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Our Digital marketing experts in Chennai help your business grow online leads, calls and revenue.

Virtual marketing trends change quite dramatically. Therefore, you need a smart and flexible marketing strategy for the most effective exposure of your products and services. Digital marketing in Chennai helps you in forming a noteworthy presence in the digital paradise. If you like to establish a strong presence online, then you can rely on innovative digital marketing solutions. Digital marketing solutions help you keeping your clients engaged with plenty of options such as videos, graphics, texts, images, emails, and the website. Popularity of smart phones, internet, and online shopping is the reason for Digital Marketing’s origin. Today, everything is easily available online. You can book a cab, order food, medicine, or shop apparels with mere few clicks. iStudio is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai with 9+ year of experience.
Wide numbers of customers have their own choice of media. Therefore, it is essential to hit the different channels of virtual media. Mobile, direct mail, point of sale, social media, etc. are the digital media platforms a customer can utilize to reach you. This is the reason hitting all the eminent and trending marketing platforms. iStudio is top digital marketing company in Chennai to boost your business.

We offer quality Digital marketing service in Chennai for your business strategy



Search Engine Optimization

iStudio is the best digital marketing company and provides the best SEO service over Chennai.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing playes a lead roal in your digita marketing, appearance on the social media gives you maximum number of CTR.


Local Search Optimization

Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy.


Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the process to show a good thing about you when someone Googles your name.

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Search Engine Optimization

We Provide Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!

Getting frequent and trustworthy presence on the leading search engines ensure the growth of your business. Along with that it is also essential that your actual listing should compel user to click on your listing. Therefore, it is essential to pay full attention on each and every aspect that boost the performance of your search engine listing. A productive search engine optimization strategy helps in improving the keywords ranking and it automatically increase website traffic and conversion. we are the top digital marketing service provider company in Chennai.
A good SEO strategy consists of On-Page as well as Off-Page Optimization. It pays full attention even on the smallest aspects of your website, in order to make it fully optimized for the most proficient performance. SEO can help your website in different manners. It enhances website’s visibility, traffic, trustworthiness and the most important aspect i.e. conversion rate. iStudio stands in top digital marketing agency in Chennai.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Email marketing can provide you good return on investment if it is done in right manner. Digital marketing experts can help in forming relevant email programs and in their implementation as well. A good quality email marketing program consists of designing, campaign management, reporting, and integration with the Google Analytics.
Emergence of online shopping has also given birth to a never ending competition to be on top in the search results and dragging most numbers of customers towards site. Digital marketing solutions can play a decisive role in improving your business growth. It enhances the chances of successful interaction with the customers. Email marketing is an effective process of digital marketing and we are the top digital marketing company in Chennai.


Google Analytics

If you want to increase the users’ engagement i.e. to increase time on site, page views, repeated visits and last but certainly not the least, improved conversion rates. It will be good for you to utilize Google analytics on your site for tracking your business KPIs on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Basic Advantages of Google Analytics


Analyze Traffic Source

Google Analytics allow you to check how the visitors are being driven towards your site. You can utilize wide ranging tracking stats without spending any money. If you have a Gmail account you can sign up for an account on Google Analytics.


Visual Chart for Traffic Flow

You can grab complete details about the traffic flow via visual chart. This traffic flow chart provides each and every detail like bounce rates, frequently visited pages by majority of traffic, number of visitors visiting the subsequent links etc.


Popularity of Specific Page

You can get information about popularity of a particular page of your website. Google analytics help you to know about your site’s most popular pages. This information can help you to improve the quality of such pages and ultimately increasing your sales volume.


Visitors’ Information

You can see detailed information about the most eminent countries and regions visiting your website. It will allow you to create customized advertising ort content to drag more number of visitors from such eminent countries and regions.


Reputation Management

Your brand’s online reputation can influence the visitors to check out as customers. Therefore it is necessary for you to build a credible reputation online. Competition has reached the next level; this is why you need to be extra attentive to stay ahead from competitors. Stats clearly show that more than 85% of people believe the brands recommenced by their friends and family. About 70% people give more preference to consumer opinions rather than paid ads. It is not just the matter of building a good reputation online but to make the brand meeting its core values and the basic requirements of its market. If you are looking for the top digital marketing service provider agency in Chennai the iStutio is the right place to hang on.

Key prospects of Reputation Management

  • ♢ Powerful and smartly managed reputation makes sure that business gets great and most compelling first impression. It establishes a positive image by focusing on significant customer touch spots and utilizing to the fullest for making a positive and memorable first impression.
  • ♢ Smart reputation management helps in highlighting the business strengths along with countering competitors’ propaganda.
  • ♢ Efficiently executed reputation management program improves the chances of transforming bitter visitors into proposed customers and even customers.

Landing Page Optimization

Smartly crafted landing pages can easily drag the attention of your targeted audience. Landing page optimization helps you in many ways such as reaching your targeted audience more effectively, presenting attractive offers, and maximizing the conversion. Users can see the landing pages optimized for the best experience on their device. Experts can create multiple version landing pages as per your requirement. iStudio is one of the top rated Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai. So, what are the ultimate goals of landing page? You need to take a look at the key points regarding landing page goals-
  • ♢ Qualify and profile the site visitors for delivering more efficient marketing follow-up communications
  • ♢ Communicating organization’s brand value running the campaign.
  • ♢ Providing contact info regarding conventional sales channels like phone number if the visitors are not willing to share their contact details, or giving a valid reason to visitors to come back on site or engage them using compelling offers or content.

