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Customer App Features

Grocery ECommerce Mobile App development

Customer App Features

Geo IP location

The Grocery app developers will incorporate a geolocator into the app to enable customers to identify the specific geographical location of stores. This feature will allow your store to manage the delivery address automatically or through a manual update.

Native apps

This feature allows shoppers to see relevant grocery items at stores closest to them.

Easy onboarding

The grocery delivery application will come with a quick sign-up and sign-in functionality, enabling shoppers to login using, either their email address or phone number.

Quick search

This feature enables customers to search for grocery items easily and quickly. Shoppers can see detailed product categories, allow them to browse and choose from various food and grocery items.

Push notification

The grocery app will send alerts to customers to remind them about existing discounts and offers.

Order history

Shoppers can use this feature to obtain previous purchase details in the event they want to shop similar commodities or to refer prospective shoppers to buy specific groceries.

Add to cart

This feature of the grocery delivery application will enable customers to add products, which they wish to check out, either immediately or later.

Schedule delivery

Grocery shoppers will have the option to choose convenient order delivery times.

Social media plugin

The grocery mobile app development team will integrate social media plugins into the app, allowing users to log in to their accounts quickly.


Customers can use this option to easily and quickly order groceries.

Feedback and rating

Grocery shoppers will have the option to choose convenient order delivery times.The mobile app users can add product ratings and reviews to depending on the user experience, hence, helping future users.

Proof of delivery

Customers can receive a delivery report as soon as the agent delivers groceries.

Order tracking

The grocery app developers will integrate this feature to allow customers to trace and monitor orders teal-time, as well as receive notifications informing them about the status of the order.

Area-specific selection

For quick delivery, the grocery delivery application will come with an option allowing customers to select their location.


This feature will enable users to add groceries they would like to buy in the future as well as access promo codes, vouchers, and coupons to buy their favorite items at discounted prices.

Social sharing

The grocery delivery app developers will integrate this feature into the app, allowing users to share their favorite groceries with friends and family on social media platforms.

Product filter

App users can sort products according to specific search parameters.

Multiple modes of payment

Shoppers can choose to pay for groceries using any of the payment options available, include e-wallet, debit, and credit card.

Offers and discount

Returning and first-time shoppers can use this feature to see and take advantage of sellers’ deals.

Account setting

This functionality will enable customers to manage their profiles, notification settings, addresses, and payment details at ease.