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Food Calorie Calculation System

Keep a check on intake and outbursted calories.

Food Calorie Calculation System

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Recommended Calories

Post assessing the current health condition and medical aids taken by the individual user or patient, the nutritionist will suggest total number of calories that needs to be taken in and burnt out by the patient per day.

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Nutritionist suggested calorie count for a particular user or patient on their breakfast will be denoted in their app interface. This includes the display of food options that contains the required calorie and the process to take it in a balanced way. For example the nutritionist might suggest a patient to intake a glass of milk, bread, and few grams of nuts or cereals according to their diet plan framed based on health condition.

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Similar to breakfast the patient will also receive a detailed plan slotted into their account’s dashboard regarding the total number of calories to be consumed, suggested foods (with alternative options) that holds required amount of calories in a proper split up and also the required amount of water to be taken. The app will notify the patient with the proper time gap between breakfast and lunch.

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Dinner foods with respect to calorie intake will be suggested and it also composes of the medicine taken (applies for breakfast and lunch too), it includes several factors like:

  • > Their usual sleeping time
  • > The time of lunch intaken
  • > Snacks (if taken) quantity and time

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Morning Snack

Based on the patient’s professional schedule we might split up the breakfast into two or three morning snack session by equally dividing the calorie amount to be consumed during that respective session.

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Afternoon Snack

Dedicated session created for busy users who have no time to sit and have their lunch, our nutrition mobile app displays afternoon snacks for three sessions (maximum) ina splitted up way by dividing the amount of calories to be consumed and the respective food to be taken accordingly.

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Evening Snack

This session is not an alternative option, but it is more of a main course that should not be avoided at any cost by the patient. The patient must answer their hunger bell by consuming limited amount of healthy snack suggested by their assigned nutritionist in their scheduled time as denoted in the app.

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Juicies Intake

The patient also need to consume liquid food items especially juicies in between their diet plans and the same will be suggested by their personalized nutritionist. The intake of juices will include it exact details like:

  • > Type of juice
  • > Quantity
  • > The total calorie burnt
  • > Time
  • > Calories present in it