Success Aspects of a Landing Page

Along with that the landing page should be loaded with sufficient information to influence the response decision of visitors. Landing page design should be smart enough to reduce the number of clicks needed for response. Every additional click will reduce the response rate by ten percent. What should be the ideal page length? The ideal page length should be the one that removes the information gap between what you tell them and what the user want to know. Landing page should also be loaded with high quality graphics. Appealing and relevantly used graphics can make a big difference.
  • ♢ Persuasion
  • ♢ Accessibility
  • ♢ Developing trust in brand name
  • ♢ Usability

Inbound Marketing Strategy, Tips and Complete Guide 2017

Marketing is the lifeline of virtual business. A brand can easily get overwhelmed with plenty of techniques and tactics for generating impact business exposure. Whether you are a start-up or your brand is still finding its feet in the virtual world, then what will be your marketing strategy for generating desired outcomes like loyal customers base, increased leads, followers, and sales. Good thing is that inbound marketing is not a rocket science and you can easily levy it for increasing your value and credibility. So, what are the key steps for inbound marketing and how we should apply them? Here you go-


How to Generate Leads from Website

Lead generation consists of creating a giant ecosystem of conversation and content around your site, business or products. Along with that it also focuses on creating an impactful buzz for your site by using the relevant social media platforms. It can be an effective tool if you want to make a productive by smartly using the word-of-mouth power and social media platforms for establishing an ongoing conversation with virtual audience/customers. Lead generation campaigns have become one of the most admired and accepted philosophies for proficient marketing.

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Reputation Management

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Social Media Optimization

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Why you should Prefer Reputation Management

Assists in identifying the gaps regarding products and services that can be established for gainful niche markets. If you are new to this, then you can take help of experts for building a reputation management program for your targeted market and audience. Reputation management brings a trust of visiter on you website.

You will be amazed to know that-
  • ♢ More than 65% customers trust online information as the most credible source to know about any company or product.
  • ♢ 92% make their purchase decisions after reading the reviews online.
  • ♢ 80% of people equally trust on personal recommendations and online reviews.
You will be amazed to know that-
  • ♢ Enhancing positive brand perceptions by generating chances to listen to and engaging consumers
  • ♢ Grabbing the required info about the competitors and their consumers’ perceptions regarding their products and services
  • ♢ Reduces marketing expenses as it reveals the secret of reaching the targeted audience without spending much

Local SEO and Directory Submission

Local SEO helps in establishing strong connection with the local customers and nearby surroundings. This digital marketing solution can be a good option for your local business. For example, if you have a restaurant, then it will be good for you to connect your local customers virtually. Experts can help you submitting your business details to the leading local business directories. Directory submission can be a most effective way to enhance you website traffic. Local SEO helps you to reach your customers at the time they need you. Therefore, it is a more proficient option than the conventional methods like flyers, newspapers etc. iStudio is the best digital marketing company in Chennai and gives the best results in just few days.

Video and Display Advertising

It is an important aspect of your digital marketing campaign. Display and video advertising can help in dragging the targeted audience closer to your products and services. Management of ad network is essential for the success of campaing. Experts choose the best and the most transparent partners for delivering top quality video inventory and online display for the targeted and productive reach. As a Digital Firm in Chennai we provide you the best digital marketing Service and listed in top 10 digital marketing Companies in Chennai. In order to meet the campaign goal experts serve you with all targeting forms like day-parting, geographical, behavioral, contextual, and re-marketing. Experts also keep eye on key performance indicators; therefore, they search for the best mix of cost-per-thousand, cost-per-acquisition etc. Video and display advertising can make a big impact on your targeted audience. It can influence the buying decisions of your proposed customers. We are one of the top digital marketing agency in Chennai.


Success Stories from Our Clients

Our clients are our biggest support. Would you like to know what our clients think about us? have a look bellow.


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A Dedicated Digital Marketing Agency Proved Them Self in all Their Work Results

I am highly thankful to iStudio for receiving amazing reception worldwide. My website performance has become more precise and productive. It has been an amazing experience so far. My business got the desired virtual presence with dedicated efforts of experts here. iStudio created a SEO plan relevant to my business needs. Now I am getting better customers’ response, my credibility has also increased. All this became possible due to a smartly crafted and executed SEO plan. The company has given me the ideal base to stay strong in the severe virtual competition in front. Thanks a ton for your efforts.

AVN Arogya

According to Me iStudio is One of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

iStudio has been a great help for successfully executing my marketing efforts. It helped optimizing my website and made it capable to rank higher on significant keywords. The main things that I got real productive business from their SEO efforts. Experts here are available 24x7 for immediate assistance. I have got plenty of compliments about my website’s looks, operations, and contents etc. I am deeply astounded with your result oriented SEO efforts. Now my website looks more contemporary and professional. I noticed the improvement in search engines rankings after the beginning of project. I am so happy that my decision of choosing your company for my SEO needs became highly successful.


Doing Our Project With iStudio Was a Perffect Decision as They Provided Us The Best Digital Marketing Service

They have given a new dimension to my ecommerce store. I was worried about the enormous competition but their SEO methods have worked the right way for me. My store got the exposure and people gradually started showing faith in my products. Their efforts catered me with improved search engine rankings. It really helped to be in the eye of proposed customers. I am thankful to their contemporary and effective SEO methods that made our store closer to our targeted audience. The team has responded instantly always to our concerns and requests. Their consultative approach for defining the keywords is highly effective.


iStudio Full Filled All Our Digital Marketing Needs

Before meeting your company, I couldn’t be able to find a truthful-ethics SEO company. They became the perfect match for my SEO needs. I like the way they used their white-hat SEO techniques for optimizing my website. Along with achieving the Search engine optimization goals, I also learned the way to get the best outcome. Their customer service is simply superb. Experts are always available for assistance. They helped us to get higher search ranks across different search engines. Our improved ranked served us with increased traffic, better conversion and enhanced sale. I proudly think that I have made the right decision of choosing them.

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