dedicated front-end development service for business heads, managers, SMEs and other aspiring startups.

Features of React JS

a) Computing – The most interactive and highly efficient web and mobile application can be created using the react.js framework. Delivering simple and effective application is its uniqueness and react is highly capable of delivering the same through catering the required updates whenever the changes are required. The declarative code makes the application more readable and easier to debug.

b) Virtual DOM – React JS maintains a virtual DOM for every single original DOM in it. A virtual DOM is nothing but an exact reflective of original DOM in react.js otherwise known as its carbon copy. This is also considered as one-way data binding so, manipulation of virtual Dom becomes much easier when compared with updating the original DOM. As the best REACTJS service provider, iStudio Technologies caters high-end solutions to a diversified set of clients in the industries.

c) Event Handling – React possess its own event system which can be easily compatible with a W3C object model. Events of all the browsers are clubbed together using the Synthetic Event instance. This event gives access to the cross-browser interface having a native event. Since react is implemented through event delegation assisted by a set of event objects it reduces the memory overhead and also eases up the burden of worrying about the incompatible event names and fields.

d) JSX – A java script that looks and functions in a similar way to that of HTML. This markup syntax is the combination of javascript and xml where the process of writing react components, building react UI blocks, making the syntax to get developed easier for generating these strings of identical HTML. Since web developer always looks out for the easy way to accomplish their task, this one is always been the highly preferred one among the developer community. We at iStudio Technologies provide the most effective and best react js development services to our clients who wish to adopt efficiency in their working application.

d) Performance – With the presence of flux controls and the assistance of virtual DOM react is considered to be the high performing framework compared to its peers. Where the flux control performs the function of application workflow control and virtual DOM does the operation of comparing the new data with original DOM.

d) Components – When it comes to react everything is component here, where the web pages are even divided into smaller components to get a better view. Every single particle of the visual application would be bundled within the self-contained module known as a component. Since these components are framed using javascript instead of templates it helps you to pass the data easily through the app and keep the state out of DOM. These components are highly helpful to define the visuals and interactions in the applications. As the top reactjs provider, iStudio Technologies helps the clients to develop their business through implementing this framework.

Advantages of using React JS

Implementation of react js will reduce the overall working time of a developer through decreasing their pressure over building an application, and also minimize the transference time of a customer. React JS is considered to be unique as it delivers some uncommon advantages from its side like:

It helps to build extraordinary websites.

It helps to build user-friendly responsive web applications.

Websites created under react can be used as reusable modules, which monitor the backing process and shrink the effect of even one component in the entire application.

React JS helps to change the position of a react native provided it has been undertaken completely in order to carry out the process effortlessly.

It possesses a continuously expanding functionality.

why istudio

If you are looking for an extraordinary web or mobile application for your business with effective and awful features, then iStudio Technologies will be the right place to land in. We strive hard and always deliver our 100% to make our clients feel satisfied with the work. React.JS as a framework guarantees high performance for the web page through catering highly interactive visual effects through supporting highly reusable components and we deliver these features in a more effective way.

As the top react js Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has a deep-rooted experience and highly expertise set of developers to meet any industrial complexities and resolve them in order to deliver the expected result. We as a team gets quickly adapted to the situation and carry out the most structured approach to debug the issues and fix the same for a solution. We are highly responsive towards industries and provide tailor-made service to them according to their needs.





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Developing Mobile App using React Native

Mobile app development has gone under a complete revolution post the arrival of react native. React native as a framework is a high efficient cross-platform mobile application developed to run in both the major operating systems Android and iOS system. It has the most demanding advantage of using the same set of code in both the iOS and android application which makes the application work faster.

As an early adapter of react native, iStudio Technologies has been successful in deploying this framework for various applications and diversified industries. As the best react.js Development Company, iStudio Technologies is capable of resolving any kind of industrial complexities through deploying this framework with the assistance of experienced experts.

Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

React native created by Facebook is the best outcome of a hybrid app development which has the most perfect structure to build a native mobile application. The combination of react native with javascript helps to build a mobile app in a more applicable way that gives the end user a perfect visual treat. Mobile application created using react native works faster gives a better look and feel for the end user.

The react.js designers have the privilege to utilize the reusable code since it is the combination of HTML and javascript framework. This is the most welcoming feature of react.js which makes organizations adopt into its development. This eventually reduces the time and amount spent towards development and creates a path towards high-performance application with gleeful UI. As the top react.js provider we at iStudio Technologies cater the elite experience to their clients through providing them high-end services.

Why organizations must adopt React JS?

React.js helps to riven and use pages or features of a website into minor components for efficient and reusable purpose. It denotes that a web app consists of separate as well as independent components which are capable of including smaller components as well.

Benefits delivered

React JS by its very nature caters two way beneficiaries through breaking a specific application into separate modules it helps both during the phase of development as well as usage. When considering the development stage, it helps to frame a smart architecture in order to make required changes whenever necessary this helps to carry out a parallel workflow which eventually leads to timely delivery of the product.

React JS UI/UX development

Considered as a part of MVC react js can be used in any form either solely or combined together with Angular2 which utilizes different languages with TypeScript like DART. Here react can be combined either with REDUX.JS or any other framework to construct Model and Controller. REDUXJS provide callbacks, and models to interact with REACT modules.

Code Standard

  • ES7 and ES6 ready code
  • Airbnb- eslint
  • Flow js

State Management

  • Redux
  • Mobx


  • Webpack
  • Gulp

Async Libraries

  • Redux-saga
  • Redux- observables
  • Redux- thunk

Testing Libraries

  • Enzyme
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Jasmine

Form- Libraries

  • Redux- forms
  • Formsy- React

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