During the initial stage of product development designers and developers are bound to have a lot of queries with them which pop-up often in their mind while meticulously working on a project. As the complexity of a project gets increased with time the team tends to be very careful with the decision on framing the design and creating a particular development phase.

This places the usability product designers high in demand and in position. These folks are responsible to deliver a better picture to the people working in designing and development team and help them to take an informed decision. So validating the usability of a product is the primary responsibility of a usability product designer. iStudio Technologies is the best web designing company in Chennai; we always cater the best quality design to our client through our innovative execution process.


Basically, these experts do research on the product to be framed and form a well-structured prototype for the development team to carry out the process. But, they used to complain that the development teams are not following their research-based results, this happens due to various miscommunications like a generation of poor usability report. So this makes a path to create a more understandable UX report that can help to create a quality product design. This article will be explaining the most important and primitive steps need to be considered while framing a UX product designing report.

Clarity on business goals

Most of the usability product design chaos starts with the misconception of the experts who get involved in creating the actual UX report. Once this misunderstanding is cleared then they are good to go with report creation and submission. It is highly recommended that the usability designers.

Create a precised finding

Nothing in this transaction is related to real world and it cannot be connected at any point of time. Even the address you receive is generated in random numbers at the maximum you can calculate the transactional flow, but you cannot connect to the real world at any cost.

Users are not to be blamed

The purpose of framing the finding report is to address the real problem of the project but not addressing the issue of the users or addressing themselves as an issue. This tends to be a high deviating factor from the development team’s perspective and destroys the entire project. The development team will obviously think that the users are facing issues since they are inexperienced. So the sole purpose of usability testing must be testing the validity of the product but not the efficiency of an end-user. iStudio Technologies is the top web designing company in Chennai, where our technocrats are highly experienced and have great talent in delivering the most innovative and suitable UI designs for your website.

Missing out minor details

Most of the times the UX product designers create mistakes in minor aspects and they do perform well in the major aspects. The UX designing community usually works with the same ideology and hence it is the reason why they face minor errors often and finds it difficult to overcome from it. let’s take for instance that report creates will be focusing on providing better user experience with the product flow and they will entirely miss out the concept of checking out the relevance of the product flow with the user requirement. Suppose the product design is not framed as per the user requirement then the whole project will lose its scope.


Suggestions matters

The duty of usability designers doesn’t gets stopped with testing the project and finding the errors their ultimate role lies in suggesting feasible solutions that do exist in the project to do the product development. A usability designer is meant to be a complete one only when they provide suggestions to the existing problem and their expertise keep increasing when they provide better solutions to the utmost complicated issues. There are certain procedures that the usability designers need to follow while providing suggestions to the developing team.

  • While providing suggestion usability designers need to be clear and highly précised with their solutions.
  • Suggestion to the existing solutions must be well-tested with proper reference but not with any assumptions.
  • It is better to discuss with designing and development team in order to provide the most effective suggestions by the usability developers.
  • Keep in mind that the end users are not the same as usability experts, and hence these experts must provide a report that is of not high level of complex jargons in it.
  • Inserting some valuable and relevant visual formats is highly encouraged in order to bring in efficiency in the report

We at iStudio Technologies are the best web designing company in Chennai; we always cater the best quality design to our client through our innovative execution process.

Team engagement

  • Prior to performing the testing process, it is advised to discuss and get the feedback from stakeholders, marketers, and product managers regarding their expectations for the usability report designing process.
  • Further moving a step ahead you can also invite the team members, stakeholders to take part in the testing session

Develop a condensed report

Readers are not ready to view, analyze and study every single concept of the report and it is all up to the usability product designers to frame a high crisp and easily readable report for the end users according to their level of comfort.


Prioritizing the issues

The uniqueness of a usability tester lies in the way of their working, this portrays that the issues which are found out by the usability designer need to be ranked according to the severity. The tester needs to rank them as low, medium, and high based on the critical level of the issue. But, before labeling it according to the category the UX designer needs to sit and discuss with the development team on their perception of how they look and analyze the criticality of the issues in the project?

High interactive report

The report that needs to be generated must be interactive, and at the same time, it also needs to be in an understandable way. So literally you need to have the awareness about your target reader group before scripting the particular report as UX designer. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies carries out deep analyzes on the requirement of their clients and creates the required design in a flawless way.