Health and Nutrition App

Admin Functionalities

Provide secure and end-to-end features for user.

Admin Functionalities

Nutrition-fitness-app-Secure Login - iStudio Technologies

Secure Login

It is highly important to ensure the security of the nutrition mobile app and the information provided by the user, hence the admin takes the eternal control to provide highly authenticated and secured login to every user using their valid G-mail or social media account. The admin also provides an exclusive login for the user to create a whole new account using the app interface where the user (both trainers and the end user) need to provide their authenticated ID proof during the initial stage of login.

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Add Roles

The concerned admin of the Nutrition App will add roles like user, trainer and nutritionist within the app to bring in and place the respective peer in their role. This assigning helps to tackle all the users when the user base gets enlarged and even if it reaches millions still the admin can easily segregate the trainer and beneficiary. We are the best Nutrition App Development Company who create interactive mobile app that suggest proper nutrition and helps patients to regain to the normal life.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Nutritionist - iStudio Technologies

Add Nutritionist

The admin will be adding the selected nutritionist into the app system, and once they have got final authentication from the management side their image with complete professional details will get displayed in the front-end of the mobile app for the users.

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Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Nutritionist - iStudio Technologies

Manage Nutritionist

Based upon the availability of the nutritionist the admin will allocate them to a concerned set of patients who need precised advice and the admin takes sheer responsibility in making the communication between nutritionist and patient successful by efficiently managing them. We at iStudio Technologies, create highly impressive Nutrition Mobile App that helps hospitals to provide proactive treatment to their patients in suggesting personalized diet plans.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Patients - iStudio Technologies

Manage Patients

The admin holds the complete responsibility in managing the incoming patients by analyzing the physical issue and allocating with the concerned fitness trainer and nutritionist to make sure they receive proper medical guidance.

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Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Packages - iStudio Technologies

Manage Packages

The packages will be highly diversified and varies according to the need of the patient (that highly includes the physical condition) and also the availability of the nutritionist and their market demand. Based on these primary factors the pricing of the packages gets varied and so as its features.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Trainers - iStudio Technologies

Manage Trainers

This functionality is similar to that of managing a nutritionist, here the admin will bring required amount of trainer by initially evaluating them with their submitted profile. Once the trainer gets on-board to the app they will get allocated with the user based on their time of availability.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Advertisements and Promotions - iStudio Technologies

Manage Advertisements and Promotions

Advertisements and Promotional activities are highly essential for any mobile app to get notified by the target user and also to outbeat the existing competitor. The admin of Nutrition App ensures that this specific application is advertised and promoted in the right platform at the right time.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Send Push Notifications - iStudio Technologies

Send Push Notifications

Sending timely push notification to the concerned user regarding their diet and exercise schedule and also to remind trainers and nutritionists regarding their appointments is vital to keep the program going on and it can be expected in the nutrition app. Get a speculative Android Nutrition App for your hospital to deliver futuristic treatment to all your patients.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Exercises - iStudio Technologies

Manage Exercises

The admin of the nutrition app ensures that the end user undergoes exercise scheduled by the fitness trainer regularly and also cross-check with the fitness trainer too as they guide the user without any obstacles or complexity.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Videos- Images - iStudio Technologies

Add Videos/ Images

The admin will be adding relative videos and images that easily navigates a patient to intake the right amount of nutrition at the right time and also practice its related exercise to stay healthy. Being the best Fitness App Development Company we at iStudio Technologies ensure that all the required features are implemented into the application.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Real-time Insights - iStudio Technologies

Real-time Insights

The admin monitors each and every functionality of the nutrition mobile app and hence they make sure the user gets real-time insights on their food consumption and other physical activities and also provides information to trainer and nutritionist regarding the results achieved by their patients.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Reports - iStudio Technologies


The admin confirms with the report generation process where the user (especially) can get their output in an understandable format like charts and graphs. The same will also be shared with their trainers, availing this encourages a user to go an extra mile and attain maximum fitness.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Fitness-Excercise Plan - iStudio Technologies

Fitness/Excercise Plan

The exercise plan will be framed by a specific trainer to their trainee that includes the analysis of the patient’s health condition, age, height and weight details. Based on these details a trainer frames a fitness plan that includes different exercise for an individual and the admin make sure the plan gets delivered to the concerned user and if its followed.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Automated Reminders - iStudio Technologies

Automated Reminders

The admin enables the automated reminders at the right time to notify the patients regarding their diet plans that involves intake of proper nutrition and also the related exercise, on the other hand, the reminder is also sent to the concerned trainer and nutritionist to allocate diet courses and exercise plans to their patients. The reminder can be sent through message and e-mail.

Nutrition-fitness-app-News Updates - iStudio Technologies

News Updates

Updated news related to workouts and nutrition as well as disease prevention will be regularly shared by the admin.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Create Playlist Category - iStudio Technologies

Create Playlist Category

The admin will create an impressive playlist of workout songs to stimulate the enthusiasm of a patient and make them participate regularly with high level of interest to stay fit.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Upload Songs and Information - iStudio Technologies

Upload Songs and Information

Now the admin will be uploading all the relevant workout songs to be played by the patient at the exact time of their workout and they will also give input of motivational messages and exercise tips in between the songs.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Playlist - iStudio Technologies

Manage Playlist

The admin also takes care of managing the playlist by making it play at the right time, ensuring the songs are streaming fine and also monitors whether the songs are used by the patients during their exercise session. We deliver the top Fitness Mobile App Services for our renowned healthcare clients to bring in the real digital transformation into their service.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Youtube Integration - iStudio Technologies

Youtube Integration

The insertion of YouTube is an added advantage to market the nutrition mobile app to a greater level, the youtube integration helps the user (patient) to avail the song of their choice during the workout session, share their activities with the community and especially helps the mobile app to promote their business using video blogs.