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Uplift your business outlook by investing in the right type of fitness training application.
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About the Fitness App Development Service

Fitness apps are among the most downloaded on play stores. This trend emanates from the freedom derived from the use of mobile fitness programs as they give users the freedom to decide how, where, and for how long to train. Additionally, unlike enrolling for gym services, fitness applications are much cheaper. As a business, the aim is to own an advanced, feature-packed fitness app, which will act as a cash cow for health maniacs. Given that 19 percent of smartphone users are into fitness solutions, acquiring the perfect fitness training application would be the best decision for trainers.
iStudio is the best fitness software development company in India, enabling trainers and trainees to access fitness sessions and solutions conveniently. The application is customizable and works in the same manner as a personal fitness program. Investing in the fitness application will, therefore, improve business outreach by enabling health fanatics to track their movements, activities, and analytics from the comfort of their residence. It brings together trainers and trainees in a smart device, helping them to overcome the challenges associated with traditional fitness training.
Fitness app developmet in india

Types of Our Fitness Apps

Our fitness mobile app development team works with businesses to build on-demand fitness mobile app solutions for bodybuilding, dieting, weight management, and schedule management. Fitness and health freaks are constantly in search of these offerings. We have, therefore, developed the following fitness applications:

Gym instruction application

A virtual gym app with a fitness trainer for interactive training sessions.

Diet planning app

for integrated diet charts with nutrition-related information.

Wearable apps

For tracking users’ fitness activity according to their fitness goals.

Unique Features for Our Fitness Mobile App

User Panel

Our fitness mobile app developers have years of experience crafting the best fitness apps in the market. They will integrate advanced designs and features to make the application user-friendly as well an engaging platform to keep trainers and trainees hooked to their fitness goals. These features include:
Easy login and registration
Users can log in to the application using their email address, phone number, or social media profiles.
Session listing:
This feature shows all exercises on session.
Live session management
Users can play, pause, and stop their sessions using this feature. They can also chat with trainees using this feature.
Fitness levels
Users can see their level of fitness, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Profile management
The fitness app developers will incorporate this feature to allow users to edit their personal details, such as contacts and addresses.
Feedback submission
Users can submit their reviews or comments to trainees and trainers.
Meal charts
Trainees can search and select their preferred meal plans.
Alerts and reminders
The fitness app developers will incorporate this feature to keep trainees on track – the alerts can help in keeping pace with miles and calories taken.
Schedule workouts
Users can set fitness plans and milestones for days and weeks in the future.

Trainer Panel

Push notifications

The fitness application developers will integrate this solution to enable trainers to motivate and remind trainees of their workout goals.

Schedule consultation

Create a calendar for upcoming interactive sessions with trainees.

Workout videos

Trainers can upload workout videos for use by trainees or even for sharing on social media.

Attendance management

View and take charge of attendance to training sessions for self and trainees.

Plan and manage meals

Fitness training applications come with this solution to ensure trainers and trainers are on the same page on meals to be taken at every fitness level.

View and manage earnings

Trainers can view and transfer money made from offering fitness training solutions.

Admin panel

Easy and secure login
Admins can log in to the application using their email addresses or social media accounts.
Admin dashboard
Patients can create their profile quickly to ease future interactions with the doctor.
User profile management
The admin can add and edit user details on the fitness application.
User session management
This fitness app development solution helps the admin to oversee user sessions and upgrade trainees from one level to the other. They can manage trainee and trainer attendance.
Subscription management
The admin can add and edit user details on the fitness application.
Statistics and analytics
View user performance against set fitness goals..
The admin can view and manage reports on app installations and sales from paid subscriptions.
Payment management
The fitness mobile app developers can integrate this feature to enable the admin to view and review modes of payments for successful and failed subscriptions.
Promotion management
The admin can upload and remove ads displayed on the user and trainer panels.
Push notifications
The admin can send alerts to users to motivate them or to update then on the status of their subscriptions.

Other features

Target management
Trainers and trainees can monitor set targets to determine areas of improvement.
Diet plans
The fitness mobile app development team will incorporate this solution to allow trainees to access recommended diet plans depending on their fitness level.
Fitness tracking
Users can track their training sessions to ensure they are on target.
Social media plugins
Users can share their fitness plans or sessions on their social media pages.
Referral program
Trainees can earn discounts or offers for referring their friends.
Users can find the nearest gym and fitness centers, and share with their friends.
Wearable integration
The fitness application developers will incorporate this feature as a link between workout results and the trainee’s wearable tracker, usually worn on the wrist.
Create sub-admins
The online doctor appointment app development team will issue rights to admins to enable them to create sub-admins whenever necessary. This functionality will ease the assigning and delegation of less-crucial roles to support staff.
Treatment records
The feature of the doctor appointment mobile application will enable the admin to view and generate the treatment history of patients and doctors for purposes of monitoring performance and productivity.
Ad management
Admins can upload and manage advertisements and banners to run on the patient’s dashboard on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We combine the scope of the project with your deadline to ensure the application is delivered as per the agreed-upon deadline. However, this deadline will depend on your business requirements and app features and design. The development process can, therefore, take between 1 to 2 months for basic elements, and about 4 to 6 months for more advanced features. Feel free to contact our analysts and developers to give you an estimated TAT.
Yes, we will support your marketing strategy, as well as ensure the fitness app is made in adherence to marketplace practices and protocols for acceptance on play stores.
Yes, we will have complete control and rights over the application’s API code.
We will create your fitness application using the latest designs and incorporate the best features to appeal naturally to customers. Our dedicated and customer-friendly developers will work with you to ensure the application has all the features and panels, as well as test it for stability. We will also keep updating and upgrading your app with every new operating system to ensure it stands out.
Our fitness app developers will transfer all the relevant content on your site into the fitness app, allowing you to keep up with your training plans.
iStudio is the best mobile app development company in India. They have more than 11 years of experience and have handled more than 900 projects at quick and reliable turn-around time. The development team is made up of skilled, experienced, and talented personnel whose goal will be to improve your health and fitness goals. They will incorporate custom-made panels and solutions for real-time and reliable tracking of fitness levels. Trainees and trainers can interact within the application easily, enabling them to chase their diet and fitness plans.