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Why Use Custom GIFs?

GIFs aim to attract the interest of the viewer and motivate them to take immediate action. as being simple and bite-sized, they’re easy to eat. GIFs are the ideal marketing tool for audiences with steadily declining attention span. Most notably, they’re showcasing the human part of the business and that’s priceless.

iStudio Technologies has worked with more than fortune 500 companies for over 13+ years and delivering the best Gif animation services in India, from large enterprises to small startups across the world. With its vast expertise, we have become the leading Gif animation company in Chennai, India, who provide services meeting the business needs of our esteemed customers globally. Let’s have a glance at some of the applications of GIF.

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The major use of GIFs

You can use GIFs anytime you want to highlight the individuality of your brand, maximize interaction through your updates, clarify the process, animate the details, say a story, and offer a sneak-peak of your latest product. GIFs can be used if you want to viral unique content and messages, as well as when you want to respond to your users in style.
GIFs for Animated Online Banners
Banners are essential for interacting on the website with your target audience. Moreover, driving interaction with static banners is indeed a challenging task. Being interactive, animated banners are doing a lot better. Also, as GIFs are looped, your message pops up repeatedly to ensure retention.
GIFs For Social Media Marketing
Social media is where most of the audience’s attention span is the least. Putting long-form material out there you’re drowning in the background. With animated GIFs, you can reach out and interact with the audience. In just a few seconds, you will get your message out and accelerate conversions.
GIFs for Animated Infographics
If you need to convey facts and information to your audience, you could use infographics. Although they have a greater dedication than the email, there is also less commitment. You can transform that around with animated infographics. Not only are they interacting, but they have also proved to have higher retention rates.
GIFs For Website User Interface & Blogs
Studies say that you have only 3-5 seconds to attract guests to your site before they exit. But you need to grab them right from the time they open your website. Utilizing GIFs as background and logos, you will make your site appealing and make sure visitors stay longer.
GIFs For Email Marketing Campaigns
Although it’s hard to get recipients to check your email, it’s harder to get recipients to comment. Poor response rates can be expensive and demotivating because you invest a lot of time and money in email marketing. Through email marketing GIFs, you can have responses as they make emails interactive.
GIFs will add value to your brand
GIFs are better than pictures to express a message, although they are easier and faster to make than a video. They help you create a fun identity for your company, promote virality, and are very engaging. They also easily catch the interest of younger people when they converse the internet language and navigate to the core of every post pretty fast.

Some important features of GIFs

Any of the main characteristics of a successful GIF are the GIF must consistently represent the branding and style of the brand, display the individuality of the brand, and be entertaining and interactive. The GIF must also be capable of creating a dialogue around the brand as well as be beneficial or unforgettable enough to provoke virality. Our 3-Step GIF Success Plan
GIFs For Website User Interface & Blogs
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Customized Proposal
After our team has run over your specifications and picked up your brain, we’ll give you a personalized deal with some exciting pricing choices.
Execute The Plan
A truly dedicated team of designers and strategists will carry out the strategy along with you.

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iStudio Technologies, the best-animated Gifs services in Chennai, India, deliver the custom animated Gifs meeting all your business needs to give value to your brand while attracting your target audiences resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Straightforward prices with no hidden charges and free modesty to improve consumer service.
  • Straightforward prices with no hidden charges and free modesty to improve consumer service.
  • Straightforward prices with no hidden charges and free modesty to improve consumer service.