• 60% of users says that they wont prefer a badly designed mobile site for their friends.
  • The Success ratio of content slider in web design is just 1%
  • 67% of traditional retailers prefer mobile ready website oriented presence
Lot of high waves and big tides are about to strike the website designing arena this 2020 and will accelerate fresh elements and technicques that are completely new for this industry and would certainly play a crucial role in driving the interest of modern era customers who would jump into your website in tons if you implement the below mentioned trends in a proper way. You might be a developer, designer or an entrepreneur of a small-sized startup firm, getting to know about these trends will be highly helpful to you in either way. Being a well-established web design company in Chennai, India we offer futuristic designing services that would be heart stealer and eye-catcher of clients that makes them long for our services. At the end of this article, I promise you that I will provide you an important set of points that not to be carried out at any case in designing your website.

Our trending website design portfolio created ahead of times

a) Customized UI and Ever-changing content

Creating Persoanlized UI Strategy would bring up to 400% of profit conversion to your website.

Since its day one, digital marketing is inching towards rendering a completely personalized UI design and dynamic content that would reflect the need of the visitor in a single view.

Having personalized UI design and highly dynamic website content would certainly facilitate your business and yield more profit in a consecutive period.

For example, Netflix is a successful streaming web app/mobile app is a perfect example of having dynamic content which displays a selective set of web series or film list according to the user’s browsing history or views.

Being a proficient web designing company in Chennai, India we provide personalized UI design service for our clients that are industry and user specific to the core.

b) Voice Over User Interface (VUI)

50% of search will be voice enabled by 2020 .

Mark my words, VUI will be the most commanding web designing trend in 2020 and also in future.

Since companies are moving towards the position of providing personalized service and service related information on their website, embedding a VUI effect would be a strong move towards personalized website creation.

The implementation of this element would project your concern towards the client and also gives you a competitive edge amongst your peers.
People using VUI in leading tech giant products like Amazon’s Alexa are feeling that they were interacting with a friend rather than a search engine and feels more comfortable in using a long-term search phrase.

Being the leading website design company in Chennai, India we offer the best VUI element to your website that highly gets synchronized.

Voice Over User Interface (VUI)

c) Ensure the loading speed

The human takes 7 seconds to form an opinion on his peer, while Google takes only 3 seconds to do the same.
Ensure the loading speed
Google or any search engine goes with the user’s interest, and these search engines keep updating themselves by invest billions to read the exact thought process of a user. So, satisfying Google or any search engine would be enough to satisfy your target audience, and one thing is mandatory to be successful in satisfying them, which is empathy. Everybody needs information quickly, and today’s web users have zero-tolerance rate hence, it is better to have a fast loading website that would help to retain your visitors. A retained visitor might also bounce back to your competitors if you have not presented an engaging web page.

So, it is seriously important to have a fast loading and highly interactive website design for your business.

You must look out for experienced and friendly web design agency in Chennai, India that would help you to get a fast loading wesbite.

d) Agumented Reality

AR can bring in the lost 79% of website visitors who abandon a site due to low impression rate.
The augmented reality is certainly an awesome technology that provides entirely new shade to your business, and its contribution is freakishly vital. This technology uses a computer-generated image in it to help the site visitors (especially in the case of ecommerce) to make a sound decision on their purchase by analyzing the product in real. We have profound web designing experts in our team who are capable of inserting the AR technology into your website to cater better surfing and shopping experience to your end user and generate more traffic to your website.
Agumented Reality

e) Sticky Elements

22% is the numbers that represents the quickness of website navigability post implementing sticky elements
From feature to basic need the role of social media has changed a lot in a couple of years hence having social media accounts and actively participating in it is found to be the mandatory case for any business especially for startups. Your social media presence on the website must be all around which means it needs to get present wherever your visitor goes, therefore, using sticky elements would be the right move here which projects your social media buttons anywhere in the webpage.

We provide eccentric website designing services in Chennai, India that impends beneficial sticky element as a part in the right place to keep your visitors focused and help you to convert them as your clients.

f) Video-Centric Content

By 2020, Video content will hold 80% of the website traffic in its kitty when compared with images and texts.
Video centric content will acquire the limelight in future from 2020, by out beating the textual and image-based formats. The interest of website users are highly dynamic, and their preference towards video-based content is one such an example. In the upcoming days, we can find several landing pages, blogs and inner pages too in the video format.

g) Grid Layout

38% of website visitors stop engaging if the layout is not attractive
Grid Layout

Framing a website layout is highly crucial which plays the role of the decider in its success, using grid layout is the current trend, that would set up the fire in 2020 by registering a big raise.

The grid layout is said to bring the required equilibrium between the textual, image, video-based and white space content after trying out with numerous approaches.
We are the top web design company in Chennai, India, who offer eye-catching trending designs that would project your website’s uniqueness and creates a separate space in the industry.

h) Illustrative and Geomentric Shapes

Illustrative elements and geomentrical shapes gives you 53% chance to rank on Google’s first page.

The geometric shapes are never going to fadeClick edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. out totally, and it would always be part and parcel of web designing trends that could change every year (possibly).

Implementing illustrative shapes and geometrical elements are found to be the perfect alternative for high-resolution elements keeps your visitors engaging and pushes them towards the next section of the page.
You need to look out for a responsible creative web design company that could help you implement this element into your website.

Illustrative and Geomentric Shapes

i) Accessibility and Security

Being a highly used CMS, WordPress is also vulnerable to hacks with 542 attempts last year (2018)

The global ageing population gets 3X every year and it imposes better website accessibility

Accessibility and Security

Here comes the most useful trend that would even facilitate users with physical challenges, accessibility is something which a website design includes as an element to favour all categories of audience irrespective of their visionary status.

Added up to its security is also considered as the most important element to be considered while creating a website and we being the most prefered website design service provider in Chennai, India guarantees you with secured website service.

As I promised before, I’m disclosing the not to do list in terms of web design for 2020.

Web Design Dont’s in 2020

  • Avoid using parallelax scrolling as they can eat up your loading time and would end up with disappointing your visitor (specifically the first timers) which should not happen at any case.
  • Opting out a single page website design always has a 50:50 chance that might not be a safe move at all. Ofcourse these sleeky websites are navigation friendly but certainly not suitable for search engine favor.
  • Make it simple, yes do not overdose your website with complicated images and tons of content which is not prefered by the visitors at any age just stick with your basics and go with the flow of presenting a neat and precised web page.