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Nutritionist Control Panel

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Nutritionist Control Panel

A dedicated control panel or an exclusive arena for nutritionists to carryout their activities in guiding their assigned patients or users and also interact with the admin.
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Add Foods

The nutritionist can add food under this section based on the category to which they belongs too.

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Add Food category

Based on the category, the foods are segregated and it helps the nutritionist to suggest a patient assigned under them to opt for a specific food category that suits their current health status and medication practices.

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Age & Gender based Food Allocation

Here the nutritionist can allocate food to their assigned patients according to their age and gender post thoroughly analyzing their current health condition and assessing their medicational details.

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Calories for Each Food

The nutritionist must know the amount of calories present in each food they suggest to a particular patient and hence they need to be careful in assign the food list properly where it should not exceed the metre at any point.

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Manage Calories

It includes the process of managing the calories taken in and burnt out by every single patient and the nutritionist need to be highly aware of all their allotted patients activities to properly provide them with right guidance during the dietary course in terms of intaking the right food at the right time.

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Patient List

The nutritionist will be assigned with a selective set of patients depending upon the time synchronization on both the sides and they must also hold the complete medical history and health condition, lifestyle details and food habits to suggest them with the perfect dietary plan.

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Nutrition Plan

The nutritionist creates a well framed nutrition plan exclusively for all their patient separately post the detailed analysis of their health status and medicational process, the nutrition plan includes:

  • > The total amount of food to be taken in every session
  • > Type of food to be taken in every session
  • > Amount of water to be consumed in every session
  • > Time interval to be maintained between every session
  • > Related exercise to be followed according to the diet plan (in synchronized with fitness trainer)

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The nutrition app generates a detailed report about the patient’s or user’s activities day to day and sends it to the concerned nutritionist that includes:

  • > Their food intake with respect to category and calorie
  • > Their physical activity excluding workout
  • > The total calorie burnt
  • > Their total sleep time
  • > The amount of water taken per day
  • > The medications taken (if applicable)

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Alert from Patients

We have designed this nutrition app in a highly proactive way such that the nutritionist will receive immediate notification from the patient’s end if they have went for an improper diet consumption or a excessive calorie intake in their day.

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Patient Communication System

An interactive platform where the nutritionist can interact with their assigned patient(s) if needed via e-mail, message and call. This platform helps a patient to sort out their queries regarding diet plans and also helps the assigned nutritionist to ensure whether their patients are moving on the right track